Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


6. Book One: Chapter Five: Fight To Test What You Are Made Of! Part One

Last time everyone introduced to their superiors. Aoi and Kaoru met theirs Bellona, the war goddess, and the Dragon Sin, Fumiyo someone brought up the other Shura. Aoi and Kaoru were drafted as examples to fight Bellona and Fumiyo. Aoi fought against Fumiyo. Fumiyo did some real damage to Aoi. Now it's Kaoru's turn.

Excuse me why can't we bring up that name out of curiosity? Chi asked. Well let's just say, he left for a reason. Fumiyo replied. We can't go into detail so just don't bring it up alright. Fumiyo replied. No offense but are you really the Dragon Sin? Izumi asked. Yes, unfortunately, she is very playful that is all. Bellona replied. Ok, who wants to face one of us? Bellona replied. No one Aoi and I have volunteered. Fumiyo replied. Don't go drafting the both of us. I replied. Alright, Aoi is my opponent. Fumiyo replied. You are my opponent, Kaoru. Bellona replied. This will end in a massacre I know it. Soon as the fight started, Fumiyo vanished and she summoned her sword and Aoi summoned his sword an blocked it. You have sharp reflexes. Fumiyo replied. What the hell? Did that guy defend against that attack? Crowd gossiped. You know you are pretty good. You read the attack but not well enough. Fumiyo replied. Is he bleeding? Crowd asked. Aoi vanished. You are one interesting kid. The two were clashing, Fumiyo summoned the other twin blade of Wrath. Shit. Aoi replied. Aoi traded out his sword to summon another sword as well. From looking at the power of yours, you like you made a contract with the First Goat Sin. Fumiyo replied. Wait for the First Goat Sin?! Kaoru asked. That is none of your damn business! Aoi yelled. That boy he can't be him? Bellona replied. Hey, Bellona you know Aoi replied. Aoi Yoshida isn't his real name. Bellona replied. Aoi strikes his sword. He nearly cracked the floor. Hey, don't break the floor you two. Bellona replied. The pressure from the attacks will destroy everything. Bellona replied. Stop fighting, right now this instance! Bellona yelled.

Aoi and Kaoru were drafted as examples to fight Bellona and Fumiyo. Aoi fought against Fumiyo. Fumiyo did some real damage to Aoi. Now it's Kaoru's turn.

So am I going up to the Amazon? Kaoru replied. You know you have been around your mom too much. Bellona replied. I mean you are a "War Goddess" after all. Kaoru replied. Please stop provoking her! Aoi yelled. Hey, Aoi's right? Fumiyo asked. Yes? Aoi asked. She has always been a sarcastic smart allick. Kaoru knows how to back it up her trash talking people. Fumiyo replied. Kaoru summoned a sword. I see you inherited one of the Royal Weapons. Bellona replied. If I remember exactly, Shiniji(Haru/My Rare Treasure) bestowed you the second collection of his weapons. Bellona replied. What's wrong with my swords? Kaoru asked. Those words have side effects to its wielders. Bellona replied. Bellona summoned one of her swords. Bellona and Kaoru were fighting so fast no one couldn't see them. What the hell, they are almost on par with each other. Aoi replied. Yeah, she is stronger than she looks. Fumiyo replied. To be honest she put a few slashes on Bellona actually. Fumiyo replied. Kaoru received more damage than her? Aoi asked. The great "Hime Shura" gave me a challenge today. Bellona replied. Wow, Bellona put some heavy damage on her. She tries to be someone she is not. She is trying to outdo her brother. Sakura replied. You know, Sakura I remember you and a few others who were in basic training with Kaoru and Ren. Kaoru isn't using her true strength. Fumiyo replied. What do you mean? Sakura asked. It's pretty damn obvious, those swords just manifest her powers. Aoi replied. What are you talking about, you are a new guy? Sakura asked. Let me drop some knowledge on you. Aoi replied. There are ten clans that possess the Royal Weapons. They are kind of close to the caste system in a way. Aoi replied. The Emperor and Empress are the highest and most powerful as well. That girl finally learned how to wield them? Shinji asked. Don't run off on me? Raven replied. Ravyn(Haru/My Rare Treasure) she's finally got the hang of what I taught her. Shinji asked. Is that Kaoru? Wendy asked. Yeah is Wendy(Haru/My Rare Treasure).Shinji replied. Aren't you a few of the Shinigami Squad? Aoi asked. Yup, we were seven rejects slapped into a group. Wendy replied. We heard commotion so we came. Wendy replied. The fight ended in a draw. It's been awhile Bellona. Shinji replied. Ravyn, Shinji, and Wendy you came like I asked you. Bellona replied. You threaten all of us to come today. Wendy replied.  


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