The Key

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  • Published: 27 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2018
  • Status: Complete
They key has been passed down for generations. Now it is time to use it.


1. The Key

Everyone knew about the door but nobody knew what lay behind it. No one even knew who built it, after all, it wasn’t on the blueprints. It was in the middle of the back wall of the council building at the centre of town and had been there time out of mind. It was plain, unlike the rest of the ornate building, but well-made of solid oak. On the right hand side, three and a half feet up, there was a round, brass doorknob and a key hole underneath with 2 04 3018 scratched into it. Over the years, many had wondered what the numbers meant. Some thought that they were a code with the numbers matching up to letters. Others thought it might me a map reference of some kind. But the most accepted theory at the moment was that it was a date, specifically the date when the door should be opened.

                You see, every lock must have a key and the key to this lock had been passed down from mayor to mayor since before the town even had a mayor. Some said that the door and the key that went with it were left by the founders of the town and would reveal some incredible secret that impact the lives of the citizens, for better or worse was still up for debate. Others thought that the door was some kind of time capsule that would allow the modern day town a snapshot of what life was like in the past. And of course you had the conspiracy theorists that thought the door was built by aliens or opened onto nothing at all.

                Over the years there had been several petitions to open the door, though somehow they had all fizzled out. Now the inscribed date was approaching and the current mayor was beginning to realise why none of his predecessors had been tempted by the door. The fact was, it was just too scary. Behind the door could lie a treasure trove of knowledge or art or even literal treasure! If that were the case, he would go down in history as the greatest mayor the town had ever had. On the other hand, the door could open to reveal a dark, hidden history such as genocide or slavery. There could be some kind of dangerous weapon behind the door or a torture chamber or something even worse! His career would be finished if he opened the door to reveal those kind of horrors.

                The inscribed date was a mere month away and a great festival was being planned. He, the mayor, would stand in front of the entire town, push the small sliver key he kept on a chain around his neck into the lock, and open the door. The idea was almost too terrible to think about. The mayor stood in front of the mysterious door now. It was late and everyone had gone home for the day. The lock loomed in front of him and the key weighed heavy on his chest. Surely it would be better to open the door now and see what was behind it rather than doing it in front of the town. No he couldn’t do that… Could he?

                Taking a deep breath, the mayor approached the door quickly before he could change his mind. He took the key from around his neck and slotted it into the keyhole. This was the point of no return. Could he really do this? The lock clicked open.

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