sing me to sleep //m.h.//


1. prolouge

hi! uh this is, i guess, the intro to my first fanfic that actually has a plot/meaning behind it. this might suck cause i don't usually do this kind of thing, but let's see where this takes me :)

word count: 266


A cold, piercing gust of wind strikes my face as I walk slowly on the pavement in downtown New York City. Pushing past small crowds of people and admiring the city lights as dark shadows cast across buildings, sending chills down my spine. 
I've waited for years to be standing here, listening to the quiet murmur of others conversations. Taking in every sight possible in the shortest amount of time just so I won't ever forget this city's beauty. 
My family was never very fond of the idea of me moving so far away considering how much I depended on my mother and grandmother. They always told me I'd move back home in a heartbeat, but if they could only feel the way I feel right now they'd know that I won't be coming back home. 
The chilly autumn air began to grow colder as I slowly approached a somewhat older looking library. I silently stepped inside and began looking around at nothing in particular, once again, just taking everything in. I worked my way towards the back of the building and began to browse through some of the books as I listened to someone quietly sing. Intrigued, I followed the voice and spotted a man, maybe around my age, with a mop of dark messy curls that continued to sing a beautiful tune...


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