Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


25. Book One: Chapter Twenty-Four: On the Search for Lila Nigatsu Part Two

Last time, Ally and Katsu were searching for the Rose Maiden of Dawn, Lila Nigatsu.

We just need her to help save our friends. Katsu replied. Why should we trust you? You beheaded our leader! Sara yelled. Let me guess you are talking about my great ancestor, Hironori Sakurai? Katsu asked. Yes, you look just like that monster. Sara replied. Oh I know, every few generations of the Yoshida Clan, a boy looks, sounds and inherits this cursed power. Katsu replied. I hate to tell you this but I don't kill without proper reason. Katsu replied. Why are you picking a fight? Ally replied. I am not picking a fight. Katsu replied. To be honest with you he could have revived her. Katsu replied. A girl runs out of a house. Sara, what is going on? Lila asked. Ally, it is you. Lila replied. How are you, Lila? Ally asked. Lila jumped over the fence. As she was smiling and talking to Ally, she was shocked when she looked at Katsu. Is that you Hironori? So you finally came to save me? Lila asked. Lila hugged Katsu and cried. I'm sorry but you must be talking about my ancestor, Hironori. He made a promise to you and never returned, right? Katsu asked. I have a feeling he was going to sweep you away at the right time. Katsu replied. You mean he is really coming? Lila asked. Yes. Katsu replied. Now that I look at you. Ally, are you her? Katsu asked. Yes, I am her reincarnation. Ally replied. Sara those two must need my help with something. Lila asked. Ally, are you here for my assistance? Lila asked. Yes, I need your assistance with healing a few people of poisoning. Ally replied. As they were saying that, Katsu heard someone in the bushes. Katsu rushed into the woods. Ally ran to help Katsu. Stay back, this guy out for blood. Katsu replied. Soon as Katsu said that the man in a cloak slashed Katsu in the back. Katsu got back up and sped up and was about to slash him. The guy just tapped the sword and Katsu's arm started to bleed. You are supposed to have the power of the Crimson-eyed beast of hell. Hironori replied. He slashed a portal and walked through it. Who are you? Katsu asked. Ally ran over. Katsu your arm. Ally replied. That guy wasn't human. Katsu replied. The guy in the cloak was Hironori. Lila replied. Wait it couldn't be him. Ally replied. It has to be. Katsu replied. 
This is the end of Part Two.  

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