Golden eyes

Akane was found in a strange place were usually no-one goes.


2. Wild

The God of Flowers hugged me with joy. She was even moved to tears.That moment was really precious for them. And a few minutes later Lilly showed up. Lilly was Magnolia's sister, but a demigod. That was the very first time I met her. She was just as beautiful as Magnolia.

The time I spent together with Lilly was really nice. But it was until I overheard a conversation between Magnolia, Nalius and Lian.

L: Even thought she now is only 13 she is a lot more powerful than Nalius was at her age.

N: Yes, even I noticed that.

L: If it keeps up like that at one point she won't be able to control all that, because of her emotions.

M: We don't know that yet. She still is growing.

L: Yes, but the possibility of that is really high.

N: Magnolia, she might burn down a village if she becomes angry.

M: But do we know that for sure?

L: No, but we have to be ready for anything.

N: For now let's just hope she will do alright.

Their conversation really didn't have any effect on me at first. But a few days later it happened just as they predicted. I became angry and the fire went out of control. That gave me a fright and I was too scared to let that happen again. So I decided that I won't use fire. But when a god stops using it's powers they slowly become empty. Usually their personalitys changes to an extent where the people that us to be together with them can't even recognize them.

And that is what happened to me. Since I was changeing so much Lian decided that I should meet new people. So they sent me to a school that was under Lilly's watch. But the most weirdest thing was that the school was in the human realm.

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