The kid


3. confronting?

"Night all"

Jake and Rennesme got into the house and lay down on the bed jakes arms were warm comforting her.

"I love you Nessie"

"I love you too jakey" they both smiled and cuddled as they fell asleep.

The next day

Bam bam bam.

They both shot up.

"What time is it?" She mumbled


"Who's knocking at this time?"

"Dunno let's go see.."

Jake opened the door seeing Edward.

"Oh hey Edward"

"Jacob can I talk to you outside?"

"Yeah sure... Nessie I'll be back in a min"

They stepped outside and Nessie sat waiting for jake.

"Well a little bird flew into my house and said you got my daughter it true?"

"Well...I can't necessarily answer that..."

Edward grabbed him by his shirt.

"Tell me now!"

"Jeez yes she is okay!?"

"You idiot..."

Edward pushed jake to the ground giving him a dirty look. The pack ran to the scene as Rennesme ran out.

"Dad what are you doing?!"

"Move Nessie!"

She stepped out the way as the other vampires ran to the scene.

"She's to young to be having a child you idiot!"

"Dad don't do this..."

Jake got up, he looked angrily at Edward.

"Edward don't you can't control their lives come on let's go" bella said softly.

Nessie hugged bella whispering " thank you mom..."

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