Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


13. Book One: Chapter Twelve: The Fight Begins!

Rumiko and Tomoe run into an old friend of Rumiko's named Makoto. He is hell-bent on getting revenge towards Rumiko for locking him up. They both see a man who is actually over them. Makoto threatens to have six people out to attack Kaoru and the others.

I am curious about who let that bastard out? Rumiko asked. That guy is out to attack you where you are most vulnerable. I replied. Yeah, I figured that is what he is planning. Ally replied. I really don't care but knowing him, he will have a few friends of his get in our way. Rumiko replied. As I would let that bastard have his way. I replied. I applaud your tenacity but he is more dangerous than you think. Aoi replied. You know you are right but don't look down on yourself. Aoi replied. Who are you? Aoi asked. Minori Miyazaki (Aoi Tanaka), you might know of my tale. Aoi replied. (Haru/My Rare Treasure). Wait are you who I think you are? Ally asked. Aoi walked pass. Do you know that guy? Aoi asked. Yeah, that guy is Higashiyama's husband and the guy over your squad Rumiko and Tomoe. Ally replied. He looks like he wouldn't hurt a fly. He looks harmless. Tomoe replied. As all of them went home, I saw Aoi talking to someone. I ease dropped and heard what he said. I'm sorry but I can't let you touch my cadets without my permission so can you please leave Rumiko alone. Aoi replied. Are you trying to say that, you will get in my way? Makoto asked. Yes I am, also those kids won't let you touch her without going through us first. Aoi replied. It is your funeral old man. Makoto replied. He charged towards Aoi and the last thing I heard was Makoto charging at Aoi. You old man, my friends are out after all six of them. They will not live to tell the tale. Makoto replied. Just keep deluding yourself with that thinking. Aoi replied.

When Ally and I were getting out my car, as she opened the door. Who the hell are you two? I asked. So you two are the two we are supposed to kill? Justitia replied. Stealing the words right out my mouth. I replied. He is ok if I beat her ass? Ally asked. We have to do it outside, we don't want this become a murder scene alright. I replied. You sound so confident? Nemesis asked. Hey, Ally open the door, please. I asked. Well you see, I have not problem doing this. I kicked Justitia in the stomach sending her flying. I don't think so. Ally replied. Nemesis punched Ally in the face but Ally blocked nearly knocking her arm out of the socket. You dodged my attack. No one ever lives after all. Nemesis replied. I  will never bow down are give into a wannabe goddess who deludes herself. Ally replied. Nemesis summoned her weapon called *Malum. So your weapon is that is a spear? Ally replied. Ally summoned her sword *Capiendas Avaritia. Ally and Nemesis started to engage in fighting. Stop fighting, there is a kid right there. I replied. So what? Justitia replied. I almost punched her in the stomach. Kaoru what is wrong? Mei asked. Someone is behind you. Mei replied. Kaoru elbowed Justitia in the stomach. I want you to test what the hell you are dealing with. Makoto replied. I see you girls are not just for show. Makoto replied. You are right, I will not warn you anymore stay away from Rumiko. What we just did to those is nothing compared to what the hell we are truly capable of. I replied. Ally glared at Makoto. You talk big let's test what you are saying is true. Makoto replied. Makoto was about to attack me. Ren grabbed him saying "I won't let you put a finger on my sister or Ally..."

Ally and Kaoru were fighting off a few of Makoto's friends he spoke of that would take out and the others and I. Ally and I gave up a good fight but the two woman were told to decline from fighting Ally and I. Kaoru threatened Makoto and he was about to attack but out of nowhere, Ren appeared an stopped him from hitting Ally and I.

What the hell are you doing here? I asked. I was going to come here to warn you about this bastards men. Ren replied. Why don't you get off his arm before you break it? Ally replied. Ren let him go. Rumiko will not live in peace after I kill everyone that cares about you. Makoto replied. Makoto lets get you out of here? Justitia replied. Makoto and the girls left. Those two women names are Justitia and Nemesis. Ren replied. They are more dangerous than they were fighting you. Ren replied. I arrested the one that was fighting you Kaoru. Ren replied. She went after you because you and I are related. Ren replied. Those are one of the six criminals that broke a few days ago. Ren replied. I need you and the others help me catch them and put them in prison. Ren replied. So you out of all people are asking me for help? What about that self-righteous attitude yours? Ally replied. I will talk about tomorrow at HQ. Ren replied. When Ren left, I was thinking about what Ren requested for her and the others.The next day at HQ, Ren appeared among the others. What does that great Ren doing here? Aoi replied. You six were asked to fight off Makoto and his friends?Ren asked. What the hell are you hiding Ren? Rumiko asked. Let me guess you want our help but we are not going to be compensated for our help as our lives are on the line. Rumiko replied in anger. I know how his squad works, after all, I use to be apart of it. We are risking our lives while they get the glory and praise for retrieving the criminals. Rumiko replied. I figured that much. Katsu replied. I am going back to what I was doing. Katsu replied. You all are already in his game he has hatched. Rumiko replied. The only way is to defeat his friends or die in the process. Rumiko replied. Aoi summoned a sword. Why did you just summon a sword? I asked. For example, I never thought I would see you again, Eros. Wait how did you see her? Ren asked. This temptress knows how to get her way. Aoi replied. She is famous for disguising herself as someone else. Isn't that right? Aoi asked. So the rumors are true about you working for them? Eros asked. Aoi grabbed Eros' cheeks and says."Yes, it is true and I have no problem defeating you or even killing you". Oh, I know that much. Eros replied.

Aoi seems like he was once acquainted with her.

Quick History Lesson:

Capiendas Avaritia means Temptress of Greed in Latin.

Eros is the Greek Counterpart of Cupid. I just chose to make it woman instead of a man.

Justitia is the Roman goddess of Justice

Malum means Calamity in Latin.

Nemesis is the goddess of Indignation and retribution. 

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