This story is about a girl... Katniss
She works at a bakery in Seoul. She is going to be the ''New Girl'' at a school.. This is where she meets Jungkook. ... Is this another love story or is this a story about fighting for their lives..?

Keep reading to find out...


3. The secret in the cake...

~Dear Diary
Its me Katniss again...
Its been a few days since I last wrote. So whats new?
I'm still the New Girl, I still sometimes gets lost at School because its so huge. And I've been hanging around with Jungkook and the group. They Are all really awesome and cool. He.. is really sweet and cool. And who is he? You May ask. He... is Jungkook and No I'm not falling for him.
Shit... He just sent me a text.... What should I do!?
Meeh I need to go.. Work is calling
Xoxo Katniss.

She looked at her phone at readed the text for herself ''Hey Its Jungkook.. Just wanted to let you know that I'm going to a special bakery. I've heard it has amazing  donuts there. Hope its okay''

She smiled a little and answered him ''I KNOW the bakery has amazing donuts. You should try our strawberry mini cake. Best seller if the month. But its okay. See you soon :)

She put her phone in her pocket, and becan to get ready for work... She took her t-shirt on, did her brows and walked downstairs. It was saturday and the clock was 12 pm. Her mom had to go for work again. ''Big meeting upcoming'' she said this morning. Whatever that meant.

At work...

It was busy at work when she came. A lot of customers. And no sight of Jungkook... Yet.  ''Who are you looking after Katniss?'' Carley asks her after she came back from the cashier . They are both in the kitchen, helping the cook baking. Right now they are making blueberry.  ''I'm not looking for anyone, why are you asking?''good lie Katniss she thinks to herself. 'I'm asking because I have eyes. I can see your head moving around. Come on tell me'' Katniss takes a deep breath before she tells her ''I'm looking for Jungkook. He texted me before work because he is coming. But he didn't tell me when he is coming'' Carley begins to smile a lot. ''You are starting to like him am I right?'' Katniss shakes her head ''No...'' Her voice got lighter when she said that. ''Katniss when you lie... Your voice gets lighter and higher. But don't be shy about it. He's cute and I have seen the way he looks at you'' ''Oh shut up'' Katniss says. *DING* The sound of a customer is an everyday all day sound. ''Hey Is Katniss at work'' a voice says in the background. The person at the cashier comes in the kitchen ''Hey Katniss a guys asks after you'' Katniss eyes got big. She quickly stops with what she was doing, and fast walk out of the kitchen.

In her rush she knocked into someone ''Oh I'm sorry'' she didn't even look up, because she was embarrassed. ''Hehe its okay Katniss'' she looked up, and there he was. The one with the pretty eyes, and cute smile. Her Jungkook. They looked at each other for a bit, before it started getting awkward. ''Yeah so what cake, dessert would you like to taste or have. On the house, and my paycheck'' she says to break the silence. He looks at her with a smile ''Well first I would like the strawberry mini cake. Sounds amazing. And then I would like to ask the bakery girl out for a concert in 2 weeks, with me a my friends'' for a second she thought something else, but he had a girlfriend. He did not look like a guy who would cheat. ''What kind of concert is it?'' she asks. ''Its an kpop concert, its Blackpink, Willow loves them. And me and the boys wants to check the enemy out to''

''Why are they your enemies'' she asks. ''Enemy, I didn't say enemy. I said.... Army. Maybe you are going deaf'' he laughed a little. Was is a nervous laugh..? She didn't know. ''Yeah I would love that. Sounds fun'' she says and gives him the cake. ''When are you done with work?'' Jungkook asks. ''I'm done in 2 hours why?'' ''Okay, I will come and pick you up, then you can hang with us. Cool?'' She noods. ''See you later alligator'' he says to her and smiles, before walking out.


''See you tomorrow after school Katniss'' Carly stands in the kitchen and waves Katniss goodbye. ''Yeah see you tomorrow. Don't forget to bake my moms birthday cake for tomorrow too'' Her moms birthday was the day after tomorrow. It was the birthday without dad. They might cry, she thought.

Out front, was there a car. And in the car was sitting RM and Jungkook next to him. ''Hey Katniss, how was work'' RM asks her. ''Long, and happy its over...Where are we going?'' They are driving, Katniss cant recognize any of the buildings on the sides. ''We are going to our place. Jin is making diner later and its movie night'' RM tells while driving. ''Cool I just saw this video thi other day and Jungkook its so cool. There are some boys singing and dancing. Kinda looks a little like you and your friends. I might have found your doublegangers'' she laughs.   Jungkooks smile goes away for a second. But Katniss didn't saw it. ''Cool. Can I see it now?'' he ask her ''Yeah you can. Here let me show you''

(Go watch the video there is in this story)


~''Amazing song, kinda cute boys, and I love the mix'' Katniss says after the video is done. Jungkook looks and her. He hopes she cant see how much he looks like one of the boys. *She's not ready to know* he thinks. ''So... They are cute. What boy do you think is the cutest?'' he says kinda nervous.. ''Hmm I mean, they are all really cute. But the one who i liked the most. I wouldn't mind kiss the boys who sings first. You know that birdy sound'' she says and points at the first person you see in the video. She liked me...And she would kiss me if she could. He thinks.  ''What are you staring at Jungkook? Do I have something in my face?'' Katniss asks and takes her hand to her own face in fear. ''No you dont have anything in your face. Your beautiful'' he says without thinking. She smiles big, and her eyes are big *did he just say that?* And Jungkook thinks the same *Did I just say that*

''Hey lovers. We are here. Ready to go in or are you guys going to kiss or something first?'' RM says and laughs. ''Oh yeah... We just go in'' Katniss says and still looks and Jungkook ''I agree'' He says without looking away from her beautiful eyes.


A/N: Hello my readers. Sorry for the wait.. Busy week. I will try keeping my promise to give you at least 3 chapters every week.

Hope you like this one tho. And hope you like the mashup song to. :)

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