The Curse Of Neverland

Lilith Drake was a very sensible girl. She knew what was real and what wasn’t. Well, she thought she did. That was before a young boy flew through her bedroom window. Peter Pan was his name. He took Lilith and her brothers, Jacob and Ezra to Neverland, but Lilith could see past the beautiful façade. Neverland was dying, and Lilith was the one to save it. But if she did, she would put her entire family at risk. Peter found out, and tried to get her to stay. Will Lilith stay and protect a mythical place, or will she leave and save her brothers?

_~*Please note that this is my first story! Some chapters may be shorter than most, and I apologize. I sometimes run out of words to say. I really hope you like this story!*~_


2. II

It was the same dream. Flying. But Lilith could see who was pulling her down. More like what. A dark shadow was grabbing her legs and yanking her towards the water. But there was something else, yes, a voice calling to her. “Lilith, hold on. Keep fighting.” The voice sounded vaguely familiar, but she just couldn’t place it...


Lilith woke again from the life-like dream. She noticed that one of the lost boys was standing at attention, waiting for her to wake. She smiled kindly to the boy. 

“Hello, can I help you?” Lilith asked politely. The young boy couldn’t help but smile back at her kindness. The boy saluted.

“Ma’am, Peter Pan has instructed me to show you towards the Great Hollow. That is where you will be having your meals.” He replied back in a serious manner. The young boy marched forward toward the large tree at the heart of the island while Lilith followed suit. Once they reached the opening, the boy smiled and ran the other way.

“Goodbye, Miss Lily!” He shouted. Lilith shook her head and laughed. She walked through the large opening of the tree and fell down a dark hole. The drop wasn’t very far, but it felt like an eternity. She  screamed for the 20 seconds she dropped in pure darkness. She landed face first onto a bed of moss. She coughed and stood up, stretching out her arms. She noticed Peter sitting on a chair in front of her smirking. 

“Don’t laugh at me! It’s not funny!” But Lilith couldn’t help but laugh along. Peter walked over to her and held out his hand to her. She grabbed onto it and stood up. Lilith dusted off her clothes and sat next to Peter in the Great Hollow. Her face lit up in excitement. The Hollow was covered in trinkets from what the Lost Boys called “The Mainland.” Bells, lights, toys, things that have washed ashore. 

“So, do you plan on giving me the tour of Neverland?” Lilith asked. 

“Possibly. I would show you the beach, but I don’t think the mermaids would appreciate an outsider.” Peter shrugged. She got very excited. 

“Mermaids!? I thought they were only fairytales! I was obsessed with them as a young girl.” Lilith begged Peter to bring her to the beach. 

“Well... alright then. I would recommend changing though,” Peter glanced at her nightgown, “Charlie will have put a fresh set of clothes in your room.” And with that, Lilith ran to her room and changed faster than you could say “mermaids.” She wore a grey tunic with black pants. She threw her long blonde locks into a braid and headed towards the Great Hollow once more. Peter stood at the edge of the platform with his back to her. Peter seemed calm, like nothing in the world could get to him. Lilith hid behind the tree when he turned around. She didn’t want to seem like a creep who watched people. She noticed something off about his face. His eyes were glistening with tears. They were not his usual green and violet color, but a dark navy blue. He shook his head sadly, but wiped the tears away before anyone saw them. Lilith made sure to make a lot of noise to seem as if she just got there. Peter smiled as if he wasn’t sad. She smiled back somberly. 

“Is something wrong? Do you not want to go?” Peter asked concerned. If he only knew what I saw, Lilith thought.

“Nothing! I’m so ready to see the beach.” Lilith tried to hide emotions behind her wide smile. That seemed to satisfy Peter, so he pulled her close to him. 

“I recommend you hold on tight.” Peter smirked yet again. Lilith wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes as they lifted off the platform. They flew through large green trees, past caves that shimmered inside. Eventually, Lilith and Peter landed on soft golden sand. 

“This is beautiful!” Lilith exclaimed. Peter grabbed a rock and skipped it across the water.

“This is where everything from the mainland comes in. We take weekly trips down here to see what new treasures have washed ashore. And look.” Peter pointed to a music box with a ballerina lying next to it. Lilith went to pick it up. She noticed some gears were missing, and went looking for them. Once she found them all, she fixed the little wind-up box. Lilith turned the knob on the side, and it made a wonderful little tune from Swan Lake. She smiled softly, missing home. Peter came up behind her silently, but she felt his presence. She felt safe around him, like nothing bad could ever happen. But she also felt pain. Lilith had this sixth sense, in a way. She could feel what others were feeling. Peter had pain on his heart. But she couldn’t help him...


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