One Twin’s Diary

George Weasley, who has been put into Slytherin, is writing a diary.

Fred is not writing a diary.

Good old Voldemort is a pureblood


2. Entry Two

1st year at Hogwarts.

2nd September.

Dear Diary,

As I pull on my Slytherin robes, Blaise comes up from the common room complaining about 1st years not being able to play Quidditch. I start to complain as well, people used to play Quidditch when they were first years. IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

At Breakfast

I give Pansy a kiss. CRABBE, GOYLE! Get over here you cronies! Pansy had yelled. Pansy has hired henchmen! To do all the dirty work for us, I’m becoming more like a Slytherin by the minute.

The Letter

The post had arrived. The owl I got from my mum was scary enough to scare Voldemort! My mom had wrote about how disappointed she is in me and how Fred and I are the only twins to have been in different houses. It was so scary she should of just written a howler.

First Lesson

Defence against the dark arts was the WORST CLASS EVER! I’m thinking of siding with Voldemort so defence against the dark arts won’t be much use.

Second Lesson

Potions class was fun, head off Slytherin, Professor Severus Snape awarded Slytherin 50 points! He took 30 points away from Gryffindor. I got paired up with Crabbe in Potions, lets just say I did most of the work.

Third Lesson

Quidditch practice was alright but only because Percy, my older brother, had come marching through and got hit by a bludger. When I can I’m going to try out for beater or keeper.

After a few more lessons it was time for the feast. Pansy and I are now officially a couple.

In the Slytherin common room, I found a note addressed to me, it was from Pansy’s parents. They had wrote:

Dear George,

When Lord Voldemort found out a Weasley got into Slytherin, he new it was you. Voldemort would like you on his side. Please meet Voldemort in the room of requirement.

from Ezra and Alissa Parkinson

P.S Meet Voldemort during the feast.

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