Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


4. Book One: Chapter Three: First Party and the greet and meet...

Last time, the girls and I are at a club and meet some guys that are at Head Quarters. One of them says they know Rumiko.

Well hi my name is Ally and this is Kaoru and you know Rumiko. You three must be Rose Princess, Hime Shura and the Princess of Dragons. Aoi replied. How do you know our aliases? I asked. Well, starting Monday we are going to be working with you three. Aoi replied. It is just how crazy that we would meet up here? Tomoe replied. I knew it was you Tomoe. Rumiko replied. No mistaking those eyes. Rumiko replied. You found me out. Tomoe replied. Well, guys lets introduce ourselves to them. Aoi replied. I am Aoi Yoshida. Aoi replied. You mean the prodigy? Ally replied. Yeah, that is me. Aoi replied. I'm Katsu Yamada. Wait aren't you the one who graduated from high school at the age of 14? I asked. Yes, I am it is not really that special to me. Katsu replied. My name is Akihiko Saito but people call me Tomoe. Tomoe replied. Wait wasn't you on the royal guards who protected the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Dragon's Valley? I asked. Well yes but you see like Rumiko, I was one of the royal knights that protected the King and Queen of the country to the East. Tomoe replied. Yeah, we are like childhood friends. Tomoe replied. Enough reminiscing,let's have fun tonight. We are all young! Ally replied. Ally give me your keys. I replied. I will not get wasted, come on drink up, Kaoru. Ally replied. I am not drinking. I replied. Designated driver? Aoi asked. Yeah, Ally overdoes it occasionally. I replied. Yeah, I took Yamada's keys too. Aoi replied. Oh well on drink couldn't hurt right? Aoi asked. Well, cheers. I replied. Little did I know...

When the night came to a close I was out cold. Well first off, her drink was spiked. Aoi replied. It seems like you might have to take her home, Aoi replied. Why are you taking her home she drove with you. Aoi replied. Yeah, why not? Rumiko replied. Well, it's simple, I am not dragging her out here. Also in this state, she becomes demanding and moody. Ally replied. Well since I am the wasted one this time around give me my keys. Ally replied. Go in my clutch and get it. I replied. I have to say this but I will take her home. Aoi replied. What the hell, are we riding with the girls? Tomoe asked. Yeah, think of it as a way to feel like a night accomplishments. Aoi replied. Alright, we are are driving with the pretty girls. Katsu replied. Well, then you have to follow me to her house. Ally replied. Alright, Ally just shows us the way. Aoi replied. Well, lets pick her up and take her to my car. Aoi replied. Well, see you tomorrow Aoi. Katsu replied. Alright. Aoi replied. Don't try anything with her. I heard she has a twin brother that is terrifying. Katsu replied. Hey, don't bring him up. Ally replied. Those two don't see eye to eye. Ally replied. I'm sorry. Katsu replied. You didn't know, just don't bring him up again, alright. Ally replied. Let's go boys. Ally replied. Ally started to drive off. Aoi followed behind. Hey, can I ask a question? Ally asked. Yeah, what do you want to ask? Katsu replied. Aoi Yoshida, he gives off a snobby persona but when he saw Kaoru in that state he changed completely. Rumiko asked. Yeah, he gives of snobby attitude but he actually has a nice caring person. After all, he had it ruff before I met him when were kids. What do they mean but "had it rough?"

When Ally showed Aoi where Kaoru lived he was shocked she lived in the neighborhood she lived in. I bet you shocked that her house is this nice but she looks like she is a big tomboy. Ally replied. That is not it. Aoi replied. He is embarrassed right now it's so adorable. Ally thought. Well, let's open the door for you to bring her into the house. Aoi replied. How about I show you where her room is. Ally replied. Well, I will be going. Ally replied. Good night Aoi. Rumiko replied. Soon as Ally drove off, Katsu started texting Aoi. You know that Ally girl is setting you up. Katsu texted. What do you mean? Aoi texted. I mean that girl Kaoru looks like she is lonely and abusing your kind intentions. Katsu texted. You know Katsu I am not trying to abuse his kind intentions. I could see that Aoi and Kaoru are just alike. That is why he went out of his way to stay with her. Ally might have some intentions but she has a good heart. Oh, thank you, Rumiko. Ally replied. Wow, she in a deep sleep. Aoi replied. She got a text from someone. Aoi is that Yukimoto? Aoi replied. Hey Aoi can you pass me my phone? I asked. Wait for your awake? Aoi asked. No not really the drugs are still in my system. I replied. Hey Yumi what do you want? I replied. Have you drugged again? Yukimoto asked. How do you know I have been drugged I didn't tell you? I replied. You sound really mad. Yukimoto replied. Is someone there with you? Yukimoto asked. Yeah, I guy I met tonight his name Aoi why? I asked. Wait for Aoi? Yukimoto asked. Hey, let me talk to him. Yukimoto asked. Hello Commander. Aoi replied. Aoi I am glad you are staying with her. Yukimoto replied. In about an hour go home alright. Yukimoto replied. Why would I leave her in the state she's in? Aoi asked. She won't remember meeting you tonight and keep that way. Yukimoto replied. Sounds like you spiked her drink on purpose? Aoi asked. Yukimoto hung up. Aoi replied. An hour past and Aoi went home. The next morning, my head was fuzzy about the yesterday night. When she got to work she had a big surprise for her. What could it be?

Stay Tuned.

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