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Abigail was just a normal girl. She was kidnapped and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books. Being real just made it a lot scarier.


3. -------

The Chiefs door slams open. “Where’s the girl?” I hear a man’s voice ask.


“There’s no girl here. Now put the gun away.” The chief says.


The man curses. “She must have been smarter than we thought.”  He mumbles really low.


“I said put the gun down.” The chief says.


I hear the gun click. “No. I am going to leave and your going to let me. This was all a mistake.” My heart skips a beat.


I hear the door close and footsteps retreating.


The chief moves around and kneels in front of me. “I think they’re going to be looking for you. I need to find a way to get you home safely. I also recommend a bodyguard. In fact I’ll pay for one right now. We can’t let them take you no matter what. Let me make the call then we can head out.” He says holding out his hand helping me up.


I nod. “Thank you. Seriously. This means a lot.”


He smiles. “It’s not a problem.” He dials on his phone and places it on his ear. I drown him out while he talks to whoever he’s going to talk to.


A weird feeling passes over me. It’s hard to describe. Like I sense another presence inside of me. Like I’m not the only one in my body. I shake my head thinking I’m being paranoid.


I hear the chief hang up the phone and I look at him. He writes something down and looks at me. “I have gotten you one of the best bodyguards that I know. His name is Alexander Trackson. He is aware that you’re in danger, and where you live so he knows where he’s going, but I didn’t give him specifics. I told him if he feels he can protect you better by knowing exactly what happened that he just needs to ask you. You still have your right to some privacy. He should be here soon. Once he’s here we will leave.” He stands up and reaches into his coat pocket.


I hear the jingling of his keys as he pulls them out. “You can sit in the back with Alexander or sit next to me. He will ask you about yourself and answer questions you may have about him so you feel more comfortable around him. If any questions make you uncomfortable you don’t have to answer.”


I nod. “Ok. It will be kind of hard to explain to explain to my parents why I need a body guard though.” I get up from the chair.


He rubs his chin for a moment. “I’ll just tell them it’s a precaution so we know you’ll be safe.”


I shrug. “That may scare them even more. They’ll ask if you caught the guy.” I lean against the wall.


I tense when a new smell hits my nose. I hear footsteps and turn to the door. It opens and a guy that looks to be in his twenties. His hair is black an his eyes are almost silver. I notice his tense posture when he walks in. Something in me shouts. “Danger!” I stay tense looking at him.


He looks from the chief to me. “Is this the girl?” He asks not taking his eyes from mine.


“Yeah. Alex this is Abigail. Abigail, Alex.” The chief says.


We continue to look at each other neither one of us looking away. I start to feel uncomfortable and look to the chief who is just watching us both. I hear Alex clear his throat. “Well I guess we should head out. From the address I got it’s pretty far from here.”


The chief nods and walks out the door. I go to follow him but Alex grabs my arm stopping me. I look at him and see something flash in his eyes. “Why do you need protection? Someone like you should be able to take care of yourself.”


I give him a look of confusion. “Someone like me? I am like everyone else.”


He glares. “You can drop the act. I can smell it on you.”


I glare at him. “Smell?”


He crosses his arms. “You smell like a werewolf. I know you can smell it on me too.”


My eyes widen in shock. I back up almost tripping over myself. “Y y your…?” I can’t even finish the question.


He becomes confused.


I start to shake uncontrollably. Fear, anger, and confusion swirling inside of me. My head starts to pound. Something flashes in his eyes and he wraps his arms tightly around me. “You need to calm down.”


I try to push away from him. “Your lying. Werewolfs are a myth. Stories in a book. It’s not possible.” My headache gets worse.


His grip on me tightens. “Did your parents not tell you?”


I glare at him. “My parents are human. I am human. ” I continue to struggle trying to get away from him. I fight the urge to growl.


His grip stay firm. I glare at him. “Let me go.”


He shakes his head. “You need to calm down.”


My breathing becomes heavy and strained. “I said. Let. Me. Go. I don’t want to hear any part of your insanity. Werewolves aren’t real. If you think you are one then your insane.”


He doesn’t release his hold. He looks into my eyes as if searching for something. I glare at him. “Let me go now or so help me I will scream getting the whole police force on you.” I threaten.


He sighs but releases me. “Your parents must not have told you.”


I laugh. “My parents fuss at me over reading stuff about werewolves claiming they’re dark. You think they would have left it out that they and I were werewolves? I am human. It’s physically impossible for a human to shift into the form of a wolf.”


He smiles. “Your right. You passed the test.”


I glare at him. “That was not a test. Your looney. Probably why your such a great bodyguard. People are to afraid of your insanity to even attempt hurting your customers.” I say and turn to walk out.


He grabs my arm pulling me back in and closing the door. I see anger in his eyes. “I will not be called crazy by a little girl.”


I fight a growl. “Let me out.”


He shakes his head glaring at me. “You want proof. I may be going against every law but I will show you. The chief trusts me enough that he may think I’m just asking you private questions. I will not be called crazy by a girl who needs a bodyguard to protect her.” He takes off his shirt. He starts unbuttoning his pants and I quickly look away.


“What are you doing?” I ask angrily.


I hear his clothes fall to the floor. “Giving you proof.” I hear bones crack and become concerned. I turn and immediately back up. In front of me is a giant grey and black wolf. I trip on one of the chairs and fall to the ground.


“This isn’t possible. I must be dreaming. I’ve had crazier dreams then this.” My back goes up against the chief’s desk.


The giant wolf takes a step toward me and something in my clicks and I’m no longer afraid. Just angry. “Back away now or I will hurt you.” My voice comes out foreign and strange.


He continues to were his snout is inches from me. “I said back away.” Pain erupts through my body and I gasp. If I weren’t already on the ground I probably would have been.


I lean over laying my hands on the ground and another wave of pain goes through me. I grit my teeth biting back a scream. I feel strong hands on my shoulders.


“Are you ok?” Alex asks.


I shake my head. My head pounds. “What did he do to me?” Another wave of pain goes through me and I start shaking uncontrollably.


I feel him let go of me and I hear him get dressed. I feel his arms wrap around me. He picks me up cradling me in his arms. “This is going to be hard for you but you need to pretend to be asleep. I can tell the chief you were tired. I’ll also tell him that I can take you home safely in my car.”


I nod burying my head into his chest as another wave of pain shoots through me.  I feel him start to move and I try to even out my breathing.


“Is she ok?” I hear the chief ask.


“Yeah she fell asleep. I guess she’s been through a lot. I think it better if I take her and you stay here. That way if someone comes searching for her they won’t get suspicious when they hear your gone.” Alex says.

I hear the chief sigh. “Your probably right. I hope she won’t mind.”


“Right now it doesn’t matter. We need to do what’s best for her safety.” Alex says.


I hear the door open and feel Alex walking. Another wave of pain hit worse than the others and I whimper tears in my eyes.


He sets me in the back of the car but doesn’t buckle me. He gets in the front. He turns to face me. His eyes are filled with concern. I hear what’s sounds like a bone crack followed by immense pain.


I cry out in pain as I hear another crack. His eyes flash with understanding and confusion. He climbs into the back. “The process should be going faster. You should be over half way through by now if this is your first shift.”


I glare at him. “I’m not like you.” My voice cracks and another sound of bones cracking causes me to cry out.


“What do you mean? If your a werewolf it’s exactly like me.” He says. He grabs the bottom of my shirt and start pulling it up. A growl erupts in my throat and I swat at his hand.


He sighs. “Unless you want your clothes torn to bits your going to have to get undressed.”


I continue glaring at him when a voice in my head startles me. Stop fighting Abigail. Let me take control. The pain will only get worse if you continue fighting me.


I look into Alex’s eyes thinking he said it but he just sits there. Abigail. Let me take control.


Take control? What do you mean?


Relax. Don’t fight me. Just let me through.


If I let you through the pain will stop?


Yes. We are now one. This is new to me as well Abigail but we can get through this together.


I close my eyes as another wave of pain goes through me. Ok.


As soon as I say it I get a strange feeling. Like I’m sharing my mind with another presence.


The pain stops and I watch as Alex’s eyes widen. I hear what sounds like clothes being torn and feel relief wash over me.


Thank you Abigail.


Alex sits there looking at me in shock.


I realise my clothes are on the ground in pieces. I look back up at Alex and he reaches his hand toward me. I growl at him and he stops closing his hand and letting his arm drop.


He clears his throat. “I guess we’ll have to head to the store first.” He goes back to the front of the car and gets into the driver’s seat. He buckles himself in and starts pulling out of the police station.


He drives and I lay across the back seats. “I guess now you know your not human.” He says after a while.


I growl. I am human. Just a freak. I rest my head on my paws. I stare at the door.


“You’re still going to deny it after this?” he asks.


I lift my head and glare at him through the rearview mirror. He sighs. “You are going to have to admit it soon enough.”


I growl at him warning him.


The car stops and I realise we’re at the store. He unbuckles and looks at me. “You wouldn’t be a wolf if you were not a werewolf. You may get angry at me because I’m saying it but it’s the truth. Your parents must have kept it from you.”


I glare at him my snout just inches from his face. He shrugs and gets out walking toward the store. I hear him lock the doors and I lay back down.


You may not have been a werewolf before Abigail but against both of our wants that’s what we are. He just doesn’t understand that your telling him the complete truth when you tell him you and your family are human. With both of us in one body are scent is now one of a werewolf.


I know it’s against what both of us want and I understand he doesn’t know I’m telling the absolute truth. I’m trying to get him to understand that. That I’m not like him. That this new me shouldn’t exist.


Maybe this new us was meant to be. I mean you happen to be out in that lot when they were looking for someone in that area to kidnap? It can’t be a coincidence. They took me from my home when I was patrolling my territory. The leader of my pack had me as his second in command. He trusted me with his life. Now I am a part of you as you are a part of me.


Maybe it is meant to be. Maybe it’s not. I don’t know how to feel. I thought werewolves were a fantasy I wanted real but now that it is real. It’s horrifying. I don’t know how I’m taking all this in the way that I am. I am surprised I haven’t gone insane yet.


We will get through this together Abigail. I will be here to help you with the new wolf side of you.


I hear the click of the lock interrupting what I was about to say. Alex comes inside and tosses the clothes in the back.


This is your opportunity to tell him. I’ll let you have full control so you can talk to him.


I feel her retreat to the back of my mind. My bones start shifting and cracking this time less painful and quicker than when I turned into wolf form.


When I am fully human I get dressed into the sweat pants and t-shirt.


“I didn’t know your size. I’m sorry if it’s a little big.” He says.


I sit down. “It’s fine.”


He looks back. “Are you still denying that your a werewolf?”


I sigh running a hand through my hand. “No. I kind of guessed this is what I became when I escaped. I just didn’t want to admit it.”


He pats the passenger seat. “Come on up here.”


I sit next to him and buckle up.


“What made you guess?” He asks.


I look at him. “First you need to know I was being completely honest. My family is completely human. I was completely human. The reason that your even here to protect me is because of who is chasing me. They want me because I was a success. I was kidnapped from my neighborhood, taken to a lab, and became an experiment. I’m a freak. This new me shouldn’t exist.” I sigh looking out the window.


He’s quiet for a while. I look at him and he’s just staring at me. I unbuckle and go to head back in the back. He grabs my arm.


“Your not a freak. You may not like every other human but your not a freak.” He says.


I sit back down and look at him. “I should be human. At home in my room messing with my piano. Or sitting on my bed reading a book.”


He turns on the car. “Maybe not.”

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