Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


7. -------

My eyes snap open and I try to sit up. A hand touches my shoulder. “You need to rest. You were hurt pretty badly.” A woman says.


I look around. “What happened? Where am I?” I ask moving her hand away. I curl into a ball.


Her eyes soften. “Your safe. My Alpha got to you just in time. My name is Dalia. You were attacked by a rogue.”


My eyes scan and I se the door closed and my anxiety builds. “How do I know you’re not lying? That your not working for Doctor Avery? That you’re not going to experiment on me like he did?” I ask looking at her.


Confusion flashes across her face. “Doctor Avery? Experiment? Darling did you hit your head?” She gives me a look of concern and reaches toward my head.


I growl at her. “Don’t touch me. I didn’t hit my head. I am not stupid either. You could be trying to trick me.”


She lets her hand drop. “You’ve been through a lot. I leave you to rest.” She gets up.


I sigh. “You probably think I’m crazy. If you’re aren’t working for Avery. He kidnapped me from my street a couple days ago. I don’t know how I escaped. All I know is I’m not what you think. You may think I’m a werewolf like you. I am, but not by birth or choice.”


She turns to me. “What do you mean?”


I look at her. “Somehow doctor Avery found a way to make werewolves. I am a freak experiment. A result of his success. A monster. If you had told me before I was kidnapped that werewolves exist I would call you crazy. Now I don’t know what to think.”

She raises an eyebrow. “What you’re saying is impossible darling. In order to even do that you would need to have just right even the bone structure. No human has ever been able to accomplish it.”


I roll my eyes. “Apparently you aren’t up to date because there was one before me. He lives maybe an hour from where I live. I haven’t seen him all i know is he didn’t escape. He had finishes his ‘checkup’ and they let him go. His parent’s think something is wrong with him.”


She crosses her arms. “And how do you know this?”


I unwrap my self and cross my legs. “I met a chief when I escaped. He had a similar case. Apparently the parents had called him asking if he was sure that the boy was really their child.”


She puts her hand on the handle on the door. “I’ll need to get the Alpha and see what he thinks of this. I’ll be back.” She starts to close the door.


My eyes widen. “Wait! Please don’t close the door. It freaks me out being in a strange place and feeling locked up.”


Her eyes soften. “I leave it cracked but you have to stay in here.”


I nod and she leaves the door cracked. I sigh my anxiety level going down a little. I look at myself and see bandages covering my chest, my arms, my side, and I also feel one on my face. I frown. I should have been able to fight that rogue off. I hate feeling weak.


There’s footsteps coming towards the door and I let my hand drop. A guy walks in with the woman not that far behind. “I have been told you believe that you were made by a human and that you were completely human before?” I can tell by his voice he doesn’t believe me.


I get up. “Yes and I don’t believe it. I didn’t make it up. That pain I felt couldn’t have been made up. I was thrown in a glass box. In the middle was another glass box and then another on the other end. On the other end was a beautiful white wolf with blue eyes. I had brown hair and brown eyes. Now I have white streaks in my hair and me eyes are no longer brown. I can’t believe I sleep without nightmares. That I even sleep at all.”


He crosses his arms. “Can you hear how it sounds? You being made by man. Man has tried for a milenia to replicate the process without causing mutation that would cause them to look in human. The possibility of survival of a human taking on the transformation is also slim.”


I throw my hands up. “Then I am crazy. I’m a crazy freak monster that shouldn’t exist. Whether you want to believe it or not I speak the truth. The only werewolves I knew were in books. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get going before my parents think I’ve been kidnapped again and my bodyguard loses his job.” I go to walk out but he places a hand on my shoulder.

“You need to be part of a pack. It would be safer for you. Especially since you’re a female.” He says.


I glare at him. “I can take care of myself.”


He raises an eyebrow. “Like how you took care of yourself with that rogue?”


I growl. “I was caught off guard. It won’t happen again. I don’t need a male to take care of me.” I say shrugging off his hand.


He grabs my arm. “You were nearly killed! I can’t let a lone female wolf walk around in my territory either. You are in danger. A male could easily mark you and claim you. If it happens to be from someone in my pack there would be nothing I could do. I’m trying to help you.”


I sigh. “How would you feel if someone called you crazy? I am telling you the truth. My name is Abigail. I was kidnapped from my street after I had gotten angry at my mom and went for a walk. I wake up in a dog cage the I could barely move in. A guy who goes by the name Doctor Avery claimed that I was going to be used for the greater good of mankind. He has people drag me and throw me in this glass box. There were three. The one I was in, the one a white wolf was in, and one in the middle. All I felt was pain. Like they were tearing me apart tiny piece by tiny piece. It felt like my insides were melting. I escaped and now I’m a freak. A monster. I shouldn’t exist.” I rip my arm from his hand.


He frowns. “You’re not a freak. The fact is that maybe this was done for a reason. Maybe you were meant to be a werewolf. Maybe you were meant to live in a world that seems impossible. My name is Nick. I would like it if you joined my pack. It would be safer for you, not saying that you need it. If you join my pack it will give you a break from running. We could help you. I can teach you how to defend yourself.”


I cross my arms. “What is it with females being more in danger? I’m not defenseless. I’m not weak by any means. Why girls?”


He smiles. “You said you’ve read books before right? Well I have read a couple too. They have it basically right. A mark tells any other male that you are already taken. It gives you the scent of whoever marks you. Males are more hormonal and crave dominance. It’s true we become obsessed with the one we are meant to be with and get jealous with the females interaction with any other male.”


I raise an eyebrow curious. “How do you know if it’s your mate?” I ask.


He points to his nose. “The scent will be intoxicating. You’ll also feel a pull towards the person that you’ve never felt before.”


I cock my head. “Can you speak to your wolf?” I ask.


He shakes his head. “We are one spirit so there’s no need to communicate.”


I tap my head. “Not with me. She talks to me sometimes though not very often. She told me she was a beta before she was taken from her pack.”


Nick scratches his head. “That’s interesting. Has she told you anything else?” He asks.


I shake my head. “Not really. I’ve only been a werewolf for a couple days so it might be she’s letting me process everything.”


He nods. “Well Abigail. I am going to ask you if you would like to join the pack.”


I stand there silently for a few minutes while I think. Eventually I nod. “But this isn’t me saying I need to be protected.”


He nods. “Now I am going to scratch you. It’s not going to hurt or anything like that. It’s me claiming you as part of the pack.”


I raise an eyebrow. “Scratch me? You know to be honest I was expecting some weird ceremony that involves a lot of weird stuff.”


He laughs. “That’s only in the books. That don’t want it to seem boring and dull.” He motions for me to hold out my arm. “I think it best the less people that know of what you are the better. It would send them into a panic. I will have to talk to the other Alphas and see what can be done about it. They may not believe me so I may need you to tell them.”


I nod holding out my arm. “Ok. If I need to I will.”


He nods and runs his fingers across my arm. A weird sensation goes through me and I can’t help the shiver that goes through me. He smiles. “That’s it. Welcome to the pack. I should probably take you home. I think you need to rest so your wounds can heal.”


I nod and walk out the door. He walks behind me and I catch people staring at me. Then my eyes catch sight of my best friend. Her name is Suzannah. I hadn’t seen her at school. She looks at me. “Alpha may I ask who this is?”


I frown. “I may have changed but I didn’t think I changed that much.”


Her eyes widen. “That’s not possible. You were human Abby. How?”


I shake my head. “It’s complicated Suz. I need to get home. My parents are probably calling the FBI right now.”


Suz touches the bandage on my face and arms. I flinch. “Sorry. What happened?”


Nick clears his throat. “She was attacked by a rogue. Now we must go Suzanah. She may see you at school tomorrow. That is if you go.”


Suzanah nods. “Sorry Alpha.” She hugs me.


I clench my teeth. “My side Suz.”


She apologizes again. I walk out the front door and am face to face with an angry looking Alex. “I leave you for five minutes….” he says angrily. He becomes confused as he looks at me then his expression turns mixed.


Nick growls at Alex. “What are you doing in my territory Alexander?”


I hold up a hand to Nick. “He’s my bodyguard. Don’t worry I’ll be fine. Alex can take me home.”


Alex glares. “You know how worried your parents are? They have threatened me you know? They blame me.”


I roll my eyes. “I’m sorry one of your rogue friends attacked me and I almost died. I sincerely apologize Alex. If it wasn’t for Nick I would have died. “


Nick glares at Alex. “I don’t want you talking to a member of my pack that way. If I hear you speak like that again I won’t hesitate to harm you. I don’t care if Abigail doesn’t want me to.”


Alex looks at me scrunching his eyebrows. “You joined his pack? Why?”


I shrug. “Because he wanted me to join and I wanted to join. Now we have one less thing to worry about don’t we?”


Alex sighs. “Let’s get you home.”


I nod and wave to Nick. “I’ll see you at school.”


Nick nods still glaring at Alex. I sigh and Alex walks away. I follow him struggling to keep up. My side starts to burn and I stop my breathing heavy.


He keeps going. I growl. “Will you stop for a second?”


He turns back to look at me with a glare. He must have seen something in my expression because his eyes soften. “I’m sorry Abigail. This is my fault. I shouldn’t have left your side. I failed at my job of protecting you.”


I laugh. “It’s not your fault. You had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t try to alert you at all when he was taking me. I thought I could take care of it myself.” I wince, “Look where that got me.”


Alex frowns. “Where did you get injured?” He asks.


I lift up my shirt showing him the two there then I point to my arm and my face. He walks over to me. “I’m sorry. I was angry at myself because usually I do a better job at protecting my customers. Seems you won’t need me anymore now that you have a pack to look after you.”


I roll my eyes. “They can’t be with me everyday and almost everywhere I go like you can. Your the best person for the job.”


He laughs dryly. “You say I’m the best person for the job but look what happened to you under my so called protection.”


I sigh. “Don’t beat yourself up about it. It wasn’t your fault. I could have got your attention by yelling or something. Me being the stubborn person I am didn’t.”


He raises an eyebrow at me. “I’ll stop beating myself up about this when you stop calling yourself a freak.”


I groan. “Fine. I won’t say it outloud,” I mumble the last part.


He rolls his eyes. He picks me up off the ground without warning. I growl at him. “Put me down. I can walk on my own.”


He doesn’t put me down. “I am not going to let you suffer in pain the whole way there. It will be easier and quicker for me to carry you.”


I roll my eyes. “I have been through worse pain.”


He sighs. “It will be quicker for me to carry you. Your parents are already in freakout mode right now. Let’s not push them any more. You’ve been gone for nearly two days.”


My eyes widen. “TWO DAYS?!!!”


He nods. “Yeah. Your parents have been blaming me. Especially your mom. She thinks I’m the one that took you. I haven’t been able to find you because there was so many wolf scents that your mixed in with.”

I frown. “I thought I wasn’t out that long. I was passed out for two day?” I mumble to myself. Of course he hears.


Alex frowns. “Passed out?”


I nod. “I lost too much blood. What did you think I was doing goofing off?”


He shrugs. “I heard you talking to a girl like you were enjoying yourself.”


I roll my eyes. “ Suzannah's my best friend. I didn’t see her at school. She was wondering if I was ok. I wasn’t goofing off.” I snap.


He shrugs. “Well I didn’t know what to expect.”


I growl and shove at his chest and fall to the ground. I wince but pick myself up not letting him have a chance to pick me back up. I walk away with my arms crossed.


Ok I more like stormed off but I can’t believe he thought that I would just leave my parents like that. I don’t look back and walk through the pain in my side.


I hear him walking close behind me. I stop and turn to face him glaring. “I liked it better when you weren’t here. At least then I didn’t have to deal with as much accusation.” I say angrily.


I see hurt flash in his eyes but I don’t care at this point. I turn back and walk toward my house. I don’t hear his footsteps but I keep going. I can’t believe I warmed up to him. I don’t warm up to people easily because of my mom. She was so mean I thought most people would make fun of me or call me names because that’s what she told me people would do to me in high school. Turns out high school has a lot of really nice and decent kids so I had freaked out over nothing. Still Alex was a stranger who is living in my house to ‘protect me’. Should he really question whether I am going to leave my parents to worry like that?


I can’t believe he even thought it. I would never intentionally scare my parents like that. I know what my dad deals with being at work like he is. I would never intentionally add stress on to him. With his schedule sometimes he works for days constantly without sleep. I mean seriously that cut me deep.


Once I was out of the forest I turned toward my street. I turn to head into the loop but Immediately back up and flatten against the fencing. What I saw to warrant this reaction was the man that kidnapped me sitting in his car in the same place he did. It looks like he’s asleep but I know I can’t risk it.


I look around and see another tinted car go by. I silently curse. I’m screwed.


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