Off Limits.

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He is her brothers best friend.
He changed her.
He made her into something she despised.
He got into her head.
It's all his fault and he loves it.


2. Two.

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*Five hours later*


Safe to say my dad is steaming.

My brother went to the other pub which I’m not old enough to go into at this time of night. Harry is still here and we’re sat on a table full of people just talking.


“So what do you want to do?” A girl asks, I’m not too sure who she is but she keeps buying me drinks.


“I want to be an English teacher.” I reply smiling.


“What do you do at uni?” Harry asks.



I can’t tell him I’m still at college because then he would know I’m underage. Unless I lie and tell him I’m redoing a year of my A-levels.

Yeah I’ll do that.


“Oh I’ve got to redo a year of my A-levels but I’m going to be an English teacher.” I reply smiling.


“Oh that’s really cool. I was so bad at English when I was in school.” He says almost ashamed.


“Oh I was awful at maths, I still am. I didn’t pass maths, I’m retaking.” I say laughing.


“I blame my English teacher she was a bitch.” He says with his eyes piercing into mine.


“Yeah I hope to be a better one than any of those.” I say looking away from his intimidating face. 


“My uncle is having a party at his, will you be there?” I ask looking at my feet.


“Are you?” He relays.


“Well yeah.” I say awkwardly laughing.


“Then yeah I probably will.” He replies. He lifts his head up a little bit and I notice he has a little bit of white powder under his nose. 


“You should wipe your nose before someone notices.” I say frowning.


“Oh shit I was-“


“Don’t worry I know all about it, you are friends with my brother you know.” I say lifting my eyebrow.


“No wonder you go to the toilet so often.” I say laughing a little bit.


“Yeah well let’s just keep that a little secret, yeah?” He asks biting his lip.


“I’m not going to tell anyone don’t worry.” I say smiling.


The door opens and I look over to see my boyfriend. He’s smiling at me. I kinda wish he wasn’t here but I need a lift home.


“Hey are you alright?” He asks kissing my head.


I can smell the perfume.


“Hi, I’m harry.” Harry buts in holding his hand out.


“Connor.” He simply replies shaking his hand.


“You Lily’s boyfriend?” Harry asks looking from me to him.


“Yeah I am, who are you?” He asks a little defensively.


“I am her brothers best friend.” Harry replies with a toothy grin.


“Hey Connor could you drop my dad home? He’s too drunk to drive.” I ask looking over at my dad that’s trying to keep his head up.


“Yeah of course baby.” I cringe at him, being called baby isn’t really something I want after he’s been out with someone else.


“He seems nice.” Harry teases.


“Yeah, a delight...” I reply sarcastically. 


“I didn’t realise that you were seventeen.” He says out of nowhere.


Fuuuuuuuuuck. Ugh I hope he doesn’t stop letting me drink.


“Yeah, why?” I reply.


“Because you seem much older, I just thought the baby face was a family thing, jack still looks seventeen.” He says lifting his drink.


“Yeah I know. I didn’t want to tell you in case you stopped me from drinking.” I say ashamed.


“Why would I do that? You seem mature.” He replies shrugging his shoulders.


“Do you want a lift to my uncles? Connor will take you.” I say smiling.


“Yeah sure.” He replies.


I go to the cloakroom to get my coat.

I turn around and bump into something soft. Two hands grab my shoulders to stop me from knocking back.


I look up and it’s harry.


“Oh sorry I didn’t realise you were behind me.” I say getting my balance back.


“It’s alright, I’ve got you.” He replies laughing, he grabs his jacket and walks out leaving me there a little bit flustered.


Harry is charming, I’ve never really gained too much attention from older guys because of my brother. He would murder boys that came near. I hid mine and Connor’s relationship from him and he found out from Connor’s brothers.


Harry turns back around linking my arm in his pushing back into the cloakroom.


He pulls out a small baggie filled with white powder.


“Do you want some?” He asks. I go wide-eyed. I had never done cocaine before but I had always wanted to try it.


“I’ve never done that before.”


“I’m sorry I didn’t mean-“


“I didn’t say I didn’t want to try it. I trust you.” I say looking at him a little worried.


“Are you sure?” He asks furrowing his eyebrows.


“Yes I am sure.” I confirm. I bite my lip a little bit with nerves.


He takes a key out of his pocket and scoops the powder out of the bag. I lean down to the key and sniff upwards. The sensation felt horrible and the taste made me want to gag. 


“There you go. How do you feel?” He asks.


I don’t feel any different.


“Let me try some more.” I say with a confused face. He smiles and scoops out some more. I sniff it again. 

This time I feel a boost of confidence.


“Woah.” I say with a massive grin. I feel hyper.


“Please don’t tell anyone about this” I say worriedly.


“Oh don’t worry it’ll be a little secret.” He says smirking.


“Thank you. I should go and see if Connor is here.” I say pacing out of the room.


I feel guilty. I cannot believe I just did that. It felt so wrong but so good. Harry Styles will be the end of me.

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