Forspoken words from the Brothers themselves:
"Brother, hatred is such an unbelievable word these days. It means so much yet shows so little. Courage is kindness. Forgive me as I may have spoken too much already. Just allow the right path to follow you through to the end. Everyone deserves something special. Secrets are the reason for our own existence, and one may play with fire every now and again. Show yourself the true form of Living. As of right now I am as Holy as the Gods themselves."




..-. --- .-. --. .. ...- . / -.-. .-.. .- -.-- --..-- / ..-. --- .-. --. . - / ..-. .- - .... . .-. / .. -. / .... .- -. -.. ...

For this day may Brother rest in the hands of the holy. May the many who follow stray away from the hollow path that leads to redemption. May all sins be spun into a cocoon of rebirth. For I will treasure the moment he stands, the lifeless time of us all. For better be worse, I ask of all who rise above to stand down from their statues.

- Signed, your sinner in the sunlight.


CLAY & ORACLE – 1990 Oct 25th

Clay, a monster to the unkind. A so-called gentleman who stands above all else; forgiven by the gracious of them all. Forgotten by the monsters that claw. Never will Clay remain whole again as the hollow heart carved within is just a statue of its innocent self. Forgiven, but will never be forgotten.

Lights dimmer than the lighting left at home, a brighter light shines upon me as I awoken from a deep slumber. Oracle, the night I chose to forget as I dreamt about a kinder reunion where all family could stand together. Brothers in arms, I smiled within the blurry pool of my own self conscience. I must have fallen asleep after a long night of working out problems to things that I no longer care about. Oracle has left me with nothing but myself. I feel guilty for not coming forward last night, ignoring the truth.

As I looked around the room I could see several small statues left to right; side to side. Some tools left behind after the reunion I dreamt about? No, there was nothing of the such in sight. Just a trail of red wine that Oracle must have spilt with his lady friend. Either way, the room is empty and I’m all alone with father’s words fading in my mind. I don’t understand you, Oracle. You are no brother of mine. The wallpaper had been torn off by the children that once lived here. The restless amongst the living seems to be a true story with the facts standing right in front of me like ghosts.

I choose to look through the transparent world, for a window I remain to ponder is left out of view. For a door to nowhere is out of sight, as my own vision is clouded by the shroom-like clouds that brother left behind without saying goodbye. Oracle, you were missing the night before. Last night was when I questioned you the most. What exactly are you hiding from us? I stood up with my clothes hanging off the bedside; torn shirts, pants that no longer would fit. Several socks tied together into what I can describe as a tool of rescue. A rope of some sort to possibly climb out of the window? I didn’t ponder much longer, I stayed inside with the thought of Oracle playing tricks on me.

When we were younger, Oracle… I remember the faint voices you once heard. I remember the rope of socks you left behind, a so-called gift you told me. But I was always afraid you were up to something. All this time have I been played by the hands of yourself? It doesn’t matter what way I twist this story; Oracle will be found innocent regardless. There is no holy place for neither him or I. It’s the opening to the forgiven as I shall forgive him.

Just as I thought I was alone in my own special place; Oracle stood out from the mist outside. He rang the bell that father had passed down to him for reassurance. Our childhood promises of instrumental rekindling, it was our way of messaging each other. As our own father would never allow us to be unkind to each other. He fought with all his might to allow us to become friends, sooner than later we were brothers. A brotherhood bond that no longer exists in my books. It’s him or father’s words that eat up my mind, it’s the desperate and the spoken who I choose to forgive. Forgetting Oracle is a sin worth holding, for I will allow him five minutes of my own time. For we will talk and forgive and forget. Our parents were clear minded individuals, no doubt about it.

“Clay, it’s a real pleasure to be meeting you like this. It’s not everyday the sun shines on a perfect reunion.” His words, his trickery seeping underneath. You don’t fool me, Oracle. You are fooling yourself if you believe we are brothers.

He sat beside me ignoring my other clothes that I had not tidied up after. “You still haven’t answered my question, Oracle.” My voice stronger than his in my mind.

He rolled his eyes, looking towards me with a sudden glare that made me look away. “Forgive me, I had no idea you wanted to know about my own absence from the night I’d rather forget.” Don’t even try to act innocent, I know you are just trying to worm your way out of another situation that you can’t stand.

“Oracle, brother? I want answers now. I don’t need you playing games with me, tell me the truth.” I looked him right in the eyes, it’s all I could do as I held back the anger burrowed within.

Oracle just stood up, no longer sitting down at the same level as me. He was now a tall tree standing above; branches reaching out for desperate lies. “I won’t hide the truth from you, Clay.” He rolled his eyes. “No, instead I will allow you the graceful truth as we don’t need to hide in the bed sheets like we used to do. It’s about time we come out of the closet.”

I awaited his tone to change yet it did not. His voice was clear, his words were simple. No anger, no build-up in rage? Just a calm tempered soul standing above me without a care in the world. “It’s times like this where I wish you were more truthful to yourself, Clay.” Don’t even start that bullshit. You know full well that I followed father to the grave.

His reached-out branches had taken hold of several papers that I had not handed in to the office. I must have forgotten to share it with the staff, they have a right to know on the research I have spent countless days on. It’s all towards the good of our family, but my brother will be the victim as always. He has no care in the world due to his branches being so tight, they hold onto any piece of evidence. He is a real sap, a sucker for the unholy. Yet… he does not speak in riddles, he speaks the truth instead of twisted lies.

Oracle handed me the papers without holding them back from me. I grasped them with both hands not letting go. Without even a fight breaking out between us, we were civil, calm and relaxed. Oracle was starting to look like a friend rather than a foe. His kindness was starting to seep through the evil that he once held outside. I know your game! You think you can twist the facts into bullshit. You want to change the topic to give you an advantage of being the escapist.

-... .-. --- - .... . .-. / ... .... .- .-.. .-.. / ..-. --- .-. --. .. ...- . / - .... . / ..- -. .... --- .-.. -.-- / - --- / ... .--. . .- -.- / --- ..-. / .- / ..-. .- - .... . .-. / - .... .- - / ... - .-. .- -.-- ... / .- .-- .- -.-- / ..-. .-. --- -- / - .... . / .--. .- -.-. -.-


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