Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


32. Book Two: Chapter Six: Katsu's Past Part Five/Rumiko's Battle

Last time, Katsu is still trying to warn everyone about the new enemies. Anastasia and Shinji for some reason. The enemy appears and Rumiko stopped him and it seems like he is familiar with her?
Well I never thought I would catch the self-proclaimed "Princess and Prince of Dragons" would be left in a human company? Ryu replied. Hey, you can't look down on people you meanie! Rio yelled. What was that? Ryu asked. Higanbana grabbed Ryu's wrist. As if I would let your filthy hands touch my master's family. Higanbana replied. It's been awhile, Tsuya. I never imagine you who took the life of a young lord would be allowed to live again. Ryu replied. I was born anew. I was given another chance at life by protecting my master's family for every generation. Higanbana replied. Higanbana you are snapping his wrist. Katsu replied. That woman could do worse than this. Ryu replied. I wouldn't trust Tsuyu. After all, she is serving the Yamada family, right. Ryu replied. Ryu how about you get out here before I make you leave. Rumiko replied. You want to scare me, the half-breed child of the so-called one of the great dragon kings? Ryu asked. I hate to tell you this but that is a title just words muttered by demon and human alike. Rumiko replied. Rumiko is careful. I know what he is capable of. Katsu replied. What are you talking about, he is one of the great Dragon Kings sons. He just won't acknowledge me or Tomoe as equals. In his eyes and the full-bloods, we are nothing more than trash. Rumiko replied. He and his friends were in basic training with Tomoe and I. They constantly tried to kill us but no one cared. Rumiko replied. The way he mistreated us made the both of us stronger. Rumiko replied. I had no problem making him black and blue, to be honest. Rumiko replied. Higanbana let that man go, I will make him feel my wrath. Rumiko replied. Rumiko's eyes turned scarlet. Higanbana let his wrist go. Rumiko charged at Ryu and punched him in the face. She punched him in the face sending him flying into the East Side of the HQ. So you had the audacity to hit me? Ryu replied. Rumiko summoned a sword and the Ryu cut Rumiko in her stomach. Rumiko split into six. Wow it took that much to kill you? Ryu asked. I am sorry to tell you but I refuse to let you have your way. Rumiko replied. Six Rumiko's appeared with six different weapons. From the infirmary, everyone was seeing the fight. Rumiko split into six? Ally replied. How did she split in six? I asked. Higashiyama walked into the room. Well since she is a half-dragon she shares some her father's abilities such as doppelganger, Kingdom Destroyer, and a few other abilities. Her father is a great dragon whose powers are greater than some. Ryu kicked and punched at the Rumiko clones until they turned to ash. So don't tell me that is all you got? Ryu replied. Didn't you say I would feel your "Wrath"? Ryu replied. The sky turned scarlet red. So you possess your father's ability "Requiem of the Ancient Dragon King"? Ryu replied. Yes I can, I also can use more than just that. Rumiko replied. Rumiko's eyes turned more dragon-like, she summoned a sword that cut his cheek and stabbed him a few inches from his heart. Cosmos and Kin appeared and stopped Rumiko's blade. Shit, she has me inside a time gap. Rumiko replied. Cosmos was shocked she could move.Rumiko summoned another sword and Kin stopped it. Are you two stupid? With that much power packing, if it wasn't for the time gap, she could have cut your head off. Ryu replied. Rumiko, this is just part one of our battles. Ryu replied. Cosmos and Kin walked away in the portal. Everyone ran out to Rumiko to see if she was among the living. Hey you guys, I told you I was going to make him feel my wrath. Rumiko replied. Well, you sure did, I wonder what the name of that attack? I asked. It is an Ancient Spell/Attack that I learned before a joined HQ. It is used to fight a full-fledged dragon head on. Rumiko replied. So basically a power up? Aoi asked. Not really this is just a part of the attack actually. Rumiko replied.
Rumiko was that an extent of your immense power you hold back? Ally asked. You can say that. Rumiko replied. I was wondering about your power. Rin replied. Are you the daughter of the Dragon whose power derived from calamity and rage? Rin asked. Yes, that is my father's powers and because of his power, he was revered in terror. That is why I was told as a child. I never met him. Rumiko replied. Other than that, let's get back to the situation at hand. Rumiko replied. We need to stop Kuroyuri. Katsu replied.
Stay Tuned.
Tsuyu is a name from the Edo time period it means beauty or charm

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