She Spies

Why does the greatest girl spy have to have a partner?


6. Spies spell lies

I sat back into the seat and stayed calm, and very silent noticing every tiny detail. Our spy school,"De-Von Academy we were called the devils. Anyway, without looking i knew how many stripes were on Artemis's tie. What brand of sunglasses Butler had on his bald head. I twist my Devil ring on my pointer finger and ran my hands through my freakish hair. I opened my eyes and glared the glare that really popular at De-von. The Devil's Stare. Butler shifted uncomfortably under my glaze. My dark brown eyes took in everything. There was a sudden voice in the car."Agent Richer? This is Agent Qin here." The speaker said."Agent Richer here speaking."I Replied. "Without looking how many bugs are in your car that Agent Fowl has planted."She asked."Five thats is counting the one i just snapped in half." "Correct where are they?" "One in the dashboard. One in the pedal,Two in the car door And one in the speaker." I replied. Artemis's jaw dropped. I smirked. "Thank you Agent Richer Carry on. "I turned to the hidden places and removed the bugs."how'd you know that?"Artemis asked."I'm a spy, We are taught to noticed the impossible,like there are exactly 400 stripes on your ties."I added tossing the bugs out the window. When we were back on the road Butler surprisingly fell asleep."So Ally...""Allison!"I corrected. "Only my friends call me Ally'' I snapped."Allison,Why did you die your hair white?" He asked flipping my white hair. I swatted his hand away."I was born like that okay." I Sighed gripping the wheel." Are you ashamed of it?" he pressed."I think--" "I don't care what you think about my hair,or my attitude,or how you think i should be!" I hissed. He blinked"I Wasn't--" A tear slid down my cheek." Just shut up."I whispered . the car exited and  drove us into a neighborhood."A Friend lives here, Were not going to make it to america today. " we pulled into a penthouse driveway and i picked up my duffle bag."Let me- " artemis started to reach for my bag. He realized no matter what girl it is she can always get emotional and now he felt bad."I'm perfectly cap-" He cut me off."Give me your bag."He said his voice made me stop. I gave him my bag. Butler walked out carrying Artemis's and his own bags. I rang the doorbell and a Blond girl came and opened it."Hello Rebecca."

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