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Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


9. -------

Alexander's POV


I stand there in the forest dumb struck. I had no clue I offended Abigail. Girls always seem to get offended over the little things. I’m a little hurt that she said that life would be better without me. I tried not to let it show though.


I decide to give her some space and walk after a couple of minutes toward her house.


I guess I’m going to say this. My dad isn’t the best role model. He abused me and my mother which made me so angry. Especially the fact that my mom let’s him. The whole pack let’s him. It’s why I left. Of course my dad made a rumor that he kicked me out because I was a bad kid. Now I can’t get into another pack because of him.


No other Alpha trusts me. I used to have their respect. They used to be on my side but as soon as my dad said what he did they all turned against me. Now the only way I feel like I’m earning my keep is by being a bodyguard. Which apparently, I suck at being.


I can’t even protect one girl. I would see if it was more than one person at a time.


I sigh and get out of the woods. That’s when I see Abigail’s figure by a fence. I see a tinted car pulling over and I curse.


I run over to her as fast as I can. When I get closer I can see that her eyes are on the tinted car with a hint of fear swirling. She must have heard me because her head turns to me. I see anger flash in her eyes  but she says nothing to me as I reach her.


I hear the car door open and people get out. I grab her hand and whisper in her ear. “Pretend that we are a couple. If they think I’m with you they may leave you alone.”


She sighs and I’m almost afraid she’ll say no. She smiles at me and I almost believe the smile. She pulls me close to her and kisses my cheek. She whispers in my ear. “I’m still extremely mad at you.”


I nod and give my best fake smile. “I know.”


I hear footsteps and wait about five seconds before looking towards them.  I take in the numbers. I see that there’s three of them and they are walking toward us. Abigail nudges me and I look at her. She points over toward the entrance of the neighborhood. I give her a look of confusion.


She rolls her eyes. “Of course you wouldn’t get what I am trying to say.” She rips her hand from mine, “I’m done. It was bad enough you had to just go right and assume I would do something purposely to hurt my parents. You know how that feels. You barely know me. You decide that I’m a prissy girl who doesn’t care what anybody else feels.” She says angrily. She turns and starts walking into the entrance of the neighborhood.


I fight a growl rising in my throat. I walk up to her and grab her arm. “I’m sorry that I guessed since you seemed to be ok that you wanted to stay there instead of going back to your parents. You were mad at your mom for something stupid. What was I supposed to think?”


She pulls at her arm but I hold it firmly. She glares at me. “Me and my mom made up already Alex. She thought being mean and installing fear would prepare me for the real world. I told her how I felt about and she understands she was being to strict. I would never purposely worry my family. That’s something you need to understand.” She pushes at my chest.


I grab her hand tightly a growl in my throat, “Don’t push me.”


She glares. “Let go of me.”


I shake my head.


She yanks on her arms trying to get free from my grasp. I tighten my grip and she winces. I look and see my hand is gripping her wound. I immediately let go. “I’m sorry Abigail.”


She glares at me. “No your not.” She turns around and walks toward her house.


I look back and see that the people her were following us no longer are. I turn back and see another tinted car. This one only seems to have one person though the person seems to be asleep. I run to catch up with Abigail.


She doesn’t say anything to me but I know she knows I’m behind her.  We get to her house and she opens the door.


I walk in behind her and her parents glare at me.


Abigail crosses her arms looking at her parents. “It wasn’t Alexander’s fault. I had wandered into the forest while Alex went to the bathroom at school. Apparently there’s wolves in the woods and I got attacked. Luckily there was a boy that goes to my school that was in the woods as well. He drove the wolf away and saved my life. His mom is a doctor so she took care of me. That’s why i was gone for so long. I needed time to heal. I’m still not fully healed.”


Her parents looked probably about as shocked as i do. I thought she would blame me because of how mad she is at me.


Her dad clears his throat. “Why did you go into the woods?” he asks.


She shrugs. “It’s very calming. I had been anxious being around all the kids. I guess it’s the whole me being kidnapped. I guess it made me more skittish to large crowds.”


Her mom gives her a stern look.m”You are not to go into the woods alone ever again. We were so worried about you.”


She nods.”I also heard you blamed Alex. It wasn’t his fault. It was mine. I trust him with my life. He’s proven to be a good bodyguard. Though he does need to keep his mouth shut and think about what he’s going to say and how it affects people. I don’t mind him as a bodyguard.”


Her parents give me a skeptical look and I know they are wondering what I said. Abigail doesn’t say anything else. She heads upstairs and I hear her bedroom door close.


Her mom walks over to me. “How did you know where she was?” She asks.


I shrug. “I had saw blood in the woods and a dead wolf. I knew something must have went down and that she wasn't far from the woods. I found a house and knocked on the door. A boy named Nick and Abigail were just about to walk out. The boy asked me who I was and Abigail told him. So i brought her here.”


She nods. “Well if you see the boy tell him I’m grateful for his help.”


I nod trying not to let my discomfort show. Abigail’s mom smiles and walks back to her husband.


I rub the back of my neck and head out to the back porch having nothing better to do. I sit down on the swing and sigh.


I sometimes miss my pack. I don’t blame them for my father’s behavior. I only am mad at them because they did nothing to stop it. I miss my mother to. I’m afraid that now that I am gone she’s getting treated worse than before. It would be my fault if she is.


Footsteps interrupt my thoughts. I hear the back door open and can tell by the scent that it’s Abigail. She sits next to me. “Why did you just assume that I would have the best time of my life while my parents were suffering?” She asks.


I look at her and see hurt in her eyes.


I frown. “I didn’t mean to hurt you Abigail. I guess I should’ve thought before I spoke. Your right. I was just frustrated at myself for not being more vigilant. You got hurt and I should’ve waited until I brought you home to use the bathroom.”


She rolls her eyes. “You couldn’t have known someone would come after me  in such a public place.”


I sigh. “Still I should have been prepared for the possibility.”


She crosses her arms. “People make mistakes Alex. I should’ve tried to alert you but I didn’t. It was my fault I got hurt. I thought I could take the rogue but I couldn’t. Don’t blame yourself for something that wasn’t your fault.”


I run a hand through my hair. “You shouldn’t have to alert me if your in trouble. I should have already known.”


She sighs. “You’re not psychic or telepathic. You can’t sense if I’m in danger and you can’t hear my thought. There was no way you could’ve have known.”


I frown trying to find a way to argue with her about it being not my fault but can’t seem to think of anything else.


She raises an eyebrow. “Got something else for me to disprove?”


I shake my head and smile. “You’re very persistent you know that?”


She nods. “It’s in my genes.”


I chuckle. “I can see where you get it from.”


She sticks her tongue out at me.


I stick my tongue out too and she smiles.


I grab her arm softly and look at the bandage. “I’m going to check your injuries. I need to see if any are infected.”


She nods and I peel off the bandage. Her arm has a giant bite mark on it and I flinch. It looks to be healing at a normal pace. It’s already scabbed over and doesn’t look infected which is good.


I take of the next bandage that’s on her face and see three lines of scabs across her face. They don’t look infected and seem to be healing nicely.


She pulls up her shirt wincing slightly and I check her chest and her side. The one on her side seems to be slightly infected but the one on her chest is fine.


I frown. “You should clean the side wound. It seems to be slightly infected.”


She shrugs putting her shirt back down. “I’ll take care of it tonight when I take a shower. All I know is there is going to be a lot to deal with at school. My friends are going to be freaking out again. I don’t know if I should tell them the same story as I did my parents or what.”


I nod. “It was a good story and on the base of the truth. Though your friends will probably blame me since I was in the bathroom instead of doing my job.”


She rolls her eyes. “No they won’t. Stop blaming yourself.”


I raise an eyebrow. “What are you going to do if I don’t?” I ask.


She frowns. “I’d probably smack you until you say it wasn’t your fault.”


I frown. “Why do you care so much?” I ask.


She shrugs. “I don’t know. Why do you care so much what I think of myself?” She counters.


I shrug.


She sighs and crosses her legs. “Exactly. Sometimes we do things without reason. WIthout need of explanation. I don’t know why I care but I do. You don’t know why you care but you do. It’s just the way we are.”


I think about that for a while. Eventually it starts getting dark outside and we both head inside the house.


She goes upstairs and I stay downstairs and sit on the couch. I can hear her parents in the dining room talking quietly. I get curious and tune in.


“I still don’t trust the boy Paul. There’s something about him that just sets off warning bells in my head. I feel like he’s hiding something.” I hear Abigail’s mom whisper.


Paul sighs. “You need to trust Abigail’s judgement on this Laura.”


There’s silence for a few minutes. “But he just happens to find her Paul? Out of all the houses he happens to find the right one?” She asks.


“Maybe he made a guess Laura. Stop worrying about it. You know if Abigail trusts him then we should too.” Paul says.


She sighs. “But that’s just it. Abigail’s different. I’m not just talking about her appearance. Before she left she was a shy girl. Now she seems to be this brave and confident girl. What if her judgements off? What if something bad happens to her? I feel like she’s not telling us what happened to her because somehow that boy was involved. Or what ever happened to her that caused those changes in her is dangerous.”


I hear a chair scrape back. “You need to stop worrying. She’ll tell us what happened to her when she’s ready. She just went through a traumatic experience. It bring out things in a person that they didn’t even know was there. She’s still the same girl that left.” Paul says.


I frown. Her mom is really smart. She’s more vigilant than I thought she was. Abigail and I need to be more careful from now on. I also need to find some way to gain her mother’s trust if I’m going to be her bodyguard.


“Paul I always trust my instincts. Right now my instincts are saying both of them are leaving out some important information. I can’t shake that feeling.” Laura says.


“Maybe you should trust your daughter. She’s almost and adult. Whether you want to believe it or not. She has less than a year before she’s 18. She can handle herself.”


Laura sighs. “ I know. I just worry about her.”


“I worry about her too. But it’s time for her to start making her own decisions.”


There’s silence then I hear footsteps going up the stairs. I sigh and lay on the couch staring at the ceiling. I listen to the sound of water running upstairs. Then hear yelling. “Clarissa! Get out of here!”


I chuckle.


“I can hear you Alex!” she yells at me.


It only makes me laugh more.


I take out my phone and look at my moms number. I’ve kept it from when I left. I always want to text her but I am afraid of what she’ll say to me. I want to know how she is. If my dad is treating her well now that I’m gone. I just can’t seem to ever hit send.


I guess I’m just a coward.


It’s ironic considering I have to be brave and protect people.


The shower cuts off and I hear movement upstairs. I click my moms number and stare at the empty messaging.


I sigh and turn off my phone. Maybe I’ll have the guts to do it tomorrow. Probably not though.


I place my hands behind my head and go back to staring at the ceiling.


I hear a door close and I know Abigail is heading to bed. I wait a couple minutes before getting up and heading upstairs.


I knock on her door.


“Give me a minute,” She says from the other side of the door.


A couple minutes later the door opens and she’s standing there dressed in her pajamas and her hair inside a towel. She raises an eyebrow at me. “Yes?”


I give her a small smile. “ I just wanted to say goodnight.”


She smiles. “Well goodnight. You better get some sleep. We have an early start tomorrow and a long day ahead of us.”

I nod. “If it gets to be too much for you let me know and we’ll leave.”


She shakes her head. “ I can’t miss anymore school. I need to catch up right now as it is. I can’t afford to be really behind.”


I frown. “ I can go to the school and get the things you need and help you.”


She shakes her head. “I don’t want to cause anymore stress on my friends.”


I sigh. “Just let me know if it gets to be too much.”


She nods. “Goodnight.”





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