Golden eyes

Akane was found in a strange place were usually no-one goes.


3. Return

I went back to the god realm when I finished my school. And when I went back I was 18 years old. I felt lonely, empty inside and without and bit of joy. And that was the time I realized that I have become miserable. But something inside of me wanted me to change that.


When I came back to the god realm the first thing I had to do was attend a ball made for me. The flowers, the lights, the food, everything was so colorful and beautiful, that I kind of felt out of place. That night I met both Magnolia and Nalius, but the one I couldn't find was Lian. The ball was almost over, but before that I went outside for some air. It was a bit freezing, but refreshing. It was a night full of stars and a shining moon. And without realizing I found Lian. He was there for the same reason.

First of all I hugged him. And then we had a little talk.

L: So how was the school?

A: It was fine except for the part where they tried to provoke me.

L: They actually tried that?

A: Yeah, all the time until they just gave up.

L: I see. So you still haven't used your powers.

A: You know, I don't like myself like this anymore. So...I'll try again.

L: What?

I went down the stairs in to the back yard. I once more looked at Lian, but he had company. Magnolia and Nalius was there too. I turned my back to them and looked at the stars for a moment. But I could hear them speak.

M: What is she doing?

L: She will try again.

N: No way...

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