One Twin’s Diary

George Weasley, who has been put into Slytherin, is writing a diary.

Fred is not writing a diary.

Good old Voldemort is a pureblood


1. Entry One

First year at Hogwarts.

1st September.

Dear Diary,

We’re going to Hogwarts, we’re going to Hogwarts!

I sat on the train with some Slytherins, even though our family is traditionally in Gryffindor. I think I’ll be in Slytherin, after all, I wouldn’t mind being with Pansy Parkinson. She’s a pureblood and her parents are death eaters so I think she’ll be in Slytherin. Pansy and I are eating a ton of Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bots Every Flavour Beans.

After the train ride we all got off into boats, I went in one with Pansy, Blaise and Fred. Fred isn’t so sure about being in Slytherin, but he thinks he’ll be in Slytherin as well.

At the Sorting Hat

Weasley Fred, Professor McGonagall had called. The Sorting Hat yelled…Gryffindor!

Weasley George, she yelled my name. She placed the Sorting Hat on my head..............SLYTHERIN!!! Pansy and Blaise also got into Slytherin. Since we’re in the same house, Pansy was saying, do you want to go out with me. Yes, yes I will!

The feast we had was gorgeous, it tasted so good.

I sent an owl to my mum saying I got into Slytherin. I wasn’t sure if she would except me as a Slytherin, I mean all our family was in Gryffindor.

As I lay down on my four poster bed I go to sleep, dreading what my family will think.

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