Escape the world. Forget it all and begin your journey to a fresh new start.
That's the tagline of the rehab center they have come to stay at.
Phoenix has had a rough past, and has come here to start over.
Milo doesn't remember a thing from his, and can't wait to get out of the place and figure out his life. .
What happens when they meet? That's a story to tell.


10. FAQ(s)

So, here's the answers to some questions that I have been asked by some of my friends who read my book in college while I was writing it(thank you for pressuring me till the end, guys), and some questions I expect to be asked(trust me, I've been around the internet for long enough to evaluate).

So, here we go.

Q: Does Milo ever remember about what happened between him and Phoenix in Nirvana?
A: Yes and No.
You know one of these dreams you have, that you wake up and don't remember if that really happened or not.
He would have some of those realistic-ish dreams, flashbacks. He'd remember some stuff, like the memories of a drunk night in Vegas.
But, he'd never know if it was real, or just his brain creating stuff because of what he saw that day on the t.v.

Q: Why aren't the reasons of Milo's suicide, Phoenix's depression not explained?
A: This is a novella. As in, longer than a short story, shorter than a full length novel. So, it only focuses on one part of the story. And what happened in Milo and Phoenix's past that made them both, snap, is another very long story. I have planned it, thought it out in my head. But, it was a little heavy to be added to the plot.
(Says the person who killed a character in her last chapter)

Q: Did Milo's girlfriend cheat on him? Was that one of the main reasons for his suicide?
A: She didn't technically cheat on him. She was one of the reasons for him committing suicide, but it was not because she (sort of) cheated.

Q: Did Phoenix leave behind a suicide letter?
A: No. She just didn't feel like anything was important enough to be done, anymore.

Q: Why does the story have such a sad ending?
A: To me, it's not a sad ending. I know, Phoenix died, but her parents found hope in her little sister, with time. And Milo, he almost doesn't even remember anything, so..
Also, when I told my mum after finishing this story (half-crying), "Mom, I just killed one of my main characters!". My mom first glares at me, because it's 03:00 a.m. then she goes, "Why?". And I just shrug and go, "Well, if I'm not getting any happy endings, she ain't either!"

Q. Is the naming of the story after the name of the rehab center?
A. Yes and no.
We all know the legendary Kurt Cobain, from Nirvana. He was a Pisces and I have loved his music my entire life. He, as you also know, committed suicide when he was 27(which some conspiracy theorists have a lot to say about). But back to the point. He committed suicide on 5th April, 1994(according to estimations) his body was found on 8th April and on 1st April he left the rehab center he was in. And people say he was getting better. But he just left that place one day, and didn't return. True he had so many pains in the past, but with his daughter in his life, and everything, he was recovering(in contrast to what his suicide note states). Until, of course, one day, he snapped.
That's how I see Phoenix. To everyone in her rehab, they saw her recover. And then, she just snapped. And no one knew why. Of course, I never have, and never will compare her pain with that of Kurt. We all have heard the pain in Kurt's voice when he sings. And to me, that is just a fraction of all he had inside of him. All he kept in. But Phoenix, to me, for her own terms, went through a lot too. And Milo wasn't the only reason for her doing what she did. It was that jarring feeling of despair and then having hope, so much of it, and then all of it being taken away. That was what it was. And she felt it. And snapped.
As for Kurt Cobain. the world lost a legend, and no amount of tributes will even mount close to what he gave to the world at such a young age.
May he always remain timeless.


But really, I hope this answers most of, if not all of your questions. And I do hope you enjoyed the story.

Keep smiling.

I'll see you in another one.

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