Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


5. Book One: Chapter Four: Meeting the Infamous Warriors...

Last time, Aoi stayed with Kaoru after her drink was spiked.

That morning, my head was still fuzzy from that night. She went to work anyways. When she got to work she saw those three guys again from the other night. Hi again, your Katsu and Tomoe right? I asked. Don't you think it would best if you didn't come to work today? Aoi asked. Thank you for the concern but I think I will be fine. I replied. Weren't you that guy that watched over me after my drink was spiked? I asked. Yeah, I was. Aoi replied. Your name was Aoi, right? I asked. Yeah, that is my name. Aoi replied. I don't know why that Yukimoto would say that she wouldn't remember anything from last night? Aoi thought. Well, you six are together so come into my office. Yukimoto replied. You six will become partners. Yukimoto replied. A woman came into the room. You all will be going on your normal missions together such Ally, Kaoru, and Rumiko. Higashiyama replied. Wow, I haven't seen you in awhile Haru, hows life as a commander? I asked. Listen here you little bitch don't try me today. Higashiyama replied. You could have refrained from calling her by her first name. Aoi replied. That woman is scary. Tomoe replied. She is just one of the scary ones here. Kaoru replied.Welcome HQ boys. Ally replied. No, it's just that you were being disrespectful. Aoi replied. Well, Kaoru is kind of right. Yukmoto replied. Tomorrow I will let you meet Squad Commanders later. Yukimoto replied.

The boys have been introduced to Higashiyama(Haru). One of the ruthless commanders of Head Quarters. Now the boys are going to meet who their Squad Commanders.

Hey, you guys look terrified, you just met Haru(Haru/ My Rare Treasure). Hey, it's been awhile Aki( Haru/ My Rare Treasure). Ally replied. Yeah, I have been busy these days. Aki replied. Hi, who is Aoi Yoshida? Fumiyo asked. I am Fumiyo(Haru/ My Rare Treasure) and you Kaoru are under me. Fumiko replied. What are you going on about, Fumiyo? Anastasia(Haru/ My Rare Treasure) asked. How about you do your damn jobs and get you grab the people on whoever squads. Mana replied. Mana( Natasha) what are you doing here? Aki asked. You know how your mom and the higher-ups are today. Mana replied. Believe me the Pillars and Ten Generals. Aki replied. You're the great tactician, Mana Kyoyama? Tomoe replied. That is me. Mana replied. Oh yeah, Tomoe and Rumiko you are under Aki and Zephyr(Natasha). Ally and Katsu you are under Ares(Natasha) and Hana(Haru/ My Rare Treasure) and Aoi and Kaoru are under Bellona(Natasha) and Fumiyo(Haru/ My Rare Treasure). Mana replied. Why are you telling us like that? Ally replied. Well, you six are going to train by a bunch of devils. Mana replied. Stop scaring them, Mana. Karin replied. Wow your Karin, the Lunar Empress? Katsu replied. Yeah but you are going to have to go against them. Karin replied. Karin, we talking about two sins, a *Shinigami and three of the five pillars to protect the sovereign? I asked. You six will be fine. Karin replied. Stop it Mana. Kaori replied. Hey, it's been awhile Ally and Kaoru. Kaori replied. Well, let's get ready Kaori. Fumiyo replied. The wait was that, Kaori Higashiyama? Katsu asked. Yeah, Head Quarters has legendary warriors like Kaoru's mom, Megumi Shura(Haru/ My Rare Treasure). Yeah, lets get ready for the big speech. Rumiko replied.

Hi all new recruits, welcome to HQ it's an honor to see new face everyone once in awhile. I'm getting off subject, you all are assigned to two people. You all might have run into some of them. Megumi (Haru/ My Rare Treasure) replied. Megumi stops babying these damn kids. Shigeko (Natasha) replied. Alright let's get straight to that point, you'll be under these six. Shigeko replied. Don't be so moody, Shigeko. Artemis( Natasha) replied. You are too much of a goodie. Shigeko replied. I rarely agree with her and she is right. Yuki(Natasha) replied. Well, Aoi is under them. I replied. What is the hell up with expression? Aoi asked. Wow, the troublemaker is under me? Bellona asked. Hey been awhile, Kagura. I replied. What did I tell you about calling me by my first name? Bellona replied. You will never change, Hime? Fumiyo asked. Wait those two are Aoi and Hime. the others gasped. Are we that big? Aoi replied. We are highly ranked prodigies. Kaoru replied. Hey, where is your brother? Ayame asked. Well, he isn't here? I replied. Oh, man, I thought it would have been him than you. What the hell is that suppose to mean? Aoi asked. What is wrong with you, Kaoru? Aoi asked. Well, you see. I replied. Hey, get your ass here. I am *Bellona, the Roman Goddess of War. Bellona replied. I am Fumiyo the *Dragon Sin. Fumiyo replied. Those two are the most infamous in HQ. Umeko replied. Oh, stop it. Fumiko replied. They are just titles, we are ordinary individuals like you all. Bellona replied. I heard a Shura is here. Ginko replied. Oh, it is the troublemaker. Ginko replied. Oh, and I would ask you not to bring that Shura ever again.

Quick History Lesson:

Bellona is the Roman Goddess. Her counterpart is Athena in Greek Mythology.

Dragon Sin is referring to the Seven Deadly Sins and the animals or monster that represent them.

Shinigami is the Japanese version of the Grim Reaper.

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