She Spies

Why does the greatest girl spy have to have a partner?


8. ahh?

? "Your the spy figure it out" she said and left.  Rebecca giggled and i pinched her.  She sat on the bed  playing with my hair until i gave up in trying to figure out the riddle. though in the back of my mind i knew the answer, i didn't like it either. I played dumb instead. Long after the rest of the house was asleep i lay awake counting the cracks in the wall. i silently laughed at a joke i remembered in  my trip to Greece once. Rebecca hit me still asleep. I bit back a laugh. Some how her legs were off the bed and her head used my lap as a pillow. I caught something out the corner of my eye. i turned and looked out the window. a figure in the back yard moved. I gulped. The thing had what i believed was a gun but not like the ones i've seen. The figure was female. I shook Rebecca. She groaned. "Spies are supposed to be alert to any danger in there sleeps she however ignored me and adjusted herself right off the bed with a loud  thump! She popped up. And looked at me."Bex we have to go outside!" I said pointing to the window. She looked out and shrugged."I don't see anything." She said.I looked nothing was there. "Are you seeing things again?" she asked innocently.I glared at her and she smiled. I opened the bedroom door and tiptoed down the hall into the dark kitchen. Rebecca close at my heels. I flicked on a lamp to see but not to wake anyone. I opened Marcie's Laptop, then heard very faint foot steps."Looking for something?" a voice said.  " Busted' the word echoed in my head. then Rebecca whispered."Busted" And i turned to see the pale youth staring back at me.But he wasn't alone.

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