One Twin’s Diary

George Weasley, who has been put into Slytherin, is writing a diary.

Fred is not writing a diary.

Good old Voldemort is a pureblood


3. Entry Three

1st year at Hogwarts.

3rd September.

Dear Diary,

At breakfast I told Pansy and Blaise about the note, they both said this was the biggest thing in your life. He mite ask you to become a Death Eater! said Blaise excitedly.

After all the lessons, I got ready to go see Voldemort.

The Room Of Requirement

Voldemort was sat down waiting for me. When I walked in I immediately bowed. Then Voldemort spoke, his voice was harsh and sounded like people stamping on snail shells.

“Thank you for meeting me George, there is something I need to tell you, I’m your father and Bellatrix is your mother.”

I fell back into a chair not believing what I was hearing.

“When the order of the phoenix cane they took you away because you are the air of Slytherin, Molly Weasley put a spell on you to look like Fred, but I can get rid of that for you.”

With a flick of his wand, I had black hair and bright green eyes, and a scar over my left eye. Voldemort came over to give me a hug, I felt powerful.

“Please write to me and in the summer holidays you will go to Parkinson manner.”

“Ok, can I call you dad?”

“Yes and your real name is Salazar George Lestrange.”

With a puff of black smoke, he disappeared.

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