Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


14. Book One: Chapter Thirteen: Aoi vs Eros and Aoi's Struggle

Last time, Kaoru and the others were requested to catch Makoto's friends. In return, they are risking their lives while someone else gets the glory. Then one of Makoto's friends slipped in and tried to attack but Aoi caught them.

Eros slipped out of Aoi's grip.You can't hide from me, you damn nympho! Aoi yelled. Wait did he call her a nympho? Ally asked. Seems like it. I replied. Aoi is going to catch them and beat her ass and drag her back by her hair or a body part. I replied. You sound like you think that shit cool. Tomoe replied. I really don't care, to be honest, he can do what he wants. He is a grown man, I am not his mom. I replied. That is Kaoru in a nutshell, she doesn't care because he is not her responsibility. Ally replied. As Aoi ran down the hallway, Eros ran and attacked Aoi in the side. Aoi summoned another sword. So you still got it? Eros replied. So when are you going to do that request? Eros asked. I will never do that again. You are the reason why I ended up in that predicament you damn sex addict. Aoi replied. You don't have to be mean to me. Eros replied. Aoi slashed her sides with one slash. I see you are ruthless as every to a woman. Makoto replied. I wouldn't have to be if I didn't have to deal with that lustful woman. She uses her looks to get what she desires. Aoi replied. You will decline this fight, Eros. He didn't use his true strength. What are you saying? Eros asked. There is a reason why he is not to be messed with. Makoto replied. Aoi walked back and he yelled. "You better run you, damn nympho!" That fight was short. I replied. That wasn't a fight, she was seeing testing to see who she was fighting.

What was that fight all about? Ally asked. That sex addict was testing to see my capabilities. Aoi replied. Wait now that I think about you seemed a familiar with each other. I replied. You could say, she is the reason I was supposed to be executed. I don't know but Yukimoto came to me the night before my execution and asked me. "Do you want to live and get a second chance to repent by working for me or take dying because a woman used your hatred towards to her advantage?" Eros a vindictive woman she will do whatever she sees fit. She will even use children who have a strong hatred towards others. Aoi replied. I need to be alone right now. Aoi replied. Aoi that wound isn't what you think. I replied. I don't want you to bother me Kaoru. Aoi replied. You are the most stubborn person I know. I replied. You two act just like it's terrifying. Katsu replied. Wait he just said "Use children who have a strong hatred towards others," Kaoru said. What are you going on about, Kaoru? Ally asked. Remember that kid from the orphanage we visited with my mom? I asked. Remember there were three kids and the brother was very protective towards his sisters. I replied. Yeah, I remember you befriended him. When he was adopted he was sad he was split up from his sisters. Ally replied. Kaoru are you implying that Aoi is that kid? Rumiko asked. I know he is that kid. I replied. Also, he is in danger those weren't normal slashes. I replied. How do you know that? Rumiko asked. I know that attack and sword, it is called the Blade of Purity. I replied. That is a high-level attack. If Aoi keeps trying to play tough guy he will die. I replied. I ran after him and found him in the North Side gardens. You know Haru, you can't play tough but you will die without medical treatment. Mami replied.

Aoi tells the others why he joined HQ. Someone with familiar voice catches him off guarding else.

Is that you Mami? Aoi asked. Aoi looked at Mami and collapsed. I knew you got to him in some way or fashion. I replied. Take his lifeless body not like he can break out. Mami asked. Mami threw Aoi at me. In the space, Aoi was talking to his twin sister Sora. Mami replied. When his soul was taken out his body he ended up in their father's gardens. Hey how have you been, Sora? Aoi replied.Yeah, it has been awhile so what are you doing now of day. Mami asked. I work at an organization that takes care of monsters that attack humans. Aoi replied. Your job sounds amazing. Mami replied. Aoi just caught suspicious of Sora behavior. You know the Sora I know hates violence would scold me. Aoi replied. Aoi summoned a sword and stabbed Mami in the stomach. I don't appreciate you using the memories of my twin sister to your advantage. Aoi replied. Aoi was walking closer to her. Aoi took the sword and slashed Mami's head off. Aoi had a blank stare on his face as her blood splattered all over his face and clothes. Aoi you just decapitated her head off her shoulders. Ally replied. So it's not like she is dead. Only thing I did was kill one the demons that take the forms of who is close to the victim. Aoi replied. This is Eros' magic in use. Aoi replied. Eww, you got her blood all over me. Ally replied. So that only gives that nympho the sign that "I'm not the one and I will kill her no matter what".Aoi replied. Are you fearless or something? I asked. I am not fearless at all. I have been through enough stuff that most kids shouldn't have seen. Aoi replied. Aoi how about we all go out for dinner tonight. I asked. Why are you so determined to go out after you all just witnessed me decapitate something? Aoi asked. That might be true but since we have known each other we never really had fun. I replied. Are we going out? Ally asked. No drinking Ally. Rumiko and I replied. You make it seem like she gets out of control. Tomoe replied. This one gets hot? Aoi asked. That happened once. Ally replied. Well, we can give this guy his first beer. Tomoe replied. How old are you Katsu? Rumiko asked. I turn twenty Friday. Katsu replied. We are going out on your birthday to celebrate your twentieth birthday. Ally replied. That is just giving her an excuse to drink. The others and I replied.

Quick History Lesson:

The word "Nympho" comes from then word nymphomania that means a woman who can't restrain her sexual urges. 

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