Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


30. Chapter Two: Chapter Four: Katsu's Past Part Three

Last time, Katsu was fighting off a few people from his past. Hironori knows about the swords those twins wield.
So what do you mean? I asked. Who are you talking about? I asked. Well, you girls need to go to the origin of your power and those swords. Hironori replied. I don't know where my words come from. Ally replied. So you guys have to go and train in the wilderness? Aoi asked. You see we already unlocked our abilities years ago. Aoi replied. Oh, kiss my ass. I replied. You might have unlocked yours through rigorous training. You three were forced to learn how to use your weapon. Hironori replied. I know all about the hell I endured. Katsu replied. Seriously, you underwent training. You make it seem like it was pure hell. Ally replied. Yeah Higanbana was heavy as hell and her power was so overwhelming, I ended up nearly dying because of all the blood I lost in training. Katsu replied. You almost killed him, Higanbana? Ally asked. Well at the time his powers didn't fully develop so I helped him develop them. Higanbana replied. So you are the reason he came home with bandages all the time? Rin asked. You can say what you like. Higanbana replied. After all, they made him use her to test skills by killing people. After that, you cloaked him in your darkness. Hironori replied. I did it to protect him. Higanbana replied. After all, he doesn't even have black hair or brown eyes. His eyes and hair color are mmmm. Hironori replied. Katsu covered his mouth. You talk a little too much. Katsu replied. You know you can't erase your hair and eye color. Hell, I'd kill to have your hair and eye color, Katsu. Rin replied. I literally wish we could. Katsu replied. I thought you had black hair and brown eyes. I replied. Well since I am French, Italian and Japanese; I'm the only child who took my mom's sides hair and eye trait. Katsu replied.Wait you are bi-racial? Ally asked. Now that I look at you, you really don't look fully Japanese. I replied. To be honest, I never thought you would be mixed with different races like that. Aoi replied. Well, our dad liked foreign girls, he didn't want to date or marry a woman of his race. He wanted to break the cultural barrier so he did. Katsu replied. Well, we really need to tell Yukimoto about those five. I replied. I already know about them. After all, the leader of those five whole bunch was no other Katsu himself. Yukimoto replied.

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