She Spies

Why does the greatest girl spy have to have a partner?


1. The Report

 I Read the report card on the table.

Allison Richer


Science: 105

ELA: 100

Social Studies:72

Your children has tried many times to prove she smarter than the teacher.

MS. Emblem

"Ally ?" A voice said I snapped up my reddish brownish jerking back. Hello My name Is Allison Richer most people don't know my real name for security reasons. I'm telling you because the author is my very best friend. I was born with a strip of white hair. Freakish is what I call it. I had just gotten my report card back. First involve, I don't don't get Cs or BS nothing lower than a 90 thank you. Second,.... My reputation just went down. i looked up facing my mother. "Yes, mother?" I asked crumbling up the report card pretending it was just a piece of trash.  "I was looking at your.... Scheduled and I found... Your going today after school and won't be back until  January 14th.  Go get ready make sure your packed." she dismissed me out the kitchen. I ran up stairs packing the items below.

    then I got in the car with my mother and we drove away

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