Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


3. Book One: Chapter Two: Their First Mission and Party

The girls are called on a mission. Hey, you three are going on there first mission. Yukimoto replied. Well, let's do this girl. I replied. Let's do this and get our reward! Ally replied. Aren't we supposed to fight for saving and not for money? Rumiko asked. I know someone who wants to fight for money. I replied. What I like the finer things in life is that so wrong? Ally asked. Don't try to make us pity you Ally. Rumiko replied. Are you two always like this? Rumiko asked. Yeah we are childhood friends. Ally replied. Yup that is what we are and we like befriending new people. I replied. You two are friendlier than others when I was transferred. Rumiko replied. Soon as Rumiko said that a bunch demons appeared before their eyes. I jumped up and summoned duel blades. Ally summoned a wipe. Soon as soon as the demons saw Rumiko, they froze in fear. It's her she wields one the ancient magic. Demon replied. You are right, my power is ancient. Rumiko replied. What is this ancient power the demons talked about?

Let's kill that demon. Ally replied. Stay on guard you two, I think that demon is immortal. Rumiko replied. Yeah, you got any bright ideas? I asked. Yeah, a few but they are risky. Rumiko asked. First, let's destroy it on its sides. Rumiko replied. Ok, I like your plan. I replied. Will the plan work? Ally asked. I will deliver the final blow ok. Rumiko replied. I split the demons down the middle. Ally summoned a halberd and took chunks out the demons bodies. The demon's bodies regenerated. Rumiko ran and jumped up and transformed. She scratched the demons with Dragon Claws. She said to come forth my might blade of Amaterasu! Rumiko yelled. She slashed the demon and then she landed on the ground. She was wearing a crimson red tunic that had a Chinese/ Japanese look. She had a black obi with a golden rope around her. Her boots went up to the knees. She had dragon ears. You look so bad ass right now. Ally replied. Thanks. Rumiko replied. That young woman is no other than the "Princess of the Dragons" Rumiko Hime. Demon Lord mumbled. After, when the girls went to HQ, Commander Yukimoto congratulated us on our successful mission. Time to celebrate. Ally replied. No alcohol Ally. I replied. What kind of girl do you take me for? Ally asked. Out of curiosity, why did that demon lord call you "Princess of the Dragons"? Ally asked. To be honest, people have called me that all my life. I have no clue why. Rumiko replied.

Ally and I witnessed Rumiko fight and that her nice name is "Princess of the Dragons".

You were so bad ass Rumiko. Ally replied. Thank you, to be honest, I am not one for violence. Rumiko replied. The way you were fighting says another thing. I replied. Well, I see you girls defeated an enemy together? Yukimoto asked. Yeah, we did Yumi. Ally replied. What did you call me Ally? Yukimoto asked. That's right I can't call your real name. Ally replied. Yeah, remember when were off work than you can call me Yumi, alright. Yukimoto replied. You know the only time she calls you "Yumi" when she is overjoyed about something. I replied. Well, let's go change and shower. I replied. You are right, I wreck of monster blood and guts. Rumiko replied. Yeah maybe after this we can go out to dinner to commemorate "how we took down a demon lord and his underlings in one setting. Ally replied. Don't you have plans for this tonight Ally? I asked. Whatever let's just celebrate. Ally replied. I really don't have any clothes to go out in. Rumiko replied. From looking at your size you can wear one of Ally's dresses. I replied. Yeah, I know a perfect dress. Ally replied. They finally got in the showers. After the three got out of the shower they walked in the hallway people started asking questions. The three ran and got into Ally's car.

Last time Kaoru and the girls finished their first mission and it went without hitch. In a way to commemorate the occasion, the girls are going out.

When they arrived at Ally's house they were relieved. This is where you live Ally? Rumiko asked. Yeah, this is my place. Ally replied with a smile. I actually don't live far from you. Rumiko replied. Really that means we live all live in the same neighborhood. Ally replied. Is my dress over here still? Kaoru asked. What dress? Ally asked. What dresses that you have in your closet over there. Kaoru replied. I was planning on giving it back. Ally replied. Do you two shared clothes? Rumiko asked. Not always. Ally replied. Let's not get on finding you a dress. Ally replied. Try this on. That short black lace dress and those scarlet pumps. Kaoru replied. Try it on it will look cute. After Rumiko tried the outfit on. Ally and Kaoru were complimenting her. Kaoru had a white skater dress and pink stiletto heels. Ally's wearing a black velvet illusion dress and yellow pump heels. Oh, we need a clutches. Ally replied. What is a clutch? Rumiko asked. This box-like purse can hold your phone, ID and lip gloss. Kaoru replied. Rumiko this is your first time hanging out with girls right? Ally asked. Yes, it is. Rumiko replied. Then today will be a perfect experience. Ally replied. Little did they know.   

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