Off Limits.

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He is her brothers best friend.
He changed her.
He made her into something she despised.
He got into her head.
It's all his fault and he loves it.


5. Five.

I felt bad about not updating for ages so here’s five as well to make up.




I sigh looking at myself yet again another outfit ready for a funeral. It’s disheartening to say the least. I walk out of my house onto the cold street heading to the end of my road. My brother and my dad are in the car waiting for me, I get into the car and we drive to the church.

We pull up to see it’s full of people yet again, I see the cars and I look into one of the windows to be connected with a pair of puffy green eyes. I look a little confused.


“Why’s Harry in the car?” I ask Jack.


“Because his granny was really close with our great-uncle and he saw Harry as his grandson.” Jack informs.

A little weird considering I hadn’t really met Harry before my grandmothers funeral.




So here we are again. Sat in the same place, same seats as the last time only this time I don’t have the eyes of my ‘lovely’ mother burning through my soul.


I see Harry walk out to the toilets and I follow close by, he enters one and I stand outside pretending to text. He comes back out and I pretend as if I had just came out of the woman’s toilets.


“Oh hey.” I say stopping in my tracks.


“Oh hi, Lily right?” He says confusing me.

A little hurtful.


“H! Come with me into the toilet.” My brother says from behind me.


“Why are you standing here Lily?” Jack asks confused.


“Oh Mum tried to ring.” I lie to him.


“Ahaha gutted.” He replies. 


Harry is so sneaky. Pretending he doesn’t even know my name to cover for ‘us’. 


I go back over to the table and sit near my dad.


“Heya Lily, how’re you?” My Dad asks kissing my cheek.


“Yeah I’m good thanks.” I reply smiling.


“Where’s Connor?” My Dad asks.


“He’s at work, he said he’ll try and make it later.” I reply, I hate how my Dad loves Connor... If only he knew.


“Oh okay!” He replies hugging me.


“I’m going to the pub, Hazza is going to stay for a bit with his family.” Jack says to my dad. I see Harry walking closely behind.


“Oh no worries okay I’ll see you later.” My Dad replies.


“See you later Jack.” I say as he walks off.


I get up to walk towards the toilet.

I stand just outside in hopes Harry would follow. Sure enough he does.


“Hey, hows Connor?” Harry asks smirking.


“Alright.” I simply reply.


“Just alright?” He asks much to my shock. I am intoxicated but honestly I wasn’t expecting that.


“Yeah just alright.” I answer rolling my eyes.


“I don’t like him.” Harry says frowning.


“That makes two of us.” I say.


“So why are you still with him then?” Harry asks putting his hands in his pockets.


He looks so attractive in his white shirt and tie.


“I don’t know... Until I learn to drive and when I finally have the balls to leave him.” I say with a sigh.


“That’s a shit excuse to stay with him.” He says laughing.


“Yeah well he cheats on me all the time, he’s the only person I’ve ever slept with. You know when me and Connor started going out I was sixteen and he seventeen and he said he’d already slept with eight other girls! How many seventeen year olds have slept around like that?” I say. I’ve never said it out loud before... I’m not too sure why I was spilling this to Harry.


“Yeah I was with a girl and she cheated on me all the time.” He answers.


“Oh shit, how long were you together?” I ask biting my lip.


“Like three years. I keep going back though. I don’t know why.” He says biting his inner mouth.


“Probably the same reason I’m still with Connor.” I answer simply.


“Maybe we’re really alike.” He says whilst winking.


“No Harry, I’m a good person.” I say looking down.


“You need to stop doing that.” Harry states glaring at me.


“Doing what?” I ask biting my lip.


“You know what.” He replies.


“Ooooh what’s going on here.” A young female voice asks coming into the room.


“Oh nothing he’s my brothers best friend.” I say abruptly.


“Well I’ll just leave you two here to talk.” She says wriggling her eyebrows.


“My little sister, she’s fourteen.” He says as she enters the toilets.


“Oh right.” I reply smiling.


“Have you been drinking?” He asks her as she comes back out of the toilets.


“Yeah I had jäger.” She replies. I smile remembering when I was fourteen trying all these alcoholic drinks.


“Jäger is my favourite shot drink.” I say to her winking.


“Yeah it’s now mine too.” She says smiling widely.


“So I’ll just leave you two to do whatever you guys are doing.” She says smiling.


“She looks like you.” I say watching her leave.


“Yeah she’s annoying but she’s my sister.” He answers.


I look back over to see he’s taken another step closer to me. 

I bite my lip whilst trying to avoid eye contact.


“Lily, I told you to stop doing that.” Harry says with an eyebrow raised.


“Come here.” He says.


I take a step closer to him and he leans down and kisses me. I endure in the sweet sensation for a moment before pulling away.


“Harry why did you do that!” I say shocked.


“Because I’ve seen you eyeing me up since the first day I saw you.” He says smirking.


“Okay no! You’ve been nothing but trouble since I first saw you, offering me cocaine, kissing me.” I say trying not to draw attention to us.


“None of which you ever said no to. You wanted it.” He says smirking.


“Harry I can’t do this!” I say shaking my head.


“Give me your phone.” He says.


“Why?” I ask confused.


“I’m adding myself onto your snapchat.” He says whilst going onto my phone.


“How did you know my password?” I ask confused.


“Your brothers is your birthday so I just guessed that yours would be his?” He says putting his username in.


“You Harry Styles, you are trouble.” I say shaking my head.


“I’m dangerous Lily, I’m no good for you, I’m your childhood crush.

Let me tell you some rules.

I’m only here for your fun, don’t get attached, don’t message me too often, don’t tell anyone, don’t bite your lip unless you want me to kiss you.” He says looking down at me.


“Oh okay.” I say confused.


“Lily I’m telling you now. Don’t fall in love with me.” He says.


“Erm I think it should be the other way around.” I reply feeling a little angered.


“Darling I don’t get attached.” He says looking me up and down.


“Tell that to your on and off girlfriend then.” I say tipping my head to the side raising my eyebrow.


“Not together, I left her for real this time, maybe you should start taking me by example.” He says smirking.


“You do bad things and now I do bad things, more like a contagious disease.” I almost whisper.


“It’s our little secret.” He says before walking off and leaving me here.


I just stand there for a minute before the guilt begins to swell my stomach, my legs slightly shaking as I walk out to the table greeted by my dad and Harry sat talking normal. 

It’s not normal though, it’s fucked, I’m fucked yet I wish I could be fucked by Harry figuratively and literally.

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