One Twin’s Diary

George Weasley, who has been put into Slytherin, is writing a diary.

Fred is not writing a diary.

Good old Voldemort is a pureblood


4. Entry Four

1st year at Hogwarts.

4th September.

Dear Diary,

Breakfast was interesting, Pansy thought I looked better with the scar and black hair. She was annoyed with the order of the phoenix. They were there to do “good” but they did something bad. Voldemort is my dad, this thought was in the back of my mind for the hole day.

“So, Pansy was saying, do I have to call you Salazar?”

“Yes please, should I tell Fred about this?”

“I guess so.”

“Crabbe, Goyle get over here, tell Fred Weasley that his twin or who we thought was his twin, about everything.”


Crabbe and Goyle run off.

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