Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


15. Book One: Chapter Fourteen: Katsu vs. Minerva and Katsu's 20th

Last time, Eros' demon Mana took advantage of his love for his twin sister, Sora. Aoi became angry and cut her head clean off. After that everyone suggested that everyone will go out for Katsu's Birthday.

The next day on the way in Katsu is encountered with a woman. So you must be one of the people who are after all of our heads, right?Katsu asked. You are a smart one but can you fight me. Minerva replied. Katsu and Minvera stared at each other than summoned weapons. What the hell is going on? Ally asked. Why are you here, Minerva? Aoi asked. Oh, nice seeing you, traitor. Minerva replied. Whatever you do stop fighting her. Aoi replied. Why should I stop fighting? Katsu asked. Katsu slashed her face with his Naginata. Are you the first man to cut me? Minerva replied. I can do way more than just cutting your face. Katsu replied. You bastard! Minerva yelled. Minerva charged to attempt to stab Katsu in the stomach. Katsu summoned a sword and stabbed her in the stomach. Minerva was thinking charge at me and stabbing me in the stomach? Katsu asked. If so I know enough experience of fighting strategies to know that is predictable. Katsu replied. Thanks for that. Minvera replied. Makoto appeared. Makoto why are you sicking all these people on them? Rumiko asked. Well, so you can know how to be lonely and used. Makoto replied. If you are implying about you and your buddies bounties, we are going to have you arrested again and I will guarantee it. Rumiko replied. Rumiko glared at him with such hatred in her eyes. You know you can glare at me all you want but it won't phase me. Makoto replied. Hey Rumiko where are you? Tomoe asked. Makoto attacks Rumiko. You bastard! Tomoe yelled. Tomoe charged at Makato. Is this guy supposed to beat me? Makoto asked. I hate to tell you this but he was a high ranked knight who was once protected the King and Queen of his country where he lived. Rumiko replied. Also, you see, he is also the same guy you use to pick on. Rumiko replied. Wait you meant that crybaby will hurt me? Makoto asked. Tomoe punched Makoto in the stomach and sent him flying into the trees. Did that guy just do that? Eros asked. Makoto don't fight him. Minerva replied. What are you talking about? Makoto asked. His eyes are that color of that Dragon Clan. If the rumors are true, he could kill every one of us in one sitting. Minerva replied.

Katsu was locked into battle with Minerva. Makato has charged and attacked Rumiko and Tomoe became angry. Tomoe ran and stopped him. Minerva brings up a little bit about Tomoe.

It's Friday! Ally replied. Happy Birthday, Katsu what are you doing today? Ally asked. Well avoiding that long birthday dinner at my parent's house. Katsu replied. You alreally saved me from it. Katsu replied. You make it seem like it is boring as hell. I replied. A boring talk about the family history. I also shared the same birthday with that snobby cousin of mine who attends that all girl college. Katsu replied. By any chance is her name Minami? Ally asked. Yeah, I was roommates with that snobby bitch first year. Ally replied. So that snobby bitch is your relative? I asked. I'm sorry we are talking about your family like this. I replied. Aoi knows that they are all snobby people except my brother and I. Katsu replied. Yeah, that is true but you know that sister of your with that big brother complex. Tomoe replied. Just imagine how she will take Ally coming around. Aoi replied. Wow, I'm so scared of a little girl. Ally replied. Let's think about the positive not the negative. Tomoe replied. Where do you think we are going tonight? Aoi asked. Wait where is that place Yumi took us a few weeks ago? I asked. Why do you think I remember? Ally replied. Yukimoto passed by. Are you all about to plan a party for a guy who just became legal to get wasted? Yukimoto asked. Yes,do you know of any places with a bar and grill? Ally asked. A few but I will text you the places because I am busy with paperwork. Yukimoto replied. Did Yukimoto just pull an Ally right now? Katsu replied. Yes, she is going to sleep in her office. I replied. These two are related alright, they react to certain things. Aoi replied. We do not act alike, Aoi. Ally replied. Later that day, Katsu got ready for his birthday dinner with everyone. Soon as he came downstairs and opened the door, his little sister Ayame appeared. Hey, Katsu are you ready to go home and celebrate your birthday? Ayame asked. Sorry Ayame, I am celebrating with a few friends this year. Katsu replied. I see. Ayame replied. As soon as Katsu went back up stairs. Ayame heard someone knocked on the door, Ayame opened the door. Is Katsu here? Ally asked. Ayame closed the door in her face. Katsu ran back downstairs. Why did you do that, Ayame? Katsu asked. Ayame put her head down and said "Sorry". Ayame walked outside to the car she came in. in. Katsu got into Aoi's car. Soon as he got into the car Ayame glared at Ally from the window. That little girl is hating you already. Aoi replied. His family is kind of manipulative. Tomoe replied. You don't have to tell me twice, that little girl tried to guilt trip Katsu not to go out for your birthday. Ally replied. It like she makes Any out to be the villain. I replied. Other than being bothered with that little sister of yours, let's have fun. Ally replied. Are we almost there? Katsu asked. Yeah, we are. Aoi replied.

Katsu's little sister, Ayame was trying to guilt trip Katsu to stay home to stay. She wanted to celebrate it with her and family. Now Ayame has a grudge towards Ally. The others are on their way to the place.

We are here at Lyra's Bar and Grill. Ally replied. Katsu and the others walked into the bar. Hello, welcome to Lyra's Bar and Grill. Yuri replied. Yuri, it's been forever. Ally replied. I see you have some cuties with you. Yuri asked. Alright, who is turning legal drinking age? Yuri replied. I am Miss. Katsu replied. Oh, I am twenty myself no calling me miss alright. Yuri replied. It's been forever since we've talked. Skylar replied. Where is your partner in crime? Mira asked. Well, she is in here. Ally replied. I'm right here, for your information. I replied. You guys seem well known. Aoi asked. We used to work here during the summers. Ally replied. Oh, you haven't met Rumiko. I replied. Ally told me all about her, she is so adorable. Yuri replied. Let's take you to that booth. Skylar replied. When everyone went into the booth, the girl sat on the left and the boy faced the front of the girls. Soon as everyone settled into the booth, the waitress came to the table. Hello, my name is Rie and I will be your waitress for tonight. Rio replied. Rio is that you? Ally asked. Ally are you drinking tonight? Rio asked. No, the birthday boy is. Ally replied. The cute shy one in the corner? Rie asked. Oh here are your menus. Rie replied. As Rie walked off, Katsu got extremely shy. You don't have to be shy Katsu. Ally replied. Even though you look like you have been sheltered all your life. Ally replied. He has been sheltered. Aoi replied. Hey, stop talking bad about me. Katsu replied. Katsu we all know this. Tomoe replied. Come on and lets order. Ally replied.

Kaoru and the others have arrived Lyra's Bar and Grill. To find out, Ally and Kaoru use to work at the Bar and Grill when they were younger. One of the waitresses teased him a little to find out, Katsu was a pampered.

I am not pampered. Katsu replied. Yes, you are. Everyone said. Well, birthday boy you order first. Aoi replied. I want the steak. Katsu replied. Done or medium rare? Ally asked. Well, I want mine done. Katsu replied. We are sorry for what just happen. Rie said. Rie walked back. What are you going to order? Rie asked. I want the steak well done. Katsu replied. I want the hamburger. Ally replied. I want the Hot wings meal. Tomoe replied. I want the Bourbon Steak. Aoi replied. I want the Shrimp Scampi. Rumiko replied. I want to order the Chicken Alfredo. I replied. I want the same. Ally replied. Also, we are going to have to have you drink water after this. Ally replied. Yeah, we don't want you getting sick on us. Tomoe replied. I won't get sick. Soon as Rie came back with our food, she went back to get the beer. Now, lets tell you Happy Birthday, Katsu. Cheers to you being able to drink! Ally yelled. Hey, we didn't order drinks, only for him. Ally replied. Yeah, Aoi is the designated driver. I replied. Who the hell made that decision? Aoi replied. When you were nagging me about drinking. I replied. He or Katsu have been our designated driver if one of us have gotten completely wasted. Tomoe replied. Well, let's eat and celebrate! Ally replied. Everyone ate their food and drank the liquor they were given.Little did they know what would happen the next day.

Stay Tuned.

Quick History Lesson:

Naginata is similar to the Japanese version of European Glaive in a sense.

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