Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


10. Book One: Chapter Nine: The Fight Begins on the North Side

 Last time, the boys bought the girls lunch. Kaoru has finished her fight with her Virtus. Now Aoi is about to have his turn fighting.

As soon as the six started eating, Ichiko(Haru/My Rare Treasure) came down the stairs. People in the cafeteria started whispering. Soon as she got down the steps, she was directly at Kaoru and the others. Well, I see one the Ten Generals want something, I can tell in your eyes. Kaoru replied. What do you Ichiko? Kaoru asked. Well, I see your perspective as ever. You six are going on your first mission. You six are going to keep the *Dissectum equities Mundi from coming into infiltrating HQ. Ichiko replied. Did she call them? People were gossiping. Oh, so you all are not capable to keep them away? Katsu replied. I want you Rumiko and Tomoe to go to the east side of HQ. I want Ally and Katsu to go to the west side. Lastly, I want Aoi and Kaoru to go to the north side. Ichiko replied. Alright, we are going up against the Dissectum equities Mundi. Kaoru replied. Aren't they known for their strength? Katsu asked. Yes and also I and their leader has a score to settle. I replied. I have a score to settle with her first in command. Aoi replied. Also, don't go destroying HQ by all means. Yes, ma'am. Kaoru and the others replied. Go and fight! Ichiko yelled. The six ran off to where they were told to go.

Well, I never thought I would see you again. Virtus replied. Wow, I didn't know "The goddess military strength" would come here with her prince charming. I replied. Oh you are just mad I am a goddess and you are not. Virtus replied. I see you still are still plain looking as ever. Virtus replied. What the hell are you going on about? I replied. You have a highly attractive guy in your presence and you are dressed like that. Virtus replied. Aoi doesn't fall for what she says. She is kind of pretty herself. Aoi replied. I ignored Aoi's remark. You must be a goddess. That shameless bastard would kill without batting an eye. Antonio replied. I never thought I would be judged by self-righteous bastards who think they press force on other to get what they want? Aoi asked. Aoi you know that guy? I asked. I know him because before I ever joined HQ those two were the ones who want to capture me and put me at the stake. Aoi replied. What the hell did you do? Kaoru asked. How about another time, we are getting paid to make them black and blue right? Aoi replied. When those higher-ups ask anyone to do a job like this they have faith in our abilities. Kaoru replied. Now let's take them down. Virtus replied. Did I get the arrogant self-righteous bitch you? Kaoru asked. I have the arrogant reaper. Aoi replied. So you think you can win against us? Virtus asked. Where did that girl go? Virtus asked. Kaoru jumped up in the air and summoned her sword called Spada di invidia in mid-air. Where did you find sword like that? Antonio asked. Well, I do possess one the deadly sins ability. Kaoru replied. Virtus summoned a sword as well. Soon as I attacked had Virtus flying into the woods. So you are not just all talk huh? Virtus asked. She isn't down yet. I replied. I had a feeling that was the case. Aoi replied. Don't get distracted by the beautiful woman! Antonio yelled. Aoi summoned a sword as well. That sword I have felt this power before. That is on the swords of lust. Antonio replied. Well, that is my sin I possess. Aoi replied. The forbidden swords one of them is the sword, Lama di Lussuria.

Aoi looked as if he had fought them and he nearly died. Aoi are you ok? I asked. Yeah, that bitch is more dangerous than she was the last time I took her and fanboy over there. Aoi replied. What are you implying? Kaoru asked. When you attacked her I saw your sword cracking. Aoi replied. Kaoru looked at her sword. That bitch! Kaoru replied. Don't rush into it and fight! Aoi yelled. You see Invidia is a field of study. Kaoru replied. Yes, I know that. Aoi replied. She might have cracked my sword but there is a catch. I learned two fields of study from the Forbidden Library. I replied. What the hell! Aoi yelled. Yeah my first is fire elemental like the mom who studied Superbia. My first field of study. Then I had to learn a backup field to help if one cancels out. I replied. As such! I yelled. I ran fast and jumped up high and yelled. Dawn of the Dragon King! Virtus sword turned into a shield. After the attack, Virtus sword reverted back to a sword. So after her sword began to crack. What the hell she knows that advanced attack? Virtus thought. What's wrong Virtus? I asked sarcastically. Now to finish her off! I yelled. Fangs of the Dragon! I yelled. Soon as I attack, Vitus sword cracked and she fated. You hurt Virtus! Antonio yelled. Aoi picked Kaoru up and asked Ren to take her to the infirmary. So it is me and you criminal? Antonio asked. Seems like it. Aoi replied. Antonio ran to attack Aoi.

You have lost already, we have someone infiltrated this place as we speak. Virtus replied. Yeah about that, we have a squad called Shinigami Squad. Those seven deadly sins are a force to be reckoned with. I replied. What are you talking about? Antonio asked. Wait do you mean that group Shinji and the others are in? Aoi asked. Yes, they are more powerful than they look. I replied. I bet they are plotting on taking you bastards out as we speak. I replied. You talk a lot for the girl who is injured. Aoi replied. Are you ok? Aoi asked. Aoi turn around! I yelled. Why? Aoi asked. Antonio has a sword about to attack! I yelled. Aoi summoned a sword fast. I hate to tell you this Antonio but I know how you and your little buddy work. Aoi replied. You use the arts of Invidia. Aoi replied. That girl over there uses Superbia. Aoi replied. You need to pay attention to your fight. I replied. Oh who said I was paying attention to my fight. Aoi replied. Antonio came at him to cut him. Aoi kicked him in the stomach. I will take you to the infirmary. Aoi replied. At that moment, I felt like he cared about my well-being. I replied. This bastard is just in the way. Aoi replied. Antonio blocked the attack but was pushed back. Antonio summoned his sword that was similar to my Sword of Invidia. Aoi summoned a sword as well. Their sword fight was unreal. It looked like that were defying logic and sound barrier as well. After the last slash sheathed his sword and Antonio fell down on his face. Antonio asked Aoi asked a question.You know you finally care about someone other than yourself? Antonio asked. I can be an asshole at times towards others but I have a humanity, Antonio. Let's just say my reasons I have humility is my little secret. Aoi replied. I am curious to why he is the way he is? I thought. As she thought about it, he held her princes' hold to the infirmary. Did something come over Aoi?

Stay Tuned.

Quick History Lesson:

Dissectum equities Mundi means Crimson Blade Knights in Latin

Lama di Lussuria means Blade of Lust in Italian

Spada di invidia means Sword of Envy in Italian.

Virtus is the god or goddess of military strength.  

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