She Spies

Why does the greatest girl spy have to have a partner?


7. Love is impredictable

''Ally? Ally ! I had know idea you were coming nor with him!" she Chirp."Now you do.Um were looking for a place to stay." I asked. She understood and rushed us in Her big sister was 35. and was one of the greats spies.

 "Rebecca Come to the door at once! Don't you be letting strangers in our house!" Marcie screamed and came running she saw me but pointed her gun at Butler.  "Hey Marcie There with us!" I Said not letting her shoot."Your that from the The bank who stole that painting. " She said. Right Ally honey doesn't he look like that extremely weird uncomfortable teen with the braces.?" She asked."  Yeah actually.Arty Did you steal my painting?" I asked."First it not yours--" "Actually my mother owns the bank so yes it is my painting".I said stepping on his foot , hard. he wince my eyes shone no mercy."He looked deep with in me and found his cold eyes looking into a girl's who killed people just to get to one person to kill. "I forgot something." I said then took a big chunk of his hair a yank it. He clawed my hands away."Allison Richer!" Marcie screamed. I shrugged and went to one of the guest  rooms, closing the guest door i got into my pjs. and    layed in the bed when Rebecca the nine year old girl crawed in beside me. the Marcie came and shut the door."Boys are impredictable."I said."No sweetie Love is impredictable."She answerd ."What is that souppsed to mean

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