She Spies

Why does the greatest girl spy have to have a partner?


3. The reason why i hate this misson

"Agent Richer?" Qin said. "Yes?" I asked. " the mission is about as hard as the rest but you have a partner." I slid down in my chair."His name is Artemis Fowl" I felt like throwing up and asking. "You mean that annoying know it all Irish delusional boy. Ma'am Can i point out he believes in GOD DAMN TINKER BELL ?!" ​ Of course I didn't say that. " Allison?" Qin shook my shoulder."Yes, Agent: Qin?"  Are Alright?" She asked. "No! I was not alright. take me home!"  I nodded my head and displayed a fake smile. "No miss Qin,Ally bug is not alright she's like the bat batman I work alone!" My annoying friend Amber blurted out laughing her head off the rest of the teenagers laughed to. "Oh! Shut up!" I snapped. a smiled tugged at my lips. Kaz tuck his tongue at me. And i threw a balled up piece of paper at him. Though we were spies we inside were just Teenagers. Barely passing 7th grade,trying out for sports,drama, and dating.  "Ally Richer. Ally? Ahem! the laughter shut down. "Our guest has arrived."  I turn to see a pale Irish boy in his teens my age looking his best in a suit and Raven black hair with a extremely bored expression on his face."Are you Sure i can't back out I have better things to do than play around with mystery game" he said. I stood." Mr. Fowl I totally agree. the doors over there!" I Scoffed. Kaz snickers And Artemis's pale blue eyes zoomed in on me. The girl with the freakish hair.

" Allison Marigold Richer. Thats her the girl who will try her best to make your life miserable. Really good at choosing word to make you cry."  Qin said. I smiled sweetly at Artemis but my eyes had angry fires in them. Artemis fowl was going to wish he'd never been born. "Also known as your partner. she bites."Qin coughed. i rolled my eyes at her."That was only once. The guy wouldn't stop stepping on my foot!" I committed. "The giant man who must have been his body guard reached for his gun." Yeah, your going to need a way bigger gun than that!'Amber laughed. I made the cutted out motion. She stopped." Any way as we were discussing the problem before our entertainment came..'' she said glaring at me. I sat down pulling out a pocket knife to clean the dirt under my nails. "The Person were trying to get goes by the name Gutter. He succeeds in murdering people particularly woman and children. find him and bring him back to be Jailed in our jail. No bringing back monsters. Ally you know how you mother felt about the loch ness monster you brought home." I Smiled remembering the baby loch ness monster. "Yes Ma'am". i smiled sheeply. "Alright i'm giving you the map lets the mission begin!"she said. 

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