Golden eyes

Akane was found in a strange place were usually no-one goes.


1. Fire flower


Who am I?

I'm called the daughter of Three. That is the God of Wisdom, the God of Strength and the Goddess of Flowers.

One day they found me in the Magnolia's garden. They decided that they should raise me. But it was really hard for them to get permission from the other gods. Because they didn't know what I am. Later that day the higher standing gods allowed them to raise me. But on one big condition. If I turn out to be human, they have to leave me with a farmer's family in the human realm. If I turn out to be a demigod, they have to leave me with the gods that live in the human realm. But if I turn out to be a real god, they have to raise me good until I'm 18. Seems easy, but we're not talking about human years, we are talking about god years. And 18 god years are around 548 human years. But since it was their only opportunity, they agreed with the terms.

When I was 2 they realized that I was no human, because I wasn't growing so fast. And when I was around 7 they came to a conclusion that I was a demigod. Because I didn't show any clues of magical powers.

A year passed form that time and it was time to say goodbye. For that they decided to do that in Magnolias personal garden under her tree. We went there and still at that time I didn't understand what was going on. The Goddess of Flowers leaned down, put her hands together in front of me and said:

'This is the flower I'm named after.'

Out of nowhere in her hands showed up a magnolia. And then with joy she asked me:

'Isn't it beautiful?'

I agreed with her. And decided that I should return the favor. So I put my hands together in front of her and made a flower myself. All three gods were surprised. Because my flower wasn't like Magnolia's, instead it was made out of fire.

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