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Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


6. -------

I wake up to my alarm going off. I groan and get up. I turn it off and flop back on my bed. There’s a knock on my door and I sigh. “I’m up.”


The door cracks open and my mom pokes her head in. “Did you sleep well?” She asks.


I roll my eyes. “Now you’re actually worried about me.”


She frowns. “I’m not sorry for what I said yesterday. You could have handled things more maturely instead of running.”


I cross my arms. “Like threatening me over and over is mature? Ripping my underwear is mature?” I ask raising my eyebrow.


She sighs. “I’m only trying to prepare you for real life. You know how bad you’re treated out there. You just experienced it. I don’t want you going out there and reality slapping you in the face.”


I laugh. “Too late for that. I realized how much my mom hates me that she would blame me for being kidnapped saying I ran away. I went for a walk. I was angrier than I had ever been before. To have you constantly putting me in fear? Threatening me? I was done. I needed some time to breathe. I am never going to run from my problems. I’m done living in fear.” I say my voice dead serious.


My mom is silent, her eyes become distant and I wonder if I went to far. She shakes her head and looks at me. “I don’t hate you. I don’t blame you for what happened either.”


I raise an eyebrow. “Sure didn’t seem that way to me.”


She sighs. “I blame myself Abigail. You’re right I have been too hard on you. I just want you to live and grow up having a better life than me. I grew up with nothing. I was abused and told that I was worthless. I don’t want that for you. I want you to grow up strong too.”


I cross my legs. “I don’t need to live in constant fear to be strong mama. I am already strong. Maybe if you stop focusing on all the bad I do you’d see that.” I say calmly.


She gives a small smile. “You’re growing up too fast. I see it more everyday. Now that you’ve come back I see it more than ever. It’s not because of the change in your hair or eyes either. You’ve finally started standing up for yourself. I’m proud of you.”


I smile. “Took you long enough to see it. Now can you leave so I can get ready for school. You made poor Alex sleep on the couch last night. Let’s hope he’s not too tired.”


She shakes her head. “He may be your bodyguard but he’s still a boy. I don’t want him anywhere near you.” She walks out closing the behind her.


I shake my head and go in my closet to pick an outfit out for the day. I find a really cute top and some skinny jeans. I get changed and head to my dresser and grab my brush. I brush my nappy hair and put it up in a tight ponytail. I take out my make-up and frown. It was perfect for me when I had brown eyes and hair. I’m going to have to get some more. I put some on at least to cover the dark circles under my eyes and head out of my room.


My parent are waiting downstairs with breakfast already ready. Alex is sitting at the table eating. My dad smiles when he sees me. “Morning sweetheart. We’ve got breakfast ready for you. I have to head to work but I’ll see you around dinner time.”


I nod. My dad working almost everyday is not surprising. My mom doesn’t work. She wants to ut she can’t because of what happened to her a couple years ago. She doesn’t like to talk about it.


Alex finishes and places his plate in the sink. I quickly eat my breakfast and grab my backpack. I hug my mom and dad and walk out the door. Alex follows close behind me his keys in hand. He unlocks his car and I hop in the passenger side. He gets in the driver’s side and smiles. “Morning Abigail.”


I smile back. “Morning. How was the couch?” I tease.


He shrugs. “I’ve had to sleep on a floor before. The couch was fine.”


I give a mock look of concern. “You didn’t hurt the poor couch did you?”


He rolls his eyes. “I think I liked you better when you were still in shock.”


I stick my tongue out at him. He turns the ignition and pulls out of the driveway. “Are you sure you don’t want me in there with you? I think I could better protect you being with you at all times.”

I nod. “I am sure. All it will get is even more questions than the ones I know that are already coming.”


He frowns. “I could answer any questions they have. You don’t have to answer.”


I sigh. “Will it make you feel better to be with me?” I ask.


He nods keeping his eyes on the road. “It would help me help you.”


I pull on the strap on my bookbag. “Ok fine but you won’t follow me to the bathroom if I got to go.”


He smiles. “Of course not. I wouldn’t want to invade what little privacy you have left.”


I look at him to see if he’s teasing me. I find no indication of it so I just shrug and look out the window. I start thinking and look at Alex. “You know how strange it’s going to be going back to school? The thing they teach at school that is a myth. I can’t believe it’s real. That you’re real. That I am what I am. It’s going to be strange walking in to a school with over a thousand students.” I say.


He gives me a brief glance.”Don’t worry I’ll be there. I won’t let anything happen to you.”


I roll my eyes. “That’s reassuring. The man I just met yesterday shall protect me.” I say sarcastically.


He shrugs. “It’s my job.”


I sigh. “Yeah yeah.”


We are silent the rest of the way. He cuts out the engine and gets out. I grab my backpack and get out as well. I close the door and he locks the car up. He stands next to me and follows me inside.


As soon as I walk inside I get anxious looking at all the kids walking and standing in the hallways. Alex places a hand on my arm and I feel a little better knowing he’s there. I sigh and start walking toward my class. A bunch of eyes are on me as I go by and I hear a bunch of whispering. “Who is that girl?”


“Who’s that guy?”


“Are they new?”


I keep walking as if I didn’t hear them. When I enter the class the teacher looks at me and Alex. “Yes?” The teacher asks.


I smile. “Hi Mrs. Juniper. Sorry I’ve been gone. I kinda had no control over the situation.” I say nervously.


Her face turns stunned. “Abigail? Oh my goodness! Darling I heard something bad happened to you! I have been worried. How are you?” She asks walking up to me.


I shrug. “I’ve been better Mrs. Juniper. I’d rather not discuss what happened though if you don’t mind. This is Alexander Trackson. He will be with me for a while. He’s my bodyguard.”


Mrs. Juniper gives me a worried look. “A bodyguard. Dear, why would you need a bodyguard?”


I shake my head. “It’s just a precaution Mrs. Juniper. I’ll be fine.”


She gives me a wary look but goes to her desk. I sit down and Alex pulls a chair right next to me.


As the day goes on I get questions from my teachers and a million from my friends. Jason didn’t seem happy that Alex was with me and wanted to beat him up.


All my friends crowding me made me more anxious and I could see that Alex was ready to pull me away.


By the time school was over I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. Alex takes a short break and heads to the bathroom while I go to my locker.


I grab some of my textbooks and place them in my bookbag. When I close my locker there’s a guy glaring at me. “Who are you?” He asks.


I give him a confused look. “Umm… Abigail.”


He pins me to the locker. “Well Abigail. You smell like someone I really don’t like. I think I’ll make that person suffer by taking you. Followed his scent to here. He owes me a lot. Seems only fitting that I take something he wants. I saw the way he looked at you.”


I struggle to get out of his grip. “He’s my bodyguard. His job is to protect me.”


The guy smiles.”He’s doing a great job of that.” The guy starts dragging me toward the entrance of the school.


Being the stubborn girl that I am. I don’t yell or scream to alert Alex. I try to get out of this on my own. The guy continues dragging me his grip never wavering.


I glare at him. “Let me go.” I say.


He laughs. “No. I’m going to leave you broken. It will be bad for him if the person he’s guarding got injured on the job.”


I growl. “Let. Me. Go.”


He rolls his eyes and draga me toward the forest. “I’m sorry you had to be apart of this. You are a very pretty girl. It’s a shame I’m going to have to mess up that pretty face of yours. Oh and the rest of you too.” He laughs and throws me roughly on the ground.


I stumble hitting my head against a tree. I try to get but he place a foot on my chest pinning me there. I glare at him. “You’re a rogue. Aren’t you?”


He smiles. “Of course. I took poor Alexander by the wing when he was kicked out by his father. How does the boy repay me? Leaving me to the very pack to be mauled. I was very lucky to be at the border of the territory. Otherwise I would be dead. I guess you’ll get a taste of what I went through. I don’t know If you’ll survive but that’s not my problem.” I hear bones crack and I know he’s shifting.  I struggle even more as his clothes rip and fall to the floor.


He growls in my face his nasty breath causing me to gag. I push him off of me and growl. “Your breath is really bad. Ever heard of a toothbrush?” I asks rubbing my nose.


Hu jumps at me and I dodge him. He turns back toward me and jumps again. This time I’m too slow to dodge him and he knock me to the ground and sinks his teeth into my arm. I cry out in pain and try to pull him off.


He lets go only to rip at my side. The sight of my blood leaves me feeling nauseated. He scratches my face and chest. Anger at feeling helpless gives me just enough strength to push him off. I hear the sound of many footsteps running toward me and the wolf. My vision blurs. I try to get up but can’t because I’m too weak.


I hear growling and flinch expecting to feel him ripping into me again. Instead I hear a yelp and more growling than just one wolf. I feel something cold nudge me and I wince. I struggle to stay conscious. Arms wrap around my legs and back and I feel someone lift me up.


“We need to get her to the pack doctor. She’s losing a lot of blood.” A voice says.


I hear shuffling. “But Alpha she may be a rogue. Should we risk it?”


I feel and hear him growl. “I can tell she’s not a rogue she may be a lone wolf. I would suggest you not question me. Now we need to hurry so this girl does not bleed out.” He starts walking.


“But sir what if she is a rogue?” the other person asks.


He sighs. “If she is we will deal with it then Robert. I won’t let her die because we think she’s rogue. Now go ahead of me and let the pack doctor know we are in need of her.”


Robert takes off running just as everything around me blackens.


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