Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


12. Book One: Chapter Eleven: The Fight On The East Side

Last time, Katsu won his fight with Honos and he carried Ally to the infirmary. They ran into Aoi and Kaoru. Aoi was cautious of Children of Purgatory.

Who are the Children of Purgatory? Katsu replied. Well, they are a branch of those bastards attacking us. They are the most dangerous ones of all the people we were fighting. Aoi replied. You mean those two are going up them? Katsu asked. I wouldn't underestimate your friends if I were you. I replied. Who are you? Aoi asked. I am the one who recommended that Rumiko. Kaori replied. I recommended Tomoe to come here as well. Higashiyama(Haru) replied. You will see why we recommended Rumiko and Tomoe come here and leave their post as castle guards.

I heard of you, you are Princess of the Dragon, Rumiko. Levithan replied. You are the Prince of Dragons, Tomoe. Adelram replied. They are just titles and those are just words being told. Tomoe replied. Alright, how do you want us to beat your asses? Rumiko asked. You talk a big game but can you back it up? Leviathan asked. Leviathan charged at her and clawed Rumiko. What the hell happened her skin didn't show any signed of my poison claws? Leviathan though. I bet you are thinking why didn't your attack hurt me? Rumiko asked. It is simple, all dragons have certain weakness but I am a different case. Rumiko replied. Rumiko ran and kicked Leviathan in her side and sent her flying into the lake behind them. For example, because my dragon trait just amplifies my abilities, to be honest, I haven't used my powers in this fight so far. Rumiko replied. You are a dummy, Leviathan is a beast of the seas. Leviathan replied. Your friend over their will dies at the hands of Leviathan! Adelram yelled.  Wait do you remember the story of Leviathan? It was a monster who plagued the sea. Tomoe replied. Rumiko watches out, she will kill you with her water attacks! Tomoe replied. Why don't you stay out of their battle you are fighting me! Adelram yelled. You bastard I will make you pay for this! Tomoe yelled. Tomoe summoned a sword. That is the spirit. Adelram replied. Rumiko was stuck in a bubble that was trapping her in a world drowning her. Rumiko was sucked into the bubble as she felt like she was about fade away, she saw an opening.Cocky bitch got the nerve to think she is better than I, Leviathan? Leviathan asked. Wrath of the Scarlet Beast! Rumiko yelled. I am nowhere near a cocky bitch. Rumiko replied. How are you alive? Leviathan asked. I escaped because you let your guard down and I took advantage of that. Rumiko replied. Wow, I see the advantage of the situation. Aoi replied. I never thought I would have to use this ever again. Rumiko replied. Wait you are about to use that sword? Tomoe asked.

Rumiko and Tomoe were engaged in battle. Leviathan was being cocky and Rumiko broke loose out of her attack.

I have seen that sword before but it was only once. That was forged from one the fangs of one of the Dragon Kings. I replied. I heard those swords are hard to lift and wield those damn weapons. Aoi replied. Yeah, you are right about that. Kaori replied. Wait you wield one of the Shadow Dragon King's fangs? Aoi asked. Yes, they are hard if you don't go to the origin of the sword and train with a sword master of that specialty. Kaori replied. Isn't that right Haru, you should know too well enough. Kaori replied. You are right but somethings are not supposed to be told. Higashiyama replied. Well, that sword is one of the most dangerous swords. It is on the ten weapons of the Crimson Emperor. Kaori replied. Wait those are devilish weapons that feed off the negative emotions. I replied. That might be right but if you master the sword to some extent the true ability of the sword will reveal. Kaori replied. Leviathan I want you to be careful, I have seen that tachi before. Adelram replied. What do you mean? Leviathan asked. Rumiko flashed pasted her and cut her sides. I didn't see her move an inch. Leviathan replied. It's because this sword gives me more abilities. Rumiko replied. I remember now, that sword increases the user's agility and speed. Adelram replied. So I see her strength leave her open. Leviathan though. Leviathan started attacking Rumiko from both sides. Rumiko slashed her sword. Burn the beast, Crimson Dragon King. Rumiko replied. Leviathan was burning and after the flames went away, Rumiko said. "I hate to break it to you but I didn't even use my true strength." In the infirmary, Rumiko is such a bad ass. Kaoru replied. Outside, Adelram and Tomoe were frightened. Hey, Tomoe doesn't go easy on him or you will lose the bet. Rumiko replied.

Rumiko won her fight between Leviathan. Now it is Tomoe's turn to fight.

Tomoe shows him no mercy. Rumiko replied. Also, you all came along with the other four you are not very smart are you? Rumiko asked. I figured you were going to use that chance to get in, right? Rumiko asked. One looked at Rumiko and said "You don't scare me us, you might have beat Leviathan but not the others" What others? Rumiko asked. You fool you can't bring them up. Minami replied. Tomoe lets make this quick because it seems like this is just the trap. Rumiko replied. What the hell are you going on about? Tomoe asked. Don't act like you are better than us! Adelram yelled. Oh, I don't think that but I do believe you are going to be punished for trust passing. Tomoe replied. I will love to see you try. Adelram replied. Adelam slashed Tomoe from all sides of his body. Tomoe used his powers and blended in with the environment. Tomoe was running and slashed Adelram finally. Where did that man go? Adelram thought. I found you! Adelram yelled. Adelram cut Tomoe's cheek. Tomoe reappeared and slashed Adelram with the sword. Tomoe looked at him and said, "If you think I don't know what group you are all in" Well are the Children Purgatory. Why do you have against us? Adelram asked. Tomoe glared at Adelram and sheathed his sword. I didn't see or feel that slashes. Adelram replied. Adelram started to bleed out. My dragon ability is the opposite of Rumiko's fire dragon abilities. In the infirmary, everyone was astonished to how those two finished their fights so quickly. I am wondering what his ability is? Aoi asked. He is an elemental he has powers of ice, snow, and water. Kaori replied. So adding his speed in with that, he is a force to be reckoned with. Aoi replied. Same for Rumiko. Kaoru replied. Outside, Rumiko and Tomoe were thinking. Hey, don't you find it odd that the people we just fought? Rumiko asked. This was too easy. Tomoe replied. Hey, you two who is your commander, sergeant or lieutenant? Rumiko asked. That should be the least of your worries. Adelram replied. I never thought I would hear your voice ever again Princess and Prince of Dragons. Makoto replied.

Tomoe finished is a fight with one slash of his blade. Then a person walked up to say Rumiko and Tomoe by their titles.

Rumiko don't act like that. Makoto replied. Do you know this guy? Tomoe asked. Master, she is the one who did this. Adelram replied. Told you not to fight these two. They might look like they can hurt anyone. Makoto replied. One of them alone could have taken all of us on by themselves. This one right here more deadly then she gives off. Makoto replied. Why the hell are you and your friends doing this? Rumiko asked. Can't we have a little fun? Makoto asked. You think beating up and injuring others is what you call fun? Rumiko asked. Why do you care? Makoto asked. Rumiko kicked Makoto in the nose. Those eyes of yours. Makoto replied. Hey, Rumiko you kicked the guy in the face. That was rash even for you. Tomoe replied. Let's go, that bastard is planning something and we have to warn the others. Rumiko replied. Soon as the two ran inside HQ they ran into the infirmary. They warned them what just happened. So Makoto has come out to play. Higashiyama replied. Rumiko aren't you old friends? Kaori replied. Yes. We are one of the few survivors who was spared. He was taken in by thieves and killers. One day I caught him trying a strangling a woman but we saved her. I had to arrest him myself. It didn't feel right. Rumiko replied. That man had life, how the hell did he get out? Rumiko asked. We have to look in on it. Higashiyama replied. Rumiko I could tell by the way you attacked him you really care about him. I replied. You never wanted to lock him up. Ally replied. I know that bastard. Last time I was in jail before my execution, he would talk about the girl he loved who betrayed him and whenever he gets out he would take away everything dear from her. Aoi replied. That guy is obsessed with you Rumiko. Ally replied. No get your terms right, he is infatuated with her or was. I replied. Whatever it is she needs a bodyguard for a while. Kaori replied. Everyone was looking directly at Tomoe. I'll do it. Tomoe replied. That only means Makoto is planning on attacking us but in a different manner. Aoi replied. What are talking about? Ally asked. He is going to have people attack every one of us. Aoi replied. As they were talking about it. Natsumi brushed by the door saying "That brings up memories doesn't it Haru?" Don't even remind me. Higashiyama replied.

How will Makoto fight them?

What are those two talking about?

Stay Tuned.

*When I am done with Book One of Natasha, I will transition to where I stopped in Book Two. When I start Book Three, you will see the weapon tachi once again.

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