Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


9. Book One: Chapter Eight: Sibling Rivalry and The Fight Ahead

Last time, Ren made a surprise visit to HQ. Everyone was happy for his visit except our heroine, Kaoru, and her friend Ally. For some reason, he seems familiar with Aoi.

Well never thought they would let a bloodthirsty man into HQ. Ren replied. Oh is your ego bruised by little old me? Aoi asked. The Shinigami* that HQ was having one hell of a time finding. Fuuka replied. You let a criminal in our ranks? Fuuka asked. Well I made him join actually after all his mother made him as a form of punishment. Kagura replied. Lady Bellona why would you let him join? Fuuka asked. Ever heard of the *Shinigami Squad? Bellona asked. Yes I have they were a bunch of misfits the higher-ups created to clean up others messes. Fuuka replied. Have you ever heard of the sin of *Luxuria? Bellona asked. Yes I know that is one of the Seven Christian Virtues. Fuuka replied. What are they? Bellona asked. They consist of *Acedia or Tristitia Avaritia, Gula, Invidia, Luxuria and Superbia. Fuuka replied. Well his mother was the sin of Luxuria. Bellona replied. So you come a long line of sinners after all. Ren replied. Well I bought you lunch like you pestered me to do. Aoi replied. I will take that as, I bought you lunch and I hope you like what I bought you, Kaoru. Kaoru replied. You two are perfect for each other. Ally replied. You are right about that. Katsu replied. Let's order our food. Ally replied. Come on Tomoe. Rumiko replied. Well I see my sister are perfect for each other. Both are brutes who use violence to solve their problems. Ren replied. Oh my, I don't know what came over me? Kaoru replied. You damn well, you threw a steak knife at Ren and tried to slip his throat. Fuuka replied. It's not like you can beat me, Kaoru. Ren replied. Want to test that theory? Kaoru asked. Ren stop this, I hate to tell you this but Kaoru is strong than last time. Ally replied. It's not like you could take me either. Ren replied. Oh yeah like I said before, "You might have everyone with that self righteous attitude of yours". Kaoru and I know you better than anyone else here. Ally replied.Ally glared at Ren replied.Other than Kaoru, I have no mercy for others. You know that too well right, Ren. Ally replied. Ally walked off to get her food. What the hell, why did you threaten him? Suki asked. I hate to tell you this but he is more terrified of me than Kaoru right now. Ally replied.

Ren picked a fight with Kaoru. She threw a steak knife at her brother out of anger. Fuuka the girl who has been Ren's friend for years tried to defend him. After that Ally threatens Ren.

Well, let's eat our nice lunch they boys bought out the goodness of their heart. Ally replied. You are a sadist. I replied. What no, I just enjoy someone buying lunch every once in a while, right boys? Ally asked. You are right, ma'am. The boys of Squad Two said in fear. Ally has you boys in check. Rumiko replied. She and Yukimoto are cut from the same cloth alright, they are both can be terrifying when they demand respect through words or fear. I replied. No, I do not. Ally replied. Ally doesn't even pout because it won't work on me. I replied. You are right, you can't just use fear to control others. You sometimes have to use force. Mariah replied. Wait you are Mariah Himaya? Katsu replied. You are right, I figured as much. She uses to tag along with Yumi all the time. Mariah replied. She picked up on some of her mannerism. Mariah replied. No wonder she is so demanding. Katsu replied. Don't say such hurtful things. Ami replied. You know using fear to control is wrong, you two. Kaori replied. Oh hey Kaori what are you doing here? I asked. Why do you talk to all these heroes as if they are just like people your familiar with? Aoi asked. See kid, Koaru and the annoying brat of her brother know us threw their mother Megumi Shura. Kaori replied. Wait for thee Megumi Shura she is known for her swordsmanship she is an S-Class fight. Rumiko replied. I want to meet her. Rumiko replied. She's here today. Ami replied. Well, we have a really boring meeting to go to. Ami replied. You guys just met Kaori Higashiyama, Mariah Hiyama, and Princess Ami just now.I replied. The hot ladies were the heroes of their time? Tomoe replied. Not all of them didn't start out great overnight. They homed their skills. I replied. Didn't you train with Kaoru and Shinji? Ami asked. Yeah, the swords of Invidia. I heard no one has ever used them and lived. Rumiko replied. Not true, Shinji and I are alive. I replied. You talk so calmly about it. Tomoe replied. Well not really the training was like hell. To make it worse the swords are divided into classes in a way. Shinji and I possess the Empress collection. The seven sins and their weapon a powerful enough to take out a country. Ally replied. The power of swords is powerful. If you don't practice and master, it will drain your body. Don't try to play around, Ally you possess the sin too. Aoi replied. The girls and guys are all talking and getting along. Little did they know what will happen next.

Quick History Lesson:

The Seven Heavenly Virtues go way back in Christianity with the Catholic, Lutheran and Protestant denomination. That corresponded with the virtues of the seven sins.

Acedia or Tristitia, Avarita, Gula, Invidia, Ira, Luxuria, and Superbia are the Seven Deadly Sins in Latin.

Acedia or Trisitita-Sloth







*You will see these words throughout the book.

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