Off Limits.

Oh hey there good lookin’ how you doin?
Come and read my writing, if you want me to update then comment & I probs will.
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He is her brothers best friend.
He changed her.
He made her into something she despised.
He got into her head.
It's all his fault and he loves it.


3. Three.

Hi, sorry for ghosting a bit but I’m a busy person, updates will probs be like weekly or whenever I feel like it.




Sat in a room with Connor, Jack, my uncle and his son, a woman that’s my brothers friend, Harry and another one of my brothers friends.

It’s around six thirty in the morning and we’re sat in my uncles living room with a bottle of wine, music and general talking. 


“Do you want a cigarette?” The woman asks. I smoke but I don’t like my brother to know. 


“I would but my brother would kill me.” I say laughing.


“Go on then. It doesn’t suit you Lily.” He grants. I take one and light it up, harry raises his eyebrows at my brave move.


I go into the kitchen and someone follows behind. 


“You’re brave.” The deep voice says.


Harry. Oh Harry... 


“Yeah I know. It’s this weird confidence I have.” I say smiling.


“It’s called cocaine.” He whispers in my ear.


“Sh.” I say abruptly.


He just laughs a little bit.


“Do you want some?” He asks.


“Oh my god not here.” I whisper.


“No I’ll give you the bag and you go to the toilet.” He says putting it in my hand.


“Oh okay.” I say biting my lip.


I walk into the toilet. I mirror what harry did and I feel it sticking to the back of my throat.


I flush the toilet and walk back out and into the kitchen. I walk in to see harry with my brother.


“I was wondering where you went.” My brother says opening a can.


“Just toilet, I’m grabbing another can.” I say going into the fridge.


My brother walks off into the living room leaving me with harry.


I go to hand him the small bag and he puts it into my pocket.


“Keep it.” He insists.


“Why?” I ask.


“Because I said you could.” He winks at me. 


He zips up my jacket pocket and walks into the living room. I follow closely behind sitting back down next to connor. 


“We should go it’s like seven in the morning.” Connor says yawning. I nod and get up.


“Jack do you want a lift?” I ask putting my shoes on.


“Yeah sure.” He replies.


“Could you drop her off as well?” He asks referring to the random woman.


“Yeah where does she live?” Connor asks.


“On the same street as me.” Jack replies.


“Do your pals need a lift?” I ask.


“Nah they’re alright. They only live around the corner.” Jack replies.


I walk outside towards Connors car and I feel a tap on my shoulder.


“Goodbye Lil.” I turn around to see Harry smirking.


“You are trouble Harry Styles.” I say shaking my head.


“Oh well.” He winks. I walk further to the car and get in it.


Harry. Fucking Harry. He’s so charming but he’s so bad.




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