Escape the world. Forget it all and begin your journey to a fresh new start.
That's the tagline of the rehab center they have come to stay at.
Phoenix has had a rough past, and has come here to start over.
Milo doesn't remember a thing from his, and can't wait to get out of the place and figure out his life. .
What happens when they meet? That's a story to tell.


7. (6)

"Everything is going so well."
"I know, right."
"Too well."
"I'm scared."
"Nothing is going to go wro-"
"But what if it does?"
He put both his arms around her, squeezing her softly, "Shh..."
They were sitting on their bench, as usual. Milo's arms wrapped around her, one of his hand holding hers.
That was a definite advancement.

"How do you feel about nicknames?"
"Eh..." she shrugged.
Milo chuckled, Phoenix turned to look at him, "How about you?"
"For the lack of a better term, 'eh'!"
"Not when you say it."
"Is that so?"
"Not really."
"Well," he started, "I usually don't like small talk. We make small talk for hours."
"Usually, I hate singing in front of people. I kinda sing when we're talking about songs."
"Yea," she said, a hint of a smile forming on her face.
"And.... I usually hate people in general," he nudged her with a playful glint in his eyes, "but I love you."

She hid her face behind his shoulder, but she could feel her smiling, going redder than a beet.
It was 02:00 a.m. She was exhausted of spending the whole day talking to Milo. Just talking and walking around.
There was a time in her life when she used to feel exhausted from all the sadness in her, around her.
But that day, she was being was happy, delirious.
There was a silly old smile on her face that wouldn't leave.
She was exhausted, but still, she felt like she could run a marathon, walk on water, and win the war of the worlds single handed.
She felt amazing.
And she wished all of this would never go away.
That he would never go away.

71 down.
19 to go.
Did he ever say that he wanted to get out of that place?
Not anymore. Now, he just wanted to stay there and make her stay with him.
And never leave.
The underlying tension, anxiety, heaviness of the place that used to drive him over the edge was no longer there, to him. It meant nothing.
The past month with Phoenix had been nothing short of perfect.
But he hated it when she had doubts. Doubts about .
Like she was having now.
"Are you getting tired of me?"
"People get tired of me."
He squeezed her hand. It hurt him to think that she'd think that.
That this had been her life.
He would do anything to change that. To take it all away.
Maybe I'll get tired one day. But not right now," he was being playful.
"Uh-huh. When?"
"Maybe when we're 82, and old and wrinkly, and you won't pass me my cane."
He could feel her smiling.

Weird kid.
He made her feel weird stuff.
In her stomach, her mind, her heart. He made her numb, senseless, warm and dizzy, all at the same time.
And sad, when he'd leave.
"I miss you," she pouted.
"I haven't even left yet," he chuckled tucking an astray strand of hair behind her ears.
"Don't be such a critic!"
He stuck out his tongue.
"You're a meanie," she shrieked hitting him lightly on the arm, "I hate you!"
"Sure," he shrugged carelessly, "except for the fact you love me!"

He was about to leave.
But there was one last thing.
"I'm gonna kiss you now."
"Uh, wh-wha-whu..." she did a double take.
Not saying another word, he pulled her up on her feet to stand in front of him.
And then, he leaned in.

He getting was really close.
"You're going to pull away," she shrieked, backing up.
He put both of his hands on her waist, to pull her back in, "No, I'm not."
"I'm not good."
"I don't care."
"You'll pull away."
"Just close your damn eyes!"
She couldn't tell if he was irritated. Or if he just couldn't wait anymore.

He wasn't irritated. He was frustrated.
Because he didn't want to wait any longer.
He couldn't.

Before she had any more time to overthink it, or whine for that matter, she felt it. She felt him.
Smooth against her lips, and then rough.
Against her heart.
She could feel him smiling, and she was pretty sure he could feel her smile too.
She was breathless, panting. But she didn't care. Because in that moment, she'd rather suffocate than pull away from him.

He would never get tired of her.

Couldn't the damn time just stop, for once.

There was still a smile on his face after the day's occurrings, when he entered Bill's office.
He was, in no way, ready for what was in store for him.

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