Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


16. Book One: Chapter Fifteen: The Next Morning

Katsu had his first beer. Everyone else was given drinks from an unknown source. Ally stayed at Katsu's house out of concern and also because he ruined her outfit.Aoi was showing a soft side for children. Katsu threatens Ally for some unknown reason. I wonder what happened that night Katsu got drunk. He tells her not to tell anyone of what happened. Ally becomes scared. Aoi came over and took him to the side to talk to him. Yukimoto appears. Everyone saw another side of Katsu they never thought they would see. They find out that was the real Katsu everyone was witnessing. We also find out a secret about Katsu as well.

The next morning, Katsu woke up and he was wondering who was in his bed? He saw Ally sleeping in his bed. Ally why are you in my bed? Katsu asked. Ally woke up and she was wearing one of his work shirts. Katsu stared at her and blushed. Well you see after you drank your first beer you thought you were being bold like us. You drunk my Raspberry Sin and passed out. Ally replied. I stayed with you because I didn't want anyone taking advantage you. Ally replied. Good morning Katsu. Ayame replied. As soon as she saw Ally. Ayame glared at her. Hey why are you here? So you couldn't get enough? You are seducing him by wearing Katsu's work shirt. Minami replied. Minami, how about you listen to what people say, that is your fucking problem. You think you know everything. Katsu replied. Katsu tried to sit up. Hey take it easy. Ally replied. I went out and got really drunk. Ally stayed with me so no one could take advantage of me. Katsu replied. Why is she in your work shirt? Minami asked. He passed on me and threw up on me a little. Ally replied. One of the maid's are washing my outfit. Ally replied. I need proof of this. Minami replied. One of the maids come up and says, "Lady Alice your romper is washed and dried." What have I told you Hino about calling Alice and adding Lady to go along with it. Ally replied. Yes ma'am, some people are here with breakfast. Hino replied. This food smells like the breakfast menu from Lunar Sweets Cafe. Ally replied. Wait that place is expensive. Minami replied. That might be true but this is for Katsu and the staff as well. Ally replied. You don't have to do such a tedious thing for the staff. Hino replied. Well in actuality, Katsu has been wanting to do this one of these days. Ally replied. Katsu sits up and gets out of bed. He then walks downstairs. Well I can put this back on. Ally replied. Soon as Ally got dress she came downstairs. Hey you guys. Ally replied. I am glad you stayed with him. Yukimoto replied. Are you sobered up enough to eat anything? I asked. I am, I'm just hungry at the moment. Katsu replied. He rushed downstairs and grabbed an Apple Cinnamon Muffin out the basket. Are you ok, Katsu? Rumiko asked. I'm fine. Katsu replied. I wonder how it felt to have Ally in your room. Tomoe replied. Katsu choked on his Apple Cinnamon Muffin. Stop picking on him. Rumiko replied.

Are you alright, Katsu? Ally asked. I am fine. Katsu replied. Stop teasing him, Tomoe. Rumiko replied. I was just joshing, look how flustered he is. Tomoe replied. Stop it even if he is, he got to drink with the big kids last night. Rumiko replied. Yeah until after we wanted more alcohol. Aoi replied. Well, what did they put in that Raspberry Sin? Aoi asked. A Raspberry Sin consists of about two ounces of Raspberry Vodka, one ounce of Rottura dell'alba liquor, one ounce of Triple Sec, two-thirds of Cranberry Juice, fresh raspberries and ice cubes. Ally replied. I put more liquor in mine though. Ally replied. No wonder he was drunk so fast. Aoi replied. Then again he snatched it out her hands. I replied. Yeah, but after we left the restaurant, you got passed out and messed up Ally's cute romper I gave her for the occasion. I replied. Let it go, you know how he gets, he will apologize and apologize. Rumiko replied. Leave him alone, at least he is willing to apologize. Ally replied. True not many guys apologize. I replied. What the are you implying? Aoi asked. Did I say Aoi? I asked. Ally was wearing my work shirt and her chest was showing. I never seen her so close up to me. I wanted to touch her but I had to keep self-control. Katsu thought. Hey, so I heard my little cousin got laid, I'm so proud of you. Fuyo replied. Shut up Fuyo, don't tease him. I didn't sleep with him. Ally replied. That was a total waste. His sister said he slept with a blonde busty bimbo. Fuyo replied. I told you his little sister hated you. Aoi replied. Ayame you can't call Ally a blonde busty bimbo because I didn't spend my birthday like I do each year. Katsu replied. You always spend it with the family. Ayame replied. Ayame, your brother wanted to have fun but this time he wanted to spend it with friends this time around. Aoi replied. Your right, Aoi. Ayame replied and blushed. See your little sister has a thing for Aoi. I replied. You have no idea. Katsu replied.

Well, thanks to you guys for that the breakfast. Katsu replied. Your maids need a break after all. Aoi replied. Master Aoi thank you for the meal. Mami replied. I told you don't call me Master Aoi. You can call me Aoi. Aoi replied. Oh hey Asuka are you here? Aoi asked. Aoi handed her a Granny Smith Apple. Asuka smiled. So you do have a heart. I replied. He is a sap for children, I don't know why? Katsu asked. I have a feeling at one point he was in their position or something. Katsu replied. Mister Aoi can I have that Apple Cinnamon Muffin? Asuka asked. Sure you can. Aoi replied. I am not always the villain. Aoi replied. As everyone was eating, Katsu walked and asked Ally if she wanted a Blueberry Muffin. I would like one, thank you. Ally replied. Tell anybody what happens, I will do it again. Katsu replied. Hey Katsu, are you hitting on Ally this early in morning? Tomoe replied. Ally looked scared and shocked. Ally replied. Hey, what is wrong with you Ally? Rumiko asked. Aoi walked over to Katsu. I wonder what they are talking about? I replied. Aoi dragged Katsu into the kitchen. What the hell is wrong with you, did you force yourself on her? Aoi asked. I have my reason for my actions. Katsu replied. What are your motives? Aoi replied. Yukimoto gave me strict orders to do it. Katsu replied. Yukimoto walked over. I see you did your job perfectly. Scare my little sister so the stalker will appear.

Hey, I know this is going to piss you off. Well, it will defiantly piss off Kaoru. We have a little bad news. Yukimoto replied. Let me guess, Ren and his team were holding out on us? I asked. Yeah, how did you know, Kaoru? Rumiko replied. I grew up in the same household with that self-righteous bastard. I replied. Well as I figured that bastard would play this card. Katsu replied. Katsu did you just say that? I asked. Yeah, I hate your brother and I also know how men like that work. Katsu replied. Uh, Katsu just sounded too bad ass right now. I replied. Well, you see this is the real Katsu. Aoi replied. Since you all are here, I need you six to do something for me. Yukimoto replied. Let me guess that self-righteous bastard and friends are going to take credit and use us again after we had so many injuries. Katsu replied. Katsu don't you dare think about it. Yukimoto replied. I need you to take out three men out. Yukimoto replied.

Hey, explain to me how I am supposed to kill a guy without my weapons? Katsu asked. Why are you getting a smart attitude with Yukimoto? I asked. Well just like me our weapons and true abilities and powers were sealed off by a damn onmyioji. Aoi replied. I cannot give them back to both of you since those seals are not in my specialties. Yukimoto replied. Well, who would give two convicted criminals their powers back? Tomoe asked. What if I told you that he was accused of killing that last person. Yukimoto replied. Wait are saying someone lied on Katsu. Ally replied. Yes, he saved their lives after a night raid happened and he was accused of starting it that night. He was sentenced to be burned to death. Yukimoto replied. Is this true? Ally asked. Yeah, they put seals on me and Aoi so we couldn't run away. Katsu replied. Yukimoto destroyed the majority of the seals except for the main one. Katsu replied. Wait let Kaoru and I see a look at those seals. Ally replied.

Stay Tuned.

I bet you all thought were thinking Katsu lost V-Card too lol.

Quick Knowledge:

Rottura dell'alba means Break of Daybreak

Onmyioji means "The Way of Ying an Yang" it is a practice of the Chinese five elements and Ying and Yang.

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