The kid


5. silence...

They walked inside.


He paced thinking.

" want this kid right?"

"Yeah why...?" She looked at him, he could tell she was worried by looking at her hazel eyes.

"Well I wanna be a father and your father doesn't want this we have to run away..."


"Renesme answer me please..."

She didn't speak or move from where she was scared he could sense it. He grabbed onto her shoulders his grip intense he shook her a little.

"Answer me!...


A tear rolled down her cheek, he stopped shaking her and pulled her close embracing her.

"I'm sorry... I'm just angry, you just can't let your dad control your life....your mother is fine with it it's just... Just him."

"Look jake... I love my parents I can't leave them if he doesn't want me to have a kid so be it we can have this kid if we wanna"

"Ok.... I love you Nessie"

"I love you too jake..."

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