Golden eyes

Akane was found in a strange place were usually no-one goes.


4. White lotus

I took a big breath and I put my hands together. As I started to blow out the air I started to move my hands along with the energy flowing inside of me. I then took another breath and when I released the air I made fire appear before my hands. And unconsciously I started to play with it. 

It brought out my joy and happiness, so I started to laugh as I bent the fire. But suddenly I stopped, because I saw a white snake. I leaned down and started to talk with it:

'Hello there! I'm sorry if I scared you. It wasn't my intention.'

The snake was shivering so I gave it my hand and said:

'My hand is warm, you can use it if you want.'

It gladly took my offer. And just for a moment I forgot I was in the god realm.

I laid down on the ground and looked at the stars once more. I was lost in my thoughts. The snake moved up to my cheek and rubbed it's head against it and then went away. It was like a thank you without words. 

After a minute I stood up and went back to the house. At the entry the gods that raised me stood there. I smiled at them, but this time for real. They hugged me really hard. A few moments later we approached the door. But Magnolia noticed something.

M: Wait! What is that?

A: What?

M: That white marking on your hand. 

A: Where?

I looked at my hands and on my left arm there was a white lotus flower. I was confused, because I didn't know where I got it.

At that time I didn't think of it much. but the most worried was Lian. He grabbed my hand and we went to his old library. That was my first time there. Lian didn't like people going in there. But if he took us there it must be serious. He left us at the entrance and took off to look for some books. We went to the big table and sat down. Since we had nothing better to do anyways we just waited. 


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