She Spies

Why does the greatest girl spy have to have a partner?


4. the car almost killed me

The minute Miss Qin dimmissed me i ran outside and doubled over a trash can and threw up predigested food. "Nervous about Doing this mission with me Richer?" A boy's voice said. I jumped. How could i have not heard him come behind me? I was the master at sneaking around. Apparently not.  "Nah Just dropped my earring ring in here". I lied. he raised a eyebrow. "You know what I'll just get another one!" I reasoned. I wiped my mouth utterly disgusted with my self. "Allison We can work together you know." he offered. "huh-uh Yeah listen fowl i didn't come here tonight to have my reputation destroyed by a boy who believes in damn fairies!Oh and by the way are you delusional?" I asked he gave me a glare i shrugged innocently. I took out my car keys."The bodyguard coming?" I asked making sure i would have the right car to fit them both inside."Yes! I am coming!" He said. I sighed annoyingly. a "Beep Beep!" came on and two car lights came on. " don't tell me you have a driver license" Artemis almost winned. " I do have one, but no i'm  not driving, a computer is and he is very sensitive." I gritted my teeth. The black car drove in front of me. I opened the door and got in the driver seat. The people behind me followed." Hello Allison Richer". It said." Hi. Could you drive us out of Ireland to london?" I asked."Sure." the seat belts buckled automatically. We took off. "I just noticed something?'' Butler said." What is that?" I sighed." You don't have a Irish accent more of a english one." he said. I nodded."Born in  England raised ther for ten years." I tensed as the car,Kevin swerled missing a lamp by two centimeters. 

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