Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


11. -------

I see Charles standing at the entrance where I told him to be. I sigh and walk over to him. Alex is still not happy that I’m showing him around. I plaster a smile on my face. “Hey Charlie. Ready for your first day at a new school?” I ask.


He nods. “Yeah. “ he looks at his schedule, “I have miss Juniper for my first block.”


I smile. “That’s my class. Come on.”


I can feel Alex’s glare. I turn to him. “Can you stay in the car today?”


A look of hurt crosses his face. He glares. “Fine.” He walks away with his hands in his pocket.


I flinch. I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. I just can’t deal with him being so tense all day today. Charles puts a hand on my shoulder. “Is he your brother?”


I shake my head. I look at him. “You should know full well that’s a bodyguard Charles Blackburn. You should also know I don’t trust you.”


He frowns. “What are you talking about?”


I cross my arms. “What do you think? You and I are exactly the same. You were kidnapped and your looks are no longer the same. I was kidnapped and now my looks are no longer the same. Why your here I don’t know.”


His eyes widen. “You were kidnapped too? How did you escape?”


I narrow my eyes. “It was easy. Avery’s a wimp.”


He chuckles. “That he is.”


I frown. “I still don’t trust you but I can’t be late for class.”


I start walking to class and he follows behind me. He grabs my shoulder stopping me just short of the door. “Abigail, I promise you I am not a bad guy. I am not here to harm you. I didn’t even know you were like me. I thought you were just a really stunning werewolf.” I study his eyes and sees totally seriousness.


I feel my cheeks heat up slightly. “I wouldn’t say stunning. I am just a freak.”


He frowns. “You’re anything but a freak.” He says.


I give him a small smile. “That’s my opinion.”


He shakes his head leaning closer to me. My breath hitches in my throat. “Your not a freak. Your are an extremely beautiful girl and any guy would be lucky to have a girl like you.” He smiles and walks into the classroom.


I wait a few seconds trying to gain my composure before walking into the classroom. I see that he sits right next to my seat and a bunch of girls are ogling him. I roll my eyes and take my seat.


He frowns. “What?”


I wave my hand. “Look around. Do you not see all the girls giving you the goo goo eyes?” I ask.


He scrunches and looks around. “Oh I guess not.” He looks at me, “I was too busy looking at the most beautiful girl here.”


I look around. “Who?”


He rolls his eyes. “You.”


I roll my eyes. “Ass kisser.”


He frowns. “I am not.”


I nod. “Yes you are. You’ve just met me. You can’t honestly say that I’m the prettiest girl in this room. If so then your vision is impaired.”


He shrugs. “Then I guess I’m visually impaired.”


Something in his features shift and his eyes turn slightly sad. “Miakoda.”


This startles me. My wolf stirs.


This human’s wolf knows me. Let me take control.


Your name is Miakoda?


Yes. Please, I must know who it is.


I sigh. Alright.


I look at Charles. “Who speaks my name?” My wolf asks through me.


Charles shakes his head. “You will not know of me. I wasn’t in your pack. My name is Aed. I was taken a while ago.”


I tap on the desk. I smile. “I do remember you. You and your pack had sided with us. You had saved my life. I still owe you a great gratitude for that.”


Charles shakes his head. “I was honored to save your life. You had a great reputation.”


I feel heat creep into my cheeks. “I was doing what I needed to do for my pack.”


The teacher clears her throat and both of us look at the teacher. “Abigail I know you’ve been through a lot but I need you to please focus. I enjoy your company but I would not want to have you repeat my class.”

I nod. Everyone around my snickers. Charles glares at them and they stop.


Thank you Abigail.


It’s not a problem.


It meant a lot.


I turn my attention to the teacher ignoring Charles poking me with his pencil. Once the bell rings I grab my stuff and head out of the room.


Charles follows close behind me. He opens his schedule and tells me where his next class is. I sigh. It’s my next class as well which means he has the same lunch bell as me. I tell him to follow me and he does.


We get to class and since in my science class I can choose my seat I sit all the way in the back. Of course charles has to follow me. Jason is sitting in the back corner toward the window. I grab the seat next to him. Charles sit right next to me.


Jason looks over at Charles and raises an eyebrow. “Do I have to beat that guy up for you Abby?” He asks.


I shake my head. “Not this time Jason. Maybe next time.”


He groans. “I want to beat someone up.”


I laugh. “You’ll get your chance.”


He frowns. “Where’s that Alex guy at?”


I sigh. “Told him to wait in the car today. He has been really tense lately. It hasn’t been helping my nerves.”


Jason nods. “I feel like he and that Nick kid know each other. The glare at each other whenever they see each other.”


I nod. “I think so too.”


Jason frowns and looks back at Charles. “So who is that anyway?”


Charles smiles. “My names Charles. I just moved here.”


Jason rolls his eyes. “I got that much.”

I smile trying to hold back a laugh.


Charles frowns. “You asked who I was.”


Jason nods. “I didn’t ask you though.”


I roll my eyes. “Be nice Jason.”


Jason pouts. “But I don’t want to.” He says giving me his best puppy dog eyes. For Jason pulling off puppy dog eyes is hard for him. He looks like a real badass so he really doesn’t have that cute factor for puppy dog eyes. It scares everyone else.


I laugh. “You big dope. Just pay attention to the teacher.”


Charles frowns but doesn’t say anything. Jason sticks his tongue out at me and pull out his phone.


I roll my eyes and take notes. Charles pokes me with his pencil again. I glare at him. “Stop it.”


He smiles. “Why?”


Jason clears his throat. “Because if you don’t you’re going to be a bloody mess on the floor.”


Charles frowns. “You’re all talk no action.”


Jason gets up from the chair. “Wanna bet.”


I glare at them. “Both of you stop or you’ll both going to need surgery removing my foot from both your asses. Sit down Jason.”


Jason sighs and sits down. “Your no fun abbs.”


I rub my face and get up. “I’m going to the bathroom. You guys are giving me a headache.” I walk out of the classroom and head to the bathroom.


I walk to the sink and splash my face with water and sigh. I look in the mirror still unable to recognize myself. So many thoughts run through my head. I sit down leaning against the wall.


I can’t tell how to feel about Charles. I can’t tell if he’s here just because he moved. I can’t help but feel that he came here on purpose. That he’s just saying all these things to lure me into a false sense of security. That he’s working for Avery.

The door opens and I quickly get up off the ground. Suzanah walks in and frowns when she sees me. “What’s wrong?”


I open my mouth to say nothing’s wrong but she cuts me off. “You don’t come in here unless you really have to go or your thinking about something.”


I sigh. “There’s this guy....”


She smiles. “Oh my goddess! I never thought I would here that from your lips.”


I frown. “He is the same as me Suzanah. He went through the same thing I did. There’s something about him I don’t trust. I can’t seem to put my finger on it. I feel like he’s sugar talking me to try to make me feel comfortable around him then he’s going to do something.”


She frowns. “Did he live here before?”


I shake my head. “He lived two hours away. He just registered for this school yesterday.”


She walks over to me. “Well Abby if your like your mom trust your gut. If it’s telling you to steer clear from him then steer clear.”


I sigh. “That’s the thing. I am confused. One part of me feels drawn to him. The other wants him away from me. I can’t tell which part I should trust.”


Suzanah taps her chin. “Well you now Abbs, you have to go with what you think is best. I can’t tell you which way you should go. You have to trust your own judgement.”


I roll my eyes. “Your really helpful Suzanah.”


She smiles. “I try. Seriously though. I can’t tell you whether to trust him or whether to run for it.”


I sigh. “I haven’t told Alex yet.”


She raises an eyebrow. “You mean the lone wolf that guards you?”


I nod. “He knows about Charles. He just doesn’t know that he is like me. I don’t know if I should tell him.”


Suzanah frowns. “Well Alexander seems to care about you a lot. I think it would be better for him to know what you do because if Charles is dangerous then Alex needs to be able to protect you.”


I sigh. “I should probably tell him now then. He’ll be extremely mad at me for even being close to Charles.”


Suzanah nods. “Go on I’ll go to your class and tell the teacher you forgot something in your car and how to go get it. He’ll understand.”


I nod. “Thank you Suzanah. I don’t know what I would do without you.”


She smiles. “You’d be absolutely lost.”


I smack her playfully and head out of the school.


I catch sight of the car and walk over to it. Alex has his earbuds in and his eyes closed. I tap on the window and he jumps. He looks at me and takes out the earbuds. He rolls down the window. “What’s wrong?”


I rub the back of my neck. “I forgot to tell you something about Charles.”


He glares at me. “Get in.”


I sigh and get in the passenger side. He locks the doors as soon as I get in.


He frowns. “Now what is it you forgot to mention?”


I look at Alex. “Well…..He’s…...The other boy that was kidnapped.”


He growls. “ And you FORGOT TO MENTION IT!”


I flinch. “Yes?”


He sighs. “Abigail you realise what could have happened? How could you be so careless? Doesn’t it strike you odd he happens to move here of all places? What were you thinking?”


I glare at him. “I don’t know Alex. Maybe I thought I would give that boy a chance before assuming just because he’s like me that he’s bad. Of course you can’t trust us freaks can you? We’re unnatural creature that weren’t supposed to be brought into this world. I’m sorry. I forgot freaks judgements are off.”


His anger wipes from his face. “Abigail you’re not a freak. I don’t trust him. I’ve seen the reports for him. Every once in a while he leaves without telling his parents and comes back like nothing happened. His parents have caught him calling people that hey have no clue who they are.” His says his voice softer.


I look away.


He sighs. “Abigail look at me.”


I shake my head. “No.”




I don’t look at him.


He places a hand under my chin and moves my head so I’m facing him. “Abigail it’s my job to protect you and I can’t if you keep something like that from me. Please tell me next time.”


I sigh. “Fine now can I leave.”


He nods. “But I’m coming with you.”


I sigh. “Whatever.”

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