Escape the world. Forget it all and begin your journey to a fresh new start.
That's the tagline of the rehab center they have come to stay at.
Phoenix has had a rough past, and has come here to start over.
Milo doesn't remember a thing from his, and can't wait to get out of the place and figure out his life. .
What happens when they meet? That's a story to tell.


9. (8)

Time did not fly by.
It dragged on like a snail tied to dead weight.
Sometimes, she thought, if she wasn't already in a rehab center, her heart would've burst by then.
But at the end of the day, what really made her stick through, was Milo. She had to be strong, for him.
She kept telling herself that it would be fine. He would be fine. They would be fine.
She kept telling herself that as she rushed through the hallways, to meet a post-procedure Milo. Her heart beating loudly against her chest. Her thoughts haywire, and her stomach churning.
She was so close to him now, she could almost feel it. So with every step she took, she picked up speed, until she couldn't go any faster.
One more turn, one more turn, one more tu-
And, there she was.
She could see his room, she could see inside of it through a little circular glass window. She could see an elderly couple; a sobbing woman, a near to tears man. His parents, perhaps?
Should she wait? Or just go in? It was his family inside, after all.
And most importantly. Had it worked?
Before, she had any more time to decide anything, a girl shoved past her. Teary eyes, blonde, beautiful, saying, "Milo!"
A doctor stopped her before she could go in, "Excuse me, ma'am."
"Milo, I need to see him."
Who was she?
She kept sobbing, "H-how is he?"
A relative? A friend? She didn't even want to think about the third option in her head.
"Ma'am, calm down."
"Damnit! Just fucking tell me how's my Milo?"
Her Milo. Could it be that....
"The procedure was successful..."
For a moment, Phoenix forget about everything else and took a sigh of relief. She, however, continued to listen intently to their conversation as the doctor went on, "...but sometimes, the patients lose their memory of the time during which their memory was previously lost."
No. No.

Please, let it be that she had heard it wrong.
"So, he doesn't have any recollection of the past three months. Otherwise, he's fine."
No. No.

She turned on her heels. She was going to run away somewhere, she didn't know where. But somewhere far, far away. Into oblivion, she wanted to forget him. Just like he had.
As she was leaving, she heard the doctor's voice asking the girl, "By the way, your relationship with the patient?"
She held her breath. Waiting for the final blow as she replied,
"I'm his girlfriend."

He cried. His mom cried. His dad teared up.
God knows how many of his high school fellows came.
Apologizing profusely.
And when you have that close of a brush with death, no matter how intentional, you want to start over. To believe that there was a little ray of sunshine you hadn't noticed before,
So he forgave them.
Even Jennifer. His girlfriend.
He wiped a tear from her face, as she was apologizing, sobbing. He forgave her. But he told her that they couldn't be, anymore.
Not after...
He was thrown a farewell party by everyone in rehab. All those people greeting him warmly, whom he had spent 3 months with.
But people he no longer remembered.
While packing his stuff, he found a book he didn't remember having before. He asked his flatmates, but it wasn't theirs, either.

She couldn't go to his farewell party.
How could she?
And how could he forget it all?
Forget her, all that they had.
She hadn't even told him she loved him yet.
He hadn't even finished the book she'd given him.
They hadn't even turned 82 and old and wrinkly together, yet.
How would she ever live live without him?
Could she ever live without him?
As she stared through the window of her room, watching him leave with his parents, completely oblivious to everything.
As a chilly wind blew on her face, she felt her heart shiver and sink, as Milo's voice whispered 'I won't let go' over and over.
But just like the classic, it sank anyway.

The previous night had been exhausting for him.
Waking up in his room, in his bed. It felt like an eternity since he'd done that.
But he didn't remember anything else, either. He would have to accept, with time, that it was a part of his life he'd never get back.
He ran down the stairs, as he heard his mother call him for breakfast.
He had an unsettling feeling, he couldn't quite put a finger to as he walked down the last flight of stairs.
The t.v. was on in the lounge. His father was watching a local news channel.
He was about to walk past the lounge into the kitchen after saying "Hey, dad," as he nodded in reply, but he heard the words 'rehab' and 'nirvana' being uttered. He stopped dead in his tracks.
That was his rehab center.
He turned to look at the t.v. screen, where a reporter was talking vigorously,
"-she committed suicide by jumping off the top of the building. This is what rehab centers have come to tha-"
There was a shot of a crying woman holding a confused little girl's hand.
Milo wondered if they were the mother and sister.
The scene on the screen changed, now it was flashing a picture of the girl who had committed suicide.
She would be about the same age as him.
He analyzed her.
Half of her black hair held together by a small clip, and the rest scattered all over the place. A black t-shirt, dark circles under her black eyes. She looked like someone from the crowd of emo night.
He thought back to his farewell party last night. He didn't remember seeing her there.
His eyes moved over to her mechanical wide smile. All of her teeth showing. As if someone had forcefully glued it over her face to distract the others from her dead eyes.
Was he sure he hadn't seen her the day before?
He guessed he'd never know.
She looked kinda familiar, though.

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