Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


8. Book One: Chapter Seven: The Vindictive Brother Part One

Last time, Kaoru went toe to toe with Bellona, The Goddess of War. It ended in a draw. Everyone was shocked at what they saw.

After the fight, Shinji and the others came to congratulate me. Ally ran to see what happen. Oh my gosh what the hell happened to you two? Ally asked. Yeah, what got you. Katsu asked. Bite me. Aoi replied. He is just aggravated that someone went toe to toe with him and beat him miserably. Fumiyo replied. Fumiyo! Ally yelled. I see you will never change. You act just like Yumi back when she was younger. Fumiyo replied. Wait you mean bitchy Yukimoto used to act like Ally? Aoi asked. Yeah, she is like Ally but when she is around her friends. Rina(Haru/ My Rare Treasure) replied. I'm so sorry about talking about you. Aoi replied. You might not believe this but this is Rina, Yukimoto's twin sister. I replied. You are her sister, you act nothing like her. Aoi replied. Well, she has always been serious about certain matters but she is worst than Yumi. She is like Ally times three. Rina replied. Can't imagine her like that. Aoi replied. Well, let me fix your wounds. Oh yeah, a certain guy said he might make a surprise visit. Rina replied. So he is trying to get under my skin as he always does. I replied. Let's go to the infirmary, Aoi. Rina replied. Wait who is Ren really? Aoi asked. I heard about him. He is praised for accomplishments.I also heard he has a sister that lives in his shadow. Aoi replied. Your right, Kaoru lives in his shadow. After he left, she made her own name. The two shared the same last name that is all. He is Ren Shura and Kaoru is Hime Shura. Rina replied. Wait but their elements are different? Aoi asked. Yes as you know, Kaoru uses highly advanced fire magic. His flames are the opposite of her's. His are like the light and hers is like the darkness. Rina replied. I see why she is the way she is. Aoi replied. Hey are you ok, Aoi? Ally asked. I'm doing fine is Kaoru alright? Aoi asked. I see you told him about Kaoru and Ren's relationship? Ally asked. I didn't know she was living in his shadow. Aoi replied. It has been like this since we were children. Ally replied. When he left, she finally made her own name. She wasn't Kaoru Koto who lived her brother's shadow. She became Hime Shura, one of the Ace's of Head Quarters. Ally replied.

Kaoru heard about her brother coming to visit Head Quarters.

Wait Ren is here. Sakura replied. Oh goodie, what is that bastard going to do? I asked. I know, he always looks down on others. Ally replied. I am going to rest somewhere where I cannot be annoyed by certain people. I replied. Hey, aren't you going to greet your brother? Sakura asked. No, I have intentions of being bothered with him alright. I replied. You either Ally? Sakura asked. Yeah, I have no intentions to see that self-righteous bastard. You can't just call him self-righteous. Katsu replied. You will understand one day why I say this. Ally replied. Well if it isn't Ally how have you been? Ren asked. I'm doing great actually. Ally replied. As soon as Ally brushed passed him she whispered: "You might have the others fooled with that self-righteous attitude of yours." Hey, what's wrong Ren? Gin asked. Oh, nothing. Ren replied. Ally just brushed past you and you froze. Gin replied. What the hell was that? Ren thought. Hey Ally, what did you do to Ren, I have never seen him so shook before. I replied. Who cares, the boys are buying lunch for us. I replied. Wait why the hell do we have to buy you three lunch? Aoi asked. Well, it's obvious, I am in pain. I replied. Go back to the damn infirmary! Aoi replied. Stop being rude, you went against a lieutenant. She went up against a commander and came out alive. Ally replied. Fumiyo is a lieutenant? Aoi asked. Yes, I am also I want to warn about Ren he will try to get under your skin not just Kaoru but all of you. Fumiyo replied. He likes angering other huh? Tomoe replied. We won't get along with each other anytime soon. Aoi replied. Here is some lunch money, boys. Aki replied. We will buy lunch? Katsu asked. Aoi you are doing it too. Aki replied. Give me a good reason why? Aoi asked. I want you to do something nice for Kaoru's sake. Ren makes her feel uneasy she even isolates herself from other people. Fumiyo replied. Hi ladies, how are you doing today? Ren asked. It's Ren, are you back for good? Saki asked. No just for a visit that's all. Ren replied. Hey, I've been looking for Kaoru. Ren replied. You know exactly where I usually am. I replied. Don't try to get an attitude with me. Ren replied. I have no time for this. I replied. Hey, are you ok? Aoi asked. I never thought I'd ever see you again. Ren replied. Shura. Aoi replied. Yoshida. Ren replied. How do they know each other?

Stay Tuned.

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