This story is about a girl... Katniss
She works at a bakery in Seoul. She is going to be the ''New Girl'' at a school.. This is where she meets Jungkook. ... Is this another love story or is this a story about fighting for their lives..?

Keep reading to find out...


1. Beautiful eyes

The sun shines through the window. The sound of birds singing wakes Katniss. It's 8 am in the morning. She has to be at the bakery in an hour... Shit, like I want to? She thinks... But she still goes up and get dressed. If not... Her mom would probably kill her.

She takes her blue pants and her chocolate brown t-shirt on. Gets her hair in a ponytail and walks down the stairs. Her mom is still up and is making breakfast. ''Hey mom, why are you still home, shouldn't you be at work? Katniss ask... ''Hey Katniss, yea I have to go in 10 min.. I just wanted to make sure you had everything for today'' ''Today? what is happening today?'' katniss ask... ''You are starting at your new school today remember? When are you done with work?'' Oh no... School. Katniss forgot that...

She hates being the new girl, everybody always stares, and usually nobody talks to her, only after a few days... It's painful and lonely. ''No I remember, and I'm done with work at 10.. My boss also knows it. But he said yesterday that tomorrow I had to be at work after school and until diner time'' saved by the boss kinda, she thinks to herself.. ''It's okay honey, I will pick you up after school today. See you at 2. I have to go'' Katniss mom kisses her on the forehead, and leaves... Finally...

She eats her breakfast and hurry to work... She's late..

At work her boss is kinda after her a little. Because she was late. ''Dont worry Katniss, he had a very bad morning with his wife today'' says Carley and smiles at Katniss. Carley is her work bestie you might tell. ''So I heard you are starting at the new school today after work Katniss'' ''Oh you heard? Yeah I just cant wait... Recognise my sarkasme?'' Carley laughs. ''I know how it feels, but it's going to be alright, maybe you meet a cute guy'' she smirks at her and laughed again. Yeah like that's ever gonna happen.. No boys for me right now, Katniss thinks..

After work she takes her bag and walks to the school. It's huge... And there are so many people. She feels like she's lost.. And confused. ''Hey are you lost or something?'' a voice behind her says... She turns around and her eyes are locked on the personens eyes... So beautiful.


A/N: HEEEEEY GUYS... New story upcoming. First chapter... Kinda short BUT it's new..

Hope that whoever you may are, you will keep reading :) I promise you... Will not regret it :)

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