Forspoken words from the Brothers themselves:
"Brother, hatred is such an unbelievable word these days. It means so much yet shows so little. Courage is kindness. Forgive me as I may have spoken too much already. Just allow the right path to follow you through to the end. Everyone deserves something special. Secrets are the reason for our own existence, and one may play with fire every now and again. Show yourself the true form of Living. As of right now I am as Holy as the Gods themselves."




..-. --- .-. --. .. ...- . / - .... . / --. --- -.. / - .... .- - / .-.. . -.. / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .-- -. / - .... .. ... / .--. .- - ....

Brother, hatred is such an unbelievable word these days. It means so much yet shows so little, courage is kindness. Forgive me, you are faulty, back from the damned. I left behind so much for you two, something that will help you go somewhere no kid can go without their parents intervening. You two are the lucky ones, all thanks to the work I’ve done. Don’t thank me just yet, open your envelopes. She should have sent them by now.

- Signed, your true brother, Oracle.



I-I can’t sleep, I’m starting off with an everyday meal. The boxed storage stacks, every one of them is filled to the brim with old papers. Oracle, he had posted every sworn brother by the name of his own flesh and blood; an envelope that I dare not to open. Things have been going great for me, I’ve had the courage to ask out the girl of my dreams. I’ve had the balls to step into a fight that had been causing rivalry between my two friends. And I haven’t had chance to call my brother today, he was better off not knowing about the envelope. After everything that’s happened, he may have taken a bullet for me not long ago. I forgive and forget, I’m as faithful as I once was to our true friend, Oracle.

Morning has started with quite an abrupt turn of events, I’ve found myself asking several questions whilst her friend had stayed the night. Several rows of glasses, chalk lines around the curves of that not so well-known body. I’d say that it was fresh, but that would be insulting my own creativity. Formal approach would be the right move to make, that way she would know that I wasn’t pretending when it came to the roleplay not long ago. Ugh, I do not forgive myself for that. I may have destroyed an experience of a lifetime, but she won’t know my true feelings until someone finds out.

Everyone knows a secret about each other, with me it’s the secret that may end all secrets. With Oracle, he hides a hidden truth that nobody dares to find out. My brother, the name I won’t speak of until I’m back near my friends. He is not to be trusted with information, he always spills it and leaves behind a mess that I cannot clear up alone. This form of art that has bestowed before me is a clear message to him. Clearing this up is not part of using our energy, it will be a fractured mystery to whoever finds the lines. So much more evidence is going to be required to pinpoint my exact location, but if I stick to the plan. I’ll find myself a new name, a place I can call my own with the woman of my dreams. Not long after that I plan to break free from these chains.


CLAY & ORACLE – 1990 Oct 24th

Oracle, a stood-up gentleman who speaks in riddles. The essence of a so-called brother at heart, but I won’t let that define who I am to this day. Nevertheless, this is where I find out the truth about our mother. Father is long buried behind us, but Oracle knows something I don’t. They warned me not to speak to him alone, but I don’t listen to anyone but myself.

“Clay, it’s a pleasure to meet you once more. I had a feeling you weren’t going to show.” He looked at me with those beady eyes. Mother’s necklace had more beads put together.

“Don’t expect me to give you an apology, Oracle. I only found out that we were related thanks to years of research.” My voice dying on the inside, I was suffering from a long-term cold.

“Sick again I presume?” Oracle’s words melded together like butter on bread. “Not quite what I expected, I thought you were playing me back then. Is this really you, being sick?”

I can’t believe you, you always try to make me look like a liar. “Yes. And I don’t expect you to care whether I’m in good health or not. Mother kept us all safe from the virus, the one that Father suffered with little to no caution.”

He smiled, it’s almost like he wanted to see father’s name used in bad fashion. “Don’t blame yourself for our own father’s death. He was just an old man who didn’t know any better. His virus was the cause of his brain failure, his heart followed not long after.”

I nodded, I knew he was right about something. Father wasn’t one to tell anyone anything, and if Oracle had gained some information from him, then I must be playing with fire. I could see the look in his eyes, they gleamed as the sun started to rise. This café that I accepted an invitation to was starting to toll on me with questions I desired to have answers for.

“Why are we doing this? Why are we back to square one, we agreed to meet here one last time? I thought this was going to be just a chat, not bringing up our parents.” I may have said it with bitterness, but I couldn’t let him worm his way out of this one.

Just be honest with me, Oracle. You know that I don’t tide well with patience. “Very well, I should have told you back on the train. Father told me something that I listened to for countless hours.” Oracle’s wording, his clothing that just spoke of mystery. I’m not one to trust others, and he is not one to tell me the truth.

“I’ll start from the beginning… our father was known to many, and you- well, the less said about you the better.” He grunted, he knew that I was a failure. “Don’t worry though, I threw in many good words for you. All positive, I almost left some negative for things I could not hold in.”

“Get to the point, brother. I know you think I’m a failure, but I’ve changed in time.” My heart would not let me speak of myself in such negativity.

“Very well, father was telling me about the way you lied to the office. His work place, you said he was away on a cruise. And this was before we even found out about his sickness.” You son of a bitch, I now know why you invited me here… “So, lets get a few things ironed out; father was sick, but nobody knew this except him. He never told anyone, and I made sure that he stayed true to his word. So, my dear brother- how did you know this?”

Ugh, I knew you were going to play dirty. I should have known from just the first look of this place. Beaten down, sick to the stomach on the low amount of staff working here. The FOR-HIRE sign outside the window, you played me without me noticing these details. I’ll admit you may just be that annoying brother I missed so much.

I kept my cool, I could not release information that was precious to me. Father told me many stories, it was his sickness that caused him to tell me the truth. I was with him until the end, and Oracle went out without acknowledging the reason why he could visit after visiting hours were over. Mother didn’t speak of much, she only told me what I needed to know. However, I don’t recall seeing Oracle at the hospital. And his private carer was nowhere to be seen. I must have dialled the wrong number, it’s the only possible reason for why I did not see Oracle that night.

- .... . / --.- ..- . . -. / --- ..-. / .... . .- .-. - ... / .-- .- ... / --- -. -.-. . / -- --- - .... . .-.

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