She Spies

Why does the greatest girl spy have to have a partner?


2. Car ride

 this is Agent: Carson(Jack)

on the way my phone beeped.

New message!

Professor Qin: We Got News for You!

Me:Be there in four minutes

Professor Qin: Good we got a special person waiting!

Me: Uh huh. Extra special....

I closed my phone as we went into the school parking lot. We walked into the atrium and the gym was set up like a basket ball game. Clever. Mother tried to kiss me but i duck and waved in stead. I was thirteen not four! 

Professor Qin lead me to a open seat. the minute mo left the room change. It was a hologram. The walls were black and we were seated in office chairs. A big screen were in front of us.

Hey guys i realized i should probably cast some people


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